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IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Payment

IDFC FIRST bank is one of the leading banks in India, providing financial services like personal loans, NRI banking, mutual funds, credit cards, and more. The bank also offers lifetime-free credit cards that are currently available in four variants - IDFC FIRST Millenia, IDFC FIRST Classic, IDFC FIRST Select, and IDFC FIRST Wealth. 


You can get these credit cards to enjoy several rewards and benefits on their financial transactions. At the end of each monthly cycle, you can download your credit card statement to know the outstanding balance. 


Timely IDFC credit card payment is crucial because it ensures that you maintain a healthy credit history and avoid piling up debt. Best of all, thanks to online and offline payments, you can make instant IDFC online payments for any dues. 


These credit card bill payment methods include net banking, NEFT transfer, using mobile wallets, cash, or cheque. To know more about these IDFC credit card bill payment methods, read on.

IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Payment Online Options

One of the quickest ways to make an IDFC credit card payment is do it online. You can use any of the following online methods to pay your IDFC FIRST credit card bill:

  • Net banking or debit card

  • IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile App

  • UPI payments

  • IMPS/NEFT payments

1. IDFC Credit Card Payment Online via Internet Banking and Debit Card

You can visit the IDFC credit card payment bill desk service to proceed with online payment via net banking or debit cards. Here is a quick guide. 

  • Step 1: Go to the IDFC First Bank webpage

  • Step 2: Find the ‘Payments’ section

  • Step 3: Click on ‘Credit Card bill payment’ 


  • Step 4: Proceed with internet banking. 



You will be directed to a services page that offers a number of online IDFC Bank credit card bill payment options. Click on the ‘Netbanking or Debit Card Payment’ option. You will reach the IDFC credit card payment bill desk, where you will have to enter a few details.


To proceed with IDFC FIRST credit card payment, you will need to:

  • Enter the email ID registered with the bank

  • Enter the IDFC FIRST Bank credit card number

  • Enter the mobile number registered with the bank

  • Enter the total amount to be paid for the IDFC credit card bill payment

  • Select ‘Internet Banking’ as the payment option

  • Choose the bank or debit card through which you wish to make your IDFC CC payment


  • Click on ‘Pay Now’ to proceed with your online payment.



The net banking/debit card option comes in handy in case you wish to make your IDFC credit card bill payment using a savings account/debit card of another bank. You can do that simply by entering the debit card number via which you wish to make the payment. 


Moreover, net banking/payment via debit card also ensures that you make quick payments as they have a relatively fast processing time.

2. IDFC Credit Card Payment Online via Mobile App

One of the fastest payment methods to make an IDFC bank credit card payment online is by using the IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile app. You can pay your credit card bills in a jiffy once you download the mobile app. 


You will need to enter your registered customer ID and mobile number to make the payment via the mobile app. Just go to ‘Credit Card’ > ‘Credit Card Bill’ to make the payment. You can also set up an auto-debit facility for each month’s credit card bill payment.

3. IDFC Credit Card Payment Online via UPI/ Mobile Wallets

IDFC credit card payment online via UPI or mobile wallets is also one of the quickest, hassle-free methods to make instant payments. Some of the popularly used mobile wallets are PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, etc. 


You can use any of these UPI-enabled apps to make your IDFC Bank credit card bill payment online by following these steps: 

  • Download the UPI app on your mobile and link your bank account

  • Open the app and click on ‘Send Money’

  • Enter your 16-digit credit card number and ‘cc@IDFCbank’ as the recipient VPA/UPI ID to pay the IDFC credit card bill

  • Enter the bill amount and complete the transaction

4. IDFC Credit Card Payment Online via IMPS/NEFT Payments

Fund transfer is another viable option that can be used for online IDFC credit card bill payments. IMPS/NEFT offers easy inter-bank fund transfers. 


Thus, in case you are using an IDFC FIRST credit card but do not have a savings account with the bank, you can pay your credit card bill by transferring funds from an account linked to another bank. 


You can make IMPS/NEFT IDFC credit card bill payment by adding beneficiaries as follow: 

  • Enter ‘Payee Name’ as mentioned on your IDFC FIRST credit card.

  • Enter ‘Payee Account Number’, which would be the 16-digit number of your IDFC FIRST credit card.

  • Add the bank name as ‘IDFC FIRST Bank’.

  • Add the IDFC FIRST bank’s IFSC code.

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IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Payment Offline Options

Not everyone is comfortable with online options to make their credit card payments. Some still prefer traditional banking and offline modes of bill payment via cash deposits or demand drafts. 


However, the processing time taken for credit card bill payments via offline mode is considerably longer. Here’s an overview of these offline modes for IDFC Bank credit card payment.

  • IDFC Credit Card Payment Offline via Cash Deposits

You can visit the nearest IDFC FIRST Bank branch to pay your credit card bill in cash. You can deposit the cash in your credit card account by stating your name and account number.

  • IDFC Credit Card Payment Offline via Cheque/Demand Draft

Another popular offline method you can use to make your IDFC credit card bill payment is by drawing a cheque or DD for the bill amount and depositing it at the nearest bank or ATM. It can take about 3-5 working days for the cheque/demand draft to process.

How is IDFC Credit Card Payment Due Date Calculated

One way you can stay ahead of your IDFC credit card bill payment is by understanding your billing cycle and how your due date is derived by the bank. Generally, the due date of your credit card is the end of the billing cycle. 


The billing cycle is the period for which your credit card bill was created. The billing cycle varies for each lender. Keep in mind that the statement date and due date are two different things. The former is when the card issuer creates the statement for your purchases.


The latter is the date by which you need to complete the IDFC credit card bill payment. The due date is generally a few days after the statement date. Since this varies for every issuer, you can confirm it while applying for the card or by going through the first statement. 


The information provided by BFDL herein above is related to the Non-Partnered Banks/ NBFCs and is just for the purpose of information and under no circumstances the information provided hereinabove is intended to be source of advice or recommending any financial advice or endorsement of any sort. 

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FAQs on IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

How can I pay my IDFC credit card bill?

You can make an IDFC credit card bill payment through a number of online and offline methods. The fastest and most hassle-free online payment methods include net banking, payment via debit card, payment using UPI/mobile wallet, NEFT/IMPS, or by using the bank’s mobile app. 

If you are not comfortable paying your credit card bill online, you can opt for offline payment modes such as paying in cash or drawing a cheque or demand draft.

How can I pay my IDFC credit card bill instantly?

In order to make an instant IDFC Bank credit card payment, you can opt for the online option. The options include net banking, UPI, mobile wallets, fund transfer via NEFT or IMPS, or the bank’s mobile app.

How do I check my IDFC credit card balance?

You can check your IDFC credit card balance via a number of options. The quickest way to check your IDFC credit card balance is via net banking or mobile banking. Simply log in to your account to check the available balance. 

Another way to know your IDFC credit card balance is by checking the monthly credit card statement uploaded to your credit card account or sent to you via post. This credit card statement has all details about your credit card, including the available limit.

How can I check my IDFC Bank credit card bill?

You can find this information on your statement. To check your statement, you will need to submit a request through your net banking account. After logging in, navigate to the bill/statement section under the account tab, and enter the period for which you want the statement. Then, download and review the statement.

Where can I find my credit card billing cycle and due date?

In your statement for the IDFC credit card, payment due date, billing cycle, minimum due, and all other important details will be mentioned.

What is the processing time on IDFC payments using NEFT?

If you make the IDFC credit card payment via NEFT within the bank’s time, the request is generally processed on the same day. At IDFC, you can make NEFT payments between 8 AM and 6:59 PM to ensure same-day processing.

Can I use a cheque to pay IDFC Bank credit card bill?

Yes, you can complete your IDFC credit card bill payment via cheque. Ensure that the cheque is drawn on your credit card account.

How does an IDFC credit card billing cycle work?

The billing cycle is the period for which your statement is created. For example, if your statement is created on the 21st , your statement will have all the transactions from the 22nd of the previous month to the day before the statement date, i.e., the 20th. 

This statement will contain all the transactions (debit and credit) done through your credit card. Your statement will have a due date, before which you need to clear your IDFC credit card bill. Payment after this may attract interest until you clear the dues.

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