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How to Convert YES Bank Credit Card Purchases into EMI

YES Bank offers multiple credit cards with a wide range of exclusive benefits and offers. One such benefit that comes with the YES Bank credit cards is that you can convert your high-end purchases into easy and affordable EMIs.


The YES Bank Credit Card EMI facility is available on every spend that exceeds ₹1,500. You can avail of the YES Bank Credit Card EMI for your online and retail purchases in three ways:

  • Retail Store Purchases

When making any big-ticket transaction at a retail store, you can use your YES Bank credit card and avail of the Instant YES Bank Credit Card EMI option.

  • Online Purchases 

You can also use the YES Bank Credit Card EMI conversion facility also on e-commerce and other online platforms. You just need to select YES Bank Credit Card EMI as your preferred method of payment at the time of checkout.

  • EMI on Call

You can also convert your purchases into EMI by calling the YES Bank credit card customer care number. However, this facility is available to select credit cards from YES Bank. YES First Credit Cardholders can call 1800 103 6000 (toll-free in India) or +91 022-50795101 (calling from overseas). 


For the YES Prosperity credit card, the bank’s customer care numbers are 1800 103 1212 (toll-free in India) and +91 022-50795101 (calling from overseas).


You can choose the repayment duration and control the amount you would need to pay every month when you select the YES Bank credit card EMI option. No documentation is required, and the repayment tenor can vary between 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months. 

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YES Bank Credit Card EMI Interest Rate and Charges

The amount that you will pay as YES Bank Credit Card EMI depends on the applicable interest rate and service charges associated with the card. 


Here are some charges associated with YES Bank credit cards to keep in mind before you decide to avail of the EMI facility:


  • The current YES Bank credit card EMI interest rate varies from 1.2% to 2.4% per month

  • 18% GST is applicable on the interest amount, processing fee, and foreclosure fee

  • A processing fee of 2% of the transaction amount is applicable for all YES Bank EMI on Call transactions

  • No processing fee is charged on the Instant EMI service

Check out the YES Bank credit card fees and charges in detail to know more.

FAQs on YES Bank Credit Card EMI

How can I convert my YES Bank credit card outstanding to EMI?

If you are wondering how to convert a credit card bill into EMI with YES Bank, the process is simple. For retail store purchases, request for Instant EMI before making the payment at the billing counter.


For online purchases, select EMI as your preferred payment option at the bank’s partner’s app/website. For converting your purchase amount into EMI via call, dial 1800 103 6000 (toll-free in India)/+91 22 4935 0000 (calling from overseas) for YES First Credit Card. 


For YES Prosperity credit card or 1800 103 1212 (toll-free in India)/+91 22 4935 0000 (calling from overseas) to enjoy EMI on-call facility.

How long does it take to process my YES Bank credit card EMI conversion facility?

With completely digital and advanced systems in place, YES Bank offers the Insta EMI service, which lets you convert purchases into EMI instantly.

What are the important points to remember when opting for the YES Bank credit card EMI facility?

First of all, you should be the primary cardholder of the YES Bank credit card and must go through all the terms and conditions. Also, note that when you convert your purchases into EMI, the available credit on your card is lowered.

Moreover, you must not default on your credit card payments post availing of the EMI benefit on the credit card. If there is a transaction reversal or a chargeback dispute prior to the processing of the request, the EMI on-call request will not be processed.

What is the interest rate applicable to the YES Bank Credit Card EMI conversion facility?

The applicable interest rate to the YES Bank Credit Card EMI ranges between 1.2% to 2.4% per month.

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