Calories in Water

Plain water contains 0 calories and also has no protein, fat or carbohydrate content. Plain water might contain minerals like calcium, sodium, iron, potassium or fluoride. While there are no calories in water, others like carbonated sweetened water, fruit-flavoured water or protein water contain different values of calories. A 100ml glass of carbonated sweetened water as well as a glass of tonic water contains 35 calories. The daily intake of water coming from drinks and food should be around 2.7 litres or 11 cups every day for women and around 3.7 litres or 11.5 cups every day for men. Check out some of the additional benefits about water here.


Water is vital for life and we just cannot do without it! It assists with numerous functions in our body such as removing waste, regulating body temperature, flushing out toxins, providing structure to our tissues and cells, etc. Higher loss of water from our body or a low water intake can be dangerous as well as fatal as it can lead to dehydration. But nowadays, you shall find a variety of bottled water available in the market with added minerals and flavours. So, the question regarding their calorie content rises. In this article, let’s look at the number of calories in water, its nutrient profile and health benefits.

How Many Calories Does Water Have?

With the help of the below table, you shall find that plain water has zero calories. Moreover, it doesn’t have any protein, fat or carbohydrate content either. But plain water might contain minerals such as calcium, sodium, iron, potassium or many calories are in water and its nutrient content:

Calories in 1 Glass of Water

0 Calories


0 grams


0 grams


0 grams


Calcium - 5 mg

Calories in Common Items With Water

Though plain bottled water has no calories, there are certain types of water that pack some calories. These include carbonated water, fruit-flavoured water, protein water, etc. You can easily find such kinds of water with low calories but ensure to read the nutrition facts on the label. Let’s find out the number of calories in a few water items:

Types of Servings & Portion Size


Calories in 1 glass of water (carbonated sweetened water) 100 ml


Calories in bottled water (carbonated sweetened water)


Calories in 1 litre of water (carbonated sweetened water)


Calories in 1 glass of water (carbonated unsweetened water) 100 ml


Calories in 1 litre of water (carbonated unsweetened water)


Calories in one glass of tonic water (100 ml)


Tonic water calories per litre


Calories in protein water (480 ml)


Fruit-infused drinking water calories


You can use a calorie calculator online to know just how many calories have you consumed through various water items.

Health Benefits of Water

As you may already know, water is essential for our body to carry out its functions. However, drinking sufficient amount of water also has numerous health benefits such as:

  • Impacts Brain Function

Research has shown that the status of your water intake affects your brain. The functions of your brain are impacted even by mild levels of dehydration. A study by NCBI reported that 1.4% of fluid loss affected the concentration and mood in the female participants. A similar study was conducted on male participants with 1.6% of fluid loss resulting in increased levels of fatigue and anxiety.

  • Enhances Physical Performance

During high heat or intense workout sessions, dehydration can affect physical performance quite negatively. Losing as much as 2% of the body’s water content can lead to increased fatigue, lower levels of motivation, changes in the control of body temperature, etc. But staying hydrated helps avoid such effects on your body.

  • Helps With Constipation

Facing difficulties in passing stools or experiencing infrequent bowel movements can result in constipation. However, increasing your water intake can help with relieving constipation along with other benefits. Studies have reported that low water intake is one of the issues for constipation in older and younger people. Consuming water rich in sodium and magnesium can help with constipation.

  • Treats Headaches

A lower intake of water can lead to headaches and sometimes migraines. Some research studies have shown that hydration causes headaches and consuming enough water can relieve pain in people who have regular headaches.

  • May Treat Kidney Stones

You must have heard about kidney stones and how they can be painful. There aren’t many studies available to back up the benefits of drinking water for kidney stones. However, increased fluid intake can result in higher volumes of urine that passes through the urinary system, which might help with kidney stones.


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How Much Water Should You Consume Every Day?

The amount of water that one can consume every day depends on the gender, and how much water you are already getting from other sources. As per the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the daily intake of water coming from both drinks and food should be as per the following:

  • For Women

Around 2.7 litres or 11 cups every day

  • For Men

Around 3.7 litres or 11.5 cups every day

Wrapping it up!

Water is something most of us carry without fail, be it a hot summer or the cold winter! Now that you know the health benefits of consuming water and the fact that it has zero calories, we hope you increase your daily intake to keep hydrated! But in case something were to happen, you must have the right backup no matter what!


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FAQs on Calories in Water

Why are there no calories in water?

Calories are made up of carbohydrates, proteins and fats present in a certain food item. However, plain water does not have any of these nutrients and thus, water has no calories.

Can water make you gain weight?

No. As water has no calories, you cannot gain weight by drinking plain water.

How many calories are present in a litre of water?

One litre of plain water has 0 calories but this may not be the case for flavoured or sweetened water.

Is it okay to drink flavoured water?

Flavoured water might be a good alternative to sugary drinks which have high-calorie content. However, it is recommended to drink flavoured water in moderation.

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