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Jeevan Pramaan is a digital service for retirees that uses biometrics of a person to generate a Life certificate. This facility is available for retired officials of the Central and State government. To obtain the Jeevan Pramaan, the person receiving the pension must either appear in person before the pension disbursing agency or have the Life Certificate granted by the authority where they previously served. This necessity of personally appearing in front of the disbursing agency or obtaining a life certificate frequently becomes a major roadblock in the process of transferring the pension amount to the pensioner in a timely manner. It has been noticed that it generates difficulty, particularly for the elderly and infirm pensioners who cannot always appear in front of the appropriate body to obtain their Life Certificates.


The Government of India's Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners scheme, known as Jeevan Pramaan, intends to address this issue by digitizing the whole process of acquiring a Life Certificate. It aims to simplify the process of developing this certificate, making it less time-consuming and more convenient for seniors. With this effort, the obligation for retirees to physically show themselves in front of the disbursing agency or the certification authority will become a thing of the past, greatly helping seniors and removing unnecessary logistical difficulties.

How does the Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners Scheme or Jeevan Pramaan Work?

Jeevan Pramaan leverages the Aadhaar platform for the pensioner's biometric authentication.

After successful authentication, the Digital Life Certificate is generated and stored in the Life Certificate Repository.

In order to obtain a Life Certificate online, you must download the Jeevan Praman app.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: You can download the Jeevan Praman app to get a Digital Life Certificate from the given link jeevanpramaan.gov.in/package/download. The app can be downloaded on your mobile, tablet, or PC.

  • Step 2: Next, you are required to do the registration by providing your Aadhaar card number, Bank details, Pension Payment Order (PPO), along with other information.

  • Step 3: An OTP will be sent to your mobile number/email-id. You need to enter that to generate a ‘Pramaan ID.’

  • Step 4: Once the Pramaan ID is generated, you will receive another OTP. You must use that in order to continue.

  • Step 5: After that, click on ‘Generate Jeevan Pramaan.’

  • Step 6: Following that, you must provide your Aadhaar card number, registered mobile number, PPO number, name, and so on.

  • Step 7: Thereafter, entering all the essential details, click on ‘Generate OTP.’

  • Step 8: Provide the generated OTP and submit it.

  • Step 9: Following your submission, you need to give your fingerprint and biometric traits.

  • Step 10: The app will examine the biometrics using your Aadhaar details.

  • Step 11: After the verification, the Jeevan Pramaan will appear on the screen. You will also get a confirmation notification to the specified cell phone number.


  • Step 12: You can download the PDF version of your Digital Life Certificate from the Jeevan Pramaan portal at jeevanpramaan.gov.in. You just need to provide your Pramaan ID in order to download it.



Besides this, you may also visit your nearest Jeevan Pramaan center regarding your Life Certificate. These Jeevan Pramaan centers are operated by Central and State government offices.

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Eligibility for Jeevan Pramaan - Life Certificate for Pensioners

Here is the eligibility listed to get a Life Certificate for Pensioners.

  • The applicant must be a retired official of the Central and State governments.

  • He/she should have an Aadhaar card.

  • The applicant’s Aadhaar card number should be registered with his/her respective Pension Disbursement Agency.

Documents Required to Get Jeevan Pramaan - Life Certificate for Pensioners

Below is the list of documents required to get a Jeevan Pramaan:

  • The applicant must possess an Aadhaar card.

  • The applicant’s Aadhaar card number must be registered with the respective Pension Disbursement Agency.

  • Having a mobile number is also obligatory.

Benefits of Jeevan Pramaan - Life Certificate for Pensioners

The benefits of Jeevan Pramaan are mentioned below:

  • The procedure of acquiring a Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners has become more accessible through the Jeevan Pramaan scheme.

  • The Aadhaar Biometric Authentication System feature removes the possibility of pension fraud.

  • The pensioners are no longer mandated to visit the office personally to get a Jeevan Pramaan Certificate.

  • A Jeevan Pramaan pensioner receives an SMS message when their certificate is ready.

  • Jeevan Pramaan allows pensioners to obtain their pensions easily and on time.

  • The whole method is less time-consuming and more convenient for senior citizens.

FAQs on Jeevan Pramaan

How long is the Jeevan Pramaan ID valid?

The Jeevan Pramaan ID's validity duration is determined by the pension sanctioning authority's guidelines.

How to locate the nearest Citizen Service Centre?

You can locate the nearest Citizen Service Centre by visiting https://jeevanpramaan.gov.in/. You can also find the CSC by sending an SMS ‘JPL your pin code’ to 7738299899.

Once I get my life certificate, should I submit it to the bank or post office?

The Digital Life Certificate does not need to be submitted to the post office or a pension payment agency. Once authorized, your Digital Life Certificate will be kept in the Life Certificate Repository and automatically transmitted online to your pension disbursing agency.

Can Jeevan Pramaan be done at home?

You can download the Jeevan Pramaan app and generate the Digital Life Certificate from the comfort of your home.

Can we do Jeevan Pramaan online?

You may download the Jeevan Pramaan app to get a Life Certificate online.

How can I get a Jeevan Pramaan certificate?

To obtain a Jeevan Pramaan Certificate, you must generate it online using the Jeevan Pramaan app. Once you develop it, you may download it from the Jeevan Pramaan portal with the help of your Pramaan ID. 

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