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IndusInd Credit Card Application Status

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IndusInd Bank Credit Card Application Status

IndusInd Bank is among the renowned banks in the country and offers a wide variety of attractive financial services. Among these services are credit cards. IndusInd Bank credit cards are tailored to meet your varied needs. 


With 20+ credit cards currently being offered, you get a host of options to ensure that you find a card that best suits your needs. Moreover, the application procedure for these cards is simple and can be done in various ways. 


Additionally, after submitting your application, you can easily get IndusInd Bank credit card application status updates. This is because you get an ID, which you can use to track the application status. 


To know how to get IndusInd credit card application status updates, read on. 

How to Check the Status of your IndusInd Credit Card

Once you submit the credit card application, the status check for the IndusInd Bank card can be done using the application ID. This is provided with the acknowledgement receipt when you complete the application process. 


Along with the ID, you may also need to provide the number you registered and your birth date to track your IndusInd Bank credit card application status. You can choose any options below to track your IndusInd Bank credit card application status.

Via Customer Care

If you have applied and have the application ID for a credit card from IndusInd Bank, track your application status easily by contacting the customer support team. If you are a domestic applicant, dial 18602677777. 


If you are applying from an international location, you can dial either of the 24x7 IndusInd Bank credit card helpline numbers 02244066666 / 02242207777.

Via Branch Visit

If you can’t track the IndusInd credit card status of your application via customer care, you can also visit the branch too. You can find the branch nearest to you by visiting the bank’s official website. 


Once you are at the IndusInd Bank branch, reach out to a bank representative and request assistance with the status check process. Do note that you will be required to provide your credit card application number and valid ID proof for verification purposes.

Different Types of IndusInd Bank Credit Card Status

The application status is not just divided into approved/ rejected. When you go to check your IndusInd credit card application status, you may find different statuses, as listed below: 

IndusInd Credit Card Status

Meaning of the Status

No Records Found

If you track your IndusInd Bank credit card application and it shows up as ‘No Records Found’, it means that the application/form number entered is incorrect. Recheck the details and enter the correct application/form number.

In Progress

This credit card application status implies that IndusInd Bank is still reviewing your application form.


If your IndusInd Bank credit card tracking status reads as ‘Approved’, it implies that the bank has accepted your request for a new credit card, and the same will be shipped to you soon.


This IndusInd credit card application status means that your credit card has been dispatched to your address. You can expect to receive a message with the specifics of your shipment, along with the expected delivery date.

On Hold

If the credit card status for IndusInd Bank says ‘On Hold’, it means that the bank requires additional details. In such a case, the bank will reach out to you via call and/or message.


Your IndusInd Bank credit card status will read as' Rejected' if the bank does not consider you eligible for a credit card. You can contact credit card customer care for additional details in such a case.

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FAQs on IndusInd Bank Credit Card Application Status

  • ✔️Why was my IndusInd Bank credit card application rejected?

    There are various reasons why you may see ‘Rejected’ on IndusInd credit card status. This includes not meeting the requirement or some errors or inaccuracies in your application. You can contact the bank for further details, rectify your application and submit it for approval.

  • ✔️What is the minimum credit score required for an IndusInd Bank credit card?

    Ideally, your credit score should be 750 or higher to improve the chances of having your application approved.

  • ✔️How can I check my IndusInd credit card status?

    You can get IndusInd Bank credit card status updates in two ways: call the customer or visit the nearest branch. You can reach out to the 24X7 customer team at 18602677777 (domestic) or 02244066666 / 02242207777 (international).

  • ✔️How long does it take to get an IndusInd credit card approved?

    After you submit your IndusInd credit card application and all the relevant documents, the bank can take anywhere between a week and 10 days to process your request.


  • ✔️How can I track my IndusInd Bank card application status through the customer care centre?

    If you are a domestic applicant, you can call at 1860 267 7777, and if you are placed outside the country, you can call at 022 4406 6666 / 022 4220 7777. Do note that you need to provide your application ID, registered phone number, and date of birth for verification purposes.

  • ✔️What if I am unable to find my IndusInd application number?

    If you can’t find your application number, contact the customer support team or visit the nearest branch. Request an IndusInd credit card status update through other possible information like your birth date or mobile number.

    However, you should keep your application ID safe as, in some cases, the bank may not be able to offer an update with other details

  • ✔️How do I check IndusInd credit card status with the reference number?

    Generally, the reference number is your application number/ ID. You can get an update on your IndusInd credit card status by contacting customer care at 18602677777/ (022)44066666/ 42207777. You can even visit your nearest branch for the same.

  • ✔️What can I do to ensure my credit card application is not rejected?

    While approval and rejection are at the bank's discretion, you can do a few things to improve your chances of approval. You can ensure that you are eligible for the card you are applying for, maintain a high credit score, and submit all the required details accurately.