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Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic auto-immune disorder that damages the central nervous system, leading to a severe disability. Multiple sclerosis patients experience blurred vision, numbness and tingling in the limbs which may be followed by complete loss of sight and mobility accompanied by paralysis in rare cases. The treatment of MS can be very expensive and may also require hospitalisation. With the Group Care 360 – Multiple Sclerosis Cover from Care Health Insurance Co. Ltd., you can ensure that you get the best healthcare in case you are diagnosed with it later in life, without worrying about the expenses. This plan allows you to secure your health financially by paying a nominal annual premium and offering you medical coverage if you need to be hospitalised in the future for the treatment of MS.

Policy Plan and Details

Here are the key details of the Multiple Sclerosis Cover:


Premium (including GST)

Plan Validity

Up to ₹1 Lakh


1 Year

Up to ₹2 Lakh


Up to ₹3 Lakh


Key Features and Benefits of Multiple Sclerosis Cover

  • Provides Complete Protection

    The Multiple Sclerosis Cover provides coverage for diagnostic tests, doctors’ fees and medication expenses that you may incur for the treatment of MS.

  • Covers Hospitalisation Expenses

    The plan covers hospital room rent charges along with both pre and post-hospitalisation expenses incurred for the treatment of multiple sclerosis so that you can stay worry-free.

What is covered?

  • Hospitalization fee

    Amount paid both before hospitalisation (30 days prior) and after a hospital stay (for 60 days) is covered provided the diagnosis is clinically confirmed by a qualified neurologist.

  • Diagnostic tests

    You can also claim charges incurred for any tests conducted before getting hospitalised (30 days prior) or during your stay in the hospital.

  • Treatment expenses

    Claim the amount paid towards your doctor’s fee, ICU, room rent and others before, during and after hospitalisation as a part of the Multiple Sclerosis Cover.

  • Ambulance cover

    A maximum amount of ₹2,000 is offered for ambulance expenses as a part of the Multiple Sclerosis insurance plan.

  • Medication Costs

    The Multiple Sclerosis Insurance Cover takes care of the amount spent on medications for the treatment of MS.

What is not covered?

  • Other medical conditions

    Hospitalisation for any health condition other than multiple sclerosis is not covered under this plan.

  • Immediate claim

    There is a waiting period of 90 days after policy purchase. Any claim filed during this period will not be accepted.

  • Underlying health conditions

    If you suffer from any pre-existing disease such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems, those will not be covered.

  • Other causes

    Other causes of neurological damage such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) are not covered under the Multiple Sclerosis Insurance Cover.

How to Apply for Multiple Sclerosis Cover?

Here is all you need to do to apply for this MS health insurance cover:

  • Click on Buy Now

    Visit the Multiple Sclerosis Cover product page on Bajaj Markets and click on ‘Buy Now’.

  • Enter Your Details

    Provide all your necessary details in the online application form.

  • Pay the Policy Premium

    You can pay the premium for your Multiple Sclerosis Cover using any online mode of payment.

Your Multiple Sclerosis Cover policy documents will be sent to your registered email ID once you complete the premium payment.

How to File a Claim? 

There are two ways to raise a claim under this cover if you are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis:

  • Call the toll-free number 18001024488 and get guidance from a Care Health Insurance Co. Ltd. customer care executive on the step-by-step process of filing your claim.

  • Send a mail to with the necessary medical documents.

Customer Care Details 

For any queries related to the Multiple Sclerosis Cover, you can connect with Bajaj Markets at

Multiple Sclerosis Cover FAQs

If a person suffers from a brain stroke that leads to nerve damage, will that be covered?

You will only be offered coverage for health disorders related to multiple sclerosis under this plan.


What if I get hospitalised the month after buying the policy?

You will have to bear the hospitalisation expenses yourself since the plan has a 90-day waiting period.


How much do I need to pay as an annual premium for a coverage of ₹3 Lakh?

An amount of ₹684 is to be paid per year for a Multiple Sclerosis Cover of ₹3 Lakh.


I have been advised MRI and CT scan by my doctor before being diagnosed with MS. Can I claim the amount paid for both these tests?

Yes, any diagnostic tests conducted before you get hospitalised and during hospitalisation for MS can be claimed under this plan.


Are there any other coverage options apart from ₹1 Lakh and ₹3 Lakh in the Multiple Sclerosis Insurance plan?

Yes, you can opt for a coverage of up to ₹2 Lakh by paying a nominal annual premium of ₹531.


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