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What is a Masked Aadhaar?

A masked Aadhaar card can be availed from the UIDAI website itself. It is extremely useful in situations where you are required to provide identity proof. However, the real advantage that the masked Aadhaar offers over sharing your actual Aadhaar card is that only the last four digits of your Aadhaar number are visible on the masked card. 

With a masked Aadhaar card, you can share just the last four digits of your Aadhaar number and keep the rest hidden. This is especially useful in situations or circumstances where you need to share your identity proof but do not wish to or are not required to share the entire number. 

You can download a masked Aadhaar card through the UIDAI website, and it will contain a signature of authorization from the UIDAI. This means the card can be accepted without question as proof of your identity.

Steps to Download a Masked Aadhaar Card

Once you are on the UIDAI website, you can follow a few simple steps to get your masked Aadhaar card. Read on below. 

  1. Head to the ‘My Aadhaar’ tab, and under it, click on ‘Download Aadhaar.’

  2. The portal will now show a screen wherein you are required to enter details associated with your Aadhaar card. You can choose to enter your Aadhaar card details, i.e. your 12-digit Aadhaar number or your 28-digit enrollment number, along with the PIN code and your full name as provided on your Aadhaar card. Alternatively, you can enter the 16-digit Virtual ID associated with your Aadhaar card on the portal.

  3. Once you have entered the pertinent details, check the box marked “I want a masked Aadhaar”, and click on the “Send OTP” button. 

  4. Once you receive the OTP on your registered mobile number, enter it in the box marked.

  5. You can alternatively click on the “TOTP” button to generate a time-bound OTP on your mAadhaar app.

  6. Once you enter the OTP, your masked Aadhar download will begin. 

  7. You can now use the masked Aadhaar as proof of identity. 

Why Should You Opt For Masked Aadhaar

There are several benefits of using a masked Aadhaar card. Read on below to learn of the benefits you can avail of while using the masked Aadhaar. 

  1. Security: Your personal identity can be misused sometimes. To eliminate this factor, you can share your masked Aadhar card as proof of identity. Sharing your masked Aadhaar ensures that you are not sharing your entire Aadhaar number. In this way, you can protect your identity while still being compliant with showing proof of identity.

  2. Convenience: You can easily download a masked Aadhaar card and store it on your phone for situations when you are required to show proof of identity. This way, you can show the proof of identity even when you are offline. Having a masked Aadhaar card downloaded makes it extremely convenient if you need to show proof of identity for hotel booking in a remote location where you are unable to connect to internet services.

  3. For Quick Authentication: Authentication is often the process that takes the longest amount of time when you are availing of a service that requires you to show proof of identity. Having a masked Aadhaar card on you lets you avail of the service quicker since you can easily show it to the person concerned through your phone or even share it with them without being worried about its security. 

How to Set Password f0r Masked Aadhaar?

The  downloaded copy of the masked Aadhar card is generated with password protection. The user does not have to stress about setting a password for a masked Aadhar card. The password for the masked Aadhar card is generated by the system in a format.

After downloading the copy of a masked Aadhar card, when you open the PDF of a masked Aadhar card, the PDF will ask you to enter a 8-digit password.  The 8-digit password is a combination of your name and birth year. 

For example -

  • If your name is Hari Patel and your birth year is 1976, the masked Aadhar password will be HARI1976

  • If your name is Sai Patel and your birth year is 1976, the masked Aadhar password will be SAIP1976

  • If your name is H.Patel and your birth year is 1976, the masked Aadhar password will be H.PA1976

  • If your name is Sai and your birth year is 1976, the masked Aadhar password will be SAI1976

Where Your Masked Aadhaar Card will be accepted?

There are several instances where you might be asked to provide proof of identity. At such times, you can provide your masked Aadhaar card in order to facilitate the process. Read on below to learn of some of the instances where you can share a masked Aadhaar card. 

  1. eKYC at Banks: While opening an account with a bank or while availing a new product such as a new debit card, you may be asked to show your Aadhaar card as proof of your identity. In such cases, your photo and identity can be demonstrated by showing your masked Aadhaar card. 

  2. Personal Loan: While availing a personal loan, the borrowing institution will ask for proof of your identity. You can provide your masked Aadhaar to the bank or non-banking financial institution (NBFC) as proof of your identity. 

  3. Renting a Home: Often while signing a rent agreement, your landlord may ask you to provide proof of identity. In such instances, you can also show your masked Aadhaar, which will allow them to verify your photo and identity.

  4. Credit Card Usage: Sometimes, if you are making a large purchase with your credit card, the retailer might ask you for proof of your identity to verify that the credit card belongs to you. At such times, you can show your masked Aadhaar in order for them to verify your identity. 

It is important to remember that while the masked Aadhaar is a useful tool to offer proof of identity, there are certain circumstances where you will need to provide your full Aadhaar number. For instance, you cannot avail of government welfare schemes without sharing your entire Aadhaar number. This means that to apply for the LPG subsidy scheme or even for the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwal Yojana scheme, you will need to enter the full Aadhaar number to avail benefits.

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