IDFC Credit Card Application Status Check

IDFC Credit Card Application Status

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IDFC Bank Application Status

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Once you submit the IDFC FIRST Bank credit card application, it takes a few days for the credit card to be approved and mailed at your address. The bank needs to check your IDFC Bank application based on their credit card eligibility criteria and internal policy checks. To know at what assessment stage your credit card application is at the moment, you can track the IDFC credit card application status in various ways. Let us understand these in detail.

Check IDFC FIRST BANK Credit Card Application Status Online

IDFC Bank credit card status check online can be done by visiting the bank’s official website. You can get the IDFC Bank credit card status by entering certain details in the portal through which you submitted your IDFC FIRST Bank credit card application. Below listed are the steps for online IDFC FIRST Bank credit card application status check:

  • Visit the official IDFC FIRST Bank website at www.IDFC

  • Click on the ‘Cards’ menu.

  • Select the type of IDFC FIRST credit card you have applied for.

  • Enter details such as application’s reference number, registered mobile number, date of birth, etc.

  • Click ‘Submit’ to track your IDFC credit card status.

Check IDFC FIRST BANK Credit Card Application Status Offline

The IDFC Bank credit card application status can be checked offline by contacting the IDFC credit card customer care helpline or by physically visiting the bank:

  • IDFC Bank Credit Card Tracking via Customer Care

IDFC FIRST Bank has a 24x7 credit card customer care number that an applicant can call to check his/her IDFC FIRST Bank credit card status. The number to connect for credit card related queries is 1860 500 1111.

  • IDFC Credit Card Application Status Check via Branch Visit

Another way to check your IDFC Bank credit card application status offline is simply by visiting the nearest IDFC FIRST Bank in your area. You can connect with the Bank’s executive there and request for an IDFC credit card application status check by submitting details such as reference number, type of credit card you applied for, date on which you applied for the credit card, etc.

What are the Different Types of IDFC Credit Card Application Statuses?

Depending on what stage of assessment your Credit card application status is with the bank, the IDFC Bank credit card status could either be:

  • In Process: When the bank is still processing your IDFC FIRST credit card application, the status might show as ‘In Process’.

  • On-Hold: In case the bank requires you to submit more documents to meet the IDFC FIRST credit card eligibility or needs to clarify claims made with your credit card application, it can put the processing of your credit card approval “on-hold” until the required credit card documents are submitted or the bank gets substantial clarification.

  • Approved: When your IDFC FIRST Bank credit card application passes all the assessment and policy checks, the status would show as ‘approved’ and you will receive your credit card between 3-5 working days.

  • Rejected/Disapproved: In case you fail to meet the bank’s eligibility criteria or internal policy check, your credit card application might be ‘Rejected’ or ‘Disapproved’.

Tips to Increase the Chances of Getting your IDFC Credit Card Application Approved

  • Always check the eligibility criteria dictated as per the bank’s policies when applying for a credit card

  • Ensure that you submit all the documents along with the application form

  • Ensure that there are no discrepancies, such as false information or spelling errors, in your credit card application

  • A good CIBIL score significantly increases the chances of getting your credit card approved

  • Ensure that you have a healthy credit history with no records of outstanding debts to your name

What Should a Customer Keep in Mind While Reapplying for an IDFC Credit Card After Rejection?

It is very crucial to know the reason why your credit card application was rejected. If it is because of minor discrepancies such as improper documentation or spelling errors, you must make a thorough checklist for the same before reapplying for a credit card. However, in case the application is rejected because of your poor credit history, you must immediately clear any outstanding debt and try to improve your CIBIL score before reapplying for a credit card.

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FAQs on IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Status

  • ✔️How can I check my IDFC credit card status?

     You can check your IDFC credit card status either online or offline. The online way for IDFC credit card status check is by visiting the bank’s official online credit card application portal and entering details such as reference number, registered mobile number, etc.. The offline way to track IDFC credit card application status is by calling the customer care helpline or visiting the bank’s nearest branch in your area.

  • ✔️How long does it take to get an IDFC credit card approved?

     Once your IDFC FIRST credit card application is submitted, it will undergo internal checks by the bank’s executives for eligibility, internal policy checks, and assessment of your credit history. If all your documents are proper and you pass the policy checks, the credit card approval might be done within 3-5 working days. However, the time period may increase or decrease depending on a case-by-case basis.

  • ✔️How can I track my IDFC Bank card application status through the customer care centre?

     You can call IDFC FIRST Bank’s official 24x7 customer care helpline to track your IDFC Bank credit card application status. The IDFC FIRST Bank customer care ID for credit cards is 1860 500 1111.

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