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The West Bengal Housing Board, in association with the Government of West Bengal, has launched a housing scheme to improve the living conditions of the backward and economically weaker sections of West Bengal. The Government has identified housing as the third essential requirement for its citizens, and the Board has introduced this housing scheme to provide affordable housing solutions.

The Housing Department has administrative control over the Board. The Board is responsible for planning, developing, and executing various schemes for solving the ever-growing need for affordable housing within the state. However, the Board prioritises meeting its social obligation to provide shelter to economically backward sections of society. The Board looks to achieve this objective in two ways:

  1. Construct and sell houses and flats to buyers who can meet the eligibility norms mandated by the Board, and

  2. Rent the houses and apartments under its scheme and maintain the rented properties.

Objectives of the West Bengal Housing Scheme

The scheme's primary objective is to support the dream of many backward families of owning a home. The scheme allots accommodation to people under the following categories: 

  • Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) 

  • Low-Income Groups (LIG)

  • Middle-Income Groups (MIG), and

  • High-Income Groups (HIG)

Applicants wishing to apply for a home loan under this scheme should meet the eligibility requirements and validate the category they fall under. Applicants should periodically check for changes in the eligibility parameters to ensure that their application meets the eligibility criteria. In addition, this scheme also helps generate employment opportunities in the construction sector for the state's citizens.

Eligibility Criteria for West Bengal Housing Scheme

The eligibility criteria set by the WB Housing Board mandate that an applicant should meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of the state of West Bengal.

  • The applicant's family is categorised as being “below the poverty line”.

  • The applicant should be able to validate their family income and the category they fall under.

Benefits of the West Bengal Housing Board Scheme

This scheme is currently being implemented in rural and non-municipal urban areas within the state with the help of multiple other Government departments.  Some benefits offered by the scheme include:

  1. Solving housing problems across various social stratas in the state by coordinating with different Government departments.

  2. Running different government housing schemes that cater to the various segments of society.

  3. Expanding the scope outside rural areas and providing housing facilities to forest tribal villagers.

  4. Providing accommodation for Government employees.

  5. Providing accommodation for Industrial workers and employees of the Police force.

  6. Providing accommodation to the economically weaker sections of society.

  7. Providing accommodation to single working women in various small towns and cities across the state.

  8. Building night shelters for bus stands, hospitals, and medical colleges.

  9. Providing employment opportunities to construction workers.

  10. Solving the overall problem of accommodation across the state through the PPP model.

  11. Forming alliances with joint venture companies, assisted sector companies, and private entrepreneurs to build more housing units.

West Bengal Housing Board Online Application

If you are a citizen of West Bengal, you can make a formal application for this scheme through the website of the WB Housing Board. The process of making an application involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the West Bengal Housing Board website to initiate your application request.

  • Step 2: An application form is available under the "general public" category within the "housing" tab.

  • Step 3: Download the WB Housing Board application form.

  • Step 4: FIll in a physical form with accurate personal details, such as your name, address, occupation, family income, the headcount of the family, type of house required, etc.

  • Step 5: Submit the duly filled-out application to the concerned department or visit the West Bengal Housing Board office.

How to Check Application Status for West Bengal Housing Scheme?

The flats and houses allocated under this scheme by the West Bengal State Housing Board are made available to eligible applicants through a lottery system. Applicants receive communication on their mobile number and email address if their application gets selected under the lottery system. The application status is also available online for you to check and review periodically.

In addition to checking the application status, you can also visit the website of the WB Housing Board to learn about upcoming lottery dates and the documents required to apply. 

Documents Required to Apply for West Bengal Housing Scheme

You need to submit the following documents if you get picked in the lottery system:

  • Government-approved identification in the form of an Aadhar card

  • Identification document provided by your employer (if you are employed)

  • Proof of income through the income certificates or salary slips provided by the employer

  • Current address proof through any of the Government-approved documents

  • Telephone or mobile number

  • Email address

The Board has also completed major projects in Kolkata, and users wanting to understand about projects relating to the Kolkata Housing Board can visit its official website to check for West Bengal Housing Board flats for sale in Kolkata.

FAQs on WB Housing Board Scheme

Where can I find the latest updates on the West Bengal housing scheme 2024?

Citizens can find all relevant information about this scheme on the website of the West Bengal Housing Board. The West Bengal Housing Board invites applications for newly constructed houses and tenements by issuing an advertisement in the local newspapers and other forms of media. Additionally, information about the resale flats of the West Bengal Housing Board is released by the Board on its official website.

What are some of the projects under the WB housing scheme 2021?

Some of the upcoming West Bengal Housing Board Projects are:

  1. SUNRAY with 630 HIG flats in Rajarhat.

  2. PURABHNA with 28 HIG flats and 8 MIG flats at Maniktala, Kolkata.

  3. KRISHNANAGAR with 80 MIG flats at Krishnanagar, Nadia.

  4. AMULYAKANAN with 16 HIG flats at Serampore, Dist: Hooghly.

  5. MATKAL-NIMTA with 23 HIG flats at Belgharia Expressway, Durganagar.

  6. HIMALAYA KANYA with 23 HIG flats at Eastern Bypass, Siliguri.             

You can also access the list of the West Bengal Housing Board’s upcoming projects on its official website.

What are the other schemes run by the West Bengal Housing Board?

The Housing Department and West Bengal State Housing Board launched the LIG Scheme for people in the low-income group. This scheme was launched to solve accommodation issues, especially for minority groups who resided in urban areas. Similarly, a MIG scheme was also launched by the Housing Department to solve the housing issues for the middle-income group. The construction of MIG schemes was done on a rental basis.

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