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What is Animal Bite Indemnity Cover?

An animal bite can result in severe health consequences, including scarring, tetanus, infection, etc. You should seek prompt medical attention and treatment to prevent further escalation of the bite wound.


However, you might always not have adequate resources to manage the diagnosis and treatment expenses. In order to secure yourself from expenses arising from such treatment, consider availing Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan or rat-bite insurance cover.


The plan entitles you to maximum coverage with a premium starting from Rs. 165/year, helping you receive instant medical care.

Key Features of Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan

Here are the following features of an Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan:

Highly affordable premiums

Avail Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan with different affordable premium options like Rs. 165, Rs. 307 and Rs. 425.  

Ambulance charges

The Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity plan is your friend in need during emergencies ambulance charges of up to Rs. 2000. 

Accidental death cover

In case of an insured member's demise, the plan offers an accidental death cover of Rs. 10,000 as compensation to the nominee. 

How to Apply for Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan?

The application procedure for Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan is simple. You need to follow the mentioned steps to purchase the plan.

1. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ option

Tap on the 'Buy Now' option on the product page

2. Share relevant details

Fill out the online application form with necessary details.

3. Initiate online payment

Complete the application process by making instant online payment for the premium amount. After successfully completing the application procedure, you will receive all membership-related details in your registered email ID. 

What’s Covered in the Plan?

1. Hospitalisation expenses

Under the plan, you will receive financial compensation for the expenses resulting from the treatment of wounds or injuries. 

2. Doctor’s fees and medication 

The plan covers the doctor's consultation charges before, during and after hospitalisation. Besides that, the expenses of medication are also covered.

3. Diagnostic tests and treatment charges

Even the cost of diagnostic tests and all treatment expenses involving ICU fees, transfusion, ward fees, tests etc., are covered under the plan. 

Policy Plan Details and Specifications

The table below shows the different sum assured and the respective premium amounts:

Sum Insured

Premium (Inclusive of GST)

Rs. 50000

Rs. 165/ year

Rs. 1 Lakh

Rs. 307/ year

Rs. 2 Lakhs

Rs. 425/ year

  • Validity: 1 year.

  • Payment Modes: Mobile wallet, UPI, credit or debit cards and other online payment modes.

What’s Not Covered in the plan?

Besides knowing the inclusions, it is imperative to know the following exclusions in animal bite insurance cover:

  • Pre-existing ailment

No coverage available for pre-existing medical conditions under Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan to deal with aspects like dog attack.

  • Hospitalisation for other causes

The Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan does not cover hospitalisation expenses for cause other than animal bite.

How to Make a Claim and Documents Required to Process the Claim?

In order to raise a claim for rat bite insurance cover, you can opt for any of the following methods:

  • Via email

Compose a mail and send it to

  • Dialling the toll-free number

Contact the insurer by calling on 1800-102-4488.


Here are the documents that you have to submit while raising a claim:

  • Signed claim form

  • UHID number

  • Final hospital bill

  • Discharge summary

Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan Customer Care Details

Write to if you have any queries or grievances about the plan's coverage, exclusion, inclusion or claim procedure. 

Animal Bite Indemnity Cover FAQs

Will the plan get automatically renewed?

No, the Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan does not get renewed automatically. You have to repurchase it once plan validity expires.

Can I opt for UPI to make the payment for the premium amount?

Yes, payment for premium can be initiated from UPI. You can also opt for a mobile wallet, credit/debit cards. 

Does Bajaj Markets extend Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan?

Bajaj Markets is a diversified marketplace that, in collaboration with leading insurance companies, is laying a platform for you to avail of insurance products like this one.

How many premium plans are there under the Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan?

There are three premium plans of Rs. 165, Rs. 307 and Rs. 425 per year under this pet bite insurance cover.

What is the coverage amount offered for accidental death cover?

Animal Bite Cover-Indemnity Plan extends an amount of Rs. 10000 to the nominee in case of an insured individual's death. 

Does the plan cover dog bite?

Yes, this dog bite insurance cover helps you stay financially covered for incidents like a dog attack.

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