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A Central government-run housing scheme, PMAY-Urban’s primary objective is to provide ‘Housing for All (HFA)’. Through this scheme, the government aims to ensure that every resident of India in urban areas enjoys housing facilities. To date, the scheme has sanctioned houses worth ₹118.63 Lakhs, out of which houses worth ₹79.26 Lakhs have been completed.

PMAY HFA Urban: Features

The PMAY-Urban scheme has many features, such as: 

  • Beneficiaries can get a subsidy of up to 6.50%

  • Beneficiaries can use the loan to service the expenditure of building or purchasing a home

  • The loan repayment period can range up to 20 years

  • Senior citizens, women, and differently-abled people are given priority

  • Authorities ensure that the housing units are built using sustainable, eco-friendly technology

  • Houses built under the scheme include utilities such as water, gas, and electricity

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the requirements that beneficiaries must meet:

  • The family should consist of a husband, wife, and unmarried kids

  • None of the family members must own pucca homes within the country

  • Beneficiaries should not have availed of any government-driven housing scheme

  • When applying for the loan, the beneficiary must disclose the Aadhaar number of every family member

  • A married couple can avail a single home while acting as joint owners

  • Adult earning members of the household are considered separate entities

PMAY Urban Scheme: Programmes

As part of the PMAY-Urban scheme, you can avail any of the following programmes to help you achieve your dream of homeownership:

  • Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS)

You can enjoy a housing loan interest subsidy of up to ₹2.67 Lakhs under this scheme. The subsidy that you avail depends upon the income category that you belong to.

  • In-Situ Slum Redevelopment (ISSR)

The government partners with private firms to develop housing for individuals living in slum areas. Authorities use the same land to build spaces with decent living conditions for existing occupants. Every eligible family will receive a grant of ₹1 Lakh for rehabilitation.

  • Subsidiary for Beneficiary-Led Construction (BLC) or Enhancement

Individuals belonging to this category receive assistance of up to ₹1.5 Lakhs, which they can avail of when building a new home or revamping an existing one.

The Government of India aims to provide houses to all eligible residents of the country through Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Now that you know the eligibility of the scheme, you can opt for this facility hassle free.


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FAQs on PMAY Urban

If I own a plot of land, will I be eligible for PMAY-Urban?

Yes, you can avail of the PMAY-Urban scheme as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

Can the PMAY-Urban scheme be availed by a married couple?

Yes, the PMAY-Urban scheme can be availed by a married couple. However, the couple is only eligible for a single house under the scheme. However, they should not own a pucca home anywhere in the country.

Is the PMAY-Urban scheme available under more than one income category?

No, the PMAY-Urban scheme can be availed only under one income category.

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