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What is Blindness Cover?

Eyes are one of the most vital organs. Leading a life with little or no vision can be scary. Hence, it is essential to protect them from the threats that could cause blindness. However, we can’t always evade accidents, can we? And medical care for vision loss is generally expensive, which leads to financial stress. Well, fret not! With Care Health Insurance Ltd.'s Group Care 360 - Blindness Cover, you get coverage of up to ₹3 Lakhs for in-patient hospitalisation expenses and pre and post hospitalisation required to treat blindness.

Policy Plan and Details

Let’s take a look at the key details of the blindness indemnity plan:

Sum Insured

Premium (inclusive of taxes)

Plan Validity

Up to ₹1 Lakh


1 year

Up to ₹2 Lakhs


Up to ₹3 Lakhs


Features and Benefits of the Blindness Cover

Expenses of Hospitalisation are Covered

Blindness Indemnity Cover compensates the hospitalisation cost incurred during the treatment. 

Takes Care of Tests for Diagnosis

The plan covers expenses on medical tests either during pre-hospitalisation or hospitalisation period.

Covers Doctors’ Fee

The blindness policy covers doctors’ bills before, during, and after hospitalisation.

What is Covered?

1. Expenses of Hospitalisation

Blindness Indemnity cover takes care of the hospitalisation costs incurred due to blindness. In-patient treatment, pre-hospitalisation expenses (for a maximum of 30 days), and post-hospitalisation expenses (for a maximum of 60 days) are all covered under this plan. The policy takes effect after the doctor confirms the diagnosis.

2. Charges for Medical Care

Hospital room rent, ICU, transfusion, doctor fees, medications, and tests are all included in treatment costs.

3. Doctors’ Fee

The package covers doctors’ bills before, during, and after hospitalisation.

4. Prescription Drugs

Expenses incurred for the procurement of hospital-related drugs.

What's not Covered?

Now that you know what’s covered, let us check out what isn’t:

  • Hospitalisation due to reasons other than blindness.

  • Any illness that has already been diagnosed.

  • Cases of blindness and poor vision before the start of policy

  • Enucleation costs associated with tumours or other eye defects.

  • The cost of a cosmetic correction prosthesis.

  • Implantable or external visual aids.

How to Apply for the Blindness Cover?

The application process for blindness insurance cover is quite simple. Here is all you need to do:

1. Click on ‘Buy Now’

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button available on the page.

2. Enter Your Details

Fill out the online application form with the required details.

3. Pay the Premium

Pay the blindness insurance policy premium using your preferred online mode of payment.

That’s it! Your policy details will be sent to your registered email ID.

How to File a Claim?

Claims related to receive blindness indemnity can be made through any of the following two modes:


In each case, kindly provide the relevant documents including your policy number to claim this cover.

Customer Care Details

To connect with Bajaj Markets for any queries related to the blindness insurance plan, you can send an email to

FAQs on Blindness Cover

How much premium do I have to pay for the coverage of ₹2 Lakhs?

The premium amount for the plan with coverage of up to ₹2 Lakhs is ₹531.

What is the validity period for the blindness cover?

The validity period for the blindness cover is 1 year.

To what extent will I be monitored with respect to the policy?

Some blind people are able to work normally in their homes. Others can need a great deal of assistance with meals, bathing, household chores, and other daily activities. Before drafting a policy, the insurance provider may want to know what type of support structure a blind person has in place. They would want to ensure that the blind person has adequate security built into their everyday life because blindness raises the risk of incidents and injuries across the board.

Is the hospitalisation fee covered under the blindness cover?

Yes, the hospitalisation cost is covered under the blindness insurance cover.

Can I buy the blindness cover online?

Yes. You can buy the blindness cover online on Bajaj MARKETS.

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