Calories in Black Rice

Black rice, also known as Karuppu Kavuni rice has 130 Calories (100g) & many benefits. It is a healthy variety of rice that offers lots of health benefits. This variety of rice is high in antioxidants and low on calories which helps reduce the risk of heart diseases. Benefits of Karuppu Kavuni rice include its anti-cancer effect as it includes anthocyanins. It is a gluten-free rice and also acts as a detoxifier. It can also be helpful in diabetes management. Black rice is used as a substitute for regular rice and is used in many home remedies. It is believed that black rice water tightens skin and fermented black water rice is used to nourish the scalp and hair.

All About ‘The Forbidden Rice’

Due to freely available health-related online content in recent times, the curiosity towards healthy diets has increased. In a bid to make sure the food consumed has all the essential nutrients, people have also started including black rice in their daily meals. The benefits of black rice surpass the benefits offered by other kinds of rice, while also fulfilling the nutritional value generally associated with other rice products. With the highest antioxidant activity among all other rice varieties, this variety of rice appears to have a deep black colour which then transitions to purple once cooked. Read on to learn more about the black rice benefits and side effects.

Health Benefits of Black Rice

There are several black rice advantages that make it an ideal addition to your regular meals. Some of these are:

1. May improve heart health

While a lot of studies are still being conducted regarding black rice’s benefits, earlier studies indicate that eating black rice could enhance the health of your heart and protect you against a range of cardiac-related illnesses and diseases.

2. May have anti-cancer benefits

The anthocyanins found in black rice are widely known to have beneficial antioxidant properties, but tentative research also suggests that they may offer anti-cancer benefits. A test-tube study found that the prevalence of anthocyanins in black rice resulted in reducing the number of breast cancer cells while also their spread and risk.

3. Support eye health

Carotenoids, namely, lutein and zeaxanthin, are found in abundance in black rice. While carotenoids are helpful for many reasons, these two, in particular, have been found to have beneficial advantages for eye health, including in protecting the eyes from being damaged by free radicals and also in protecting the retina by filtration of the harmful blue light waves.

4. Gluten-free

Gluten is a type of protein commonly found in many of the food items we routinely consume. However, in recent times, people have become more aware of the harmful effects of gluten and have tried to remove it from their diets. Gluten is especially harmful to people suffering from celiac disease since the compound triggers the body’s immune response, which could damage the small intestine. For people who have gluten sensitivity, it could also result in harmful gastrointestinal side effects. Since black rice contains no gluten, it is an extremely helpful option for those sensitive to the effects of gluten and those wishing to remove gluten from their diets entirely.

5. Diabetes Management

Black rice’s advantages in terms of diabetes management also stem from its high content of anthocyanins, which helps lower blood sugar levels. Additionally, such chemicals improve insulin sensitivity and enable the body to better use glucose. As the anthocyanins in black rice help in reducing the digestion of sugar in the small intestine, it helps keep blood sugar levels low.

6. Prevent the Risk of Obesity

Since black rice is packed with fibres, it makes you feel full, thus preventing overeating. Not only this, but studies also show that black rice can prevent insulin resistance which may help prevent the risk of obesity.

7. Acts as a Detoxifier

Black rice contains phytonutrients that help the body eliminate harmful disease-causing toxins that are caused by free radicals.


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Adverse Effects of Consuming Black Rice

No studies have yet observed any side effects of consuming black rice. However, too much of anything can be harmful, right? Since black rice is rich in fibres, eating too much black rice may cause gastrointestinal issues like stomach upset, gas, bloating, etc. So, you must consult your doctor before adding this rice to your diet.

Uses of Black Rice in Home Remedies

  • Substitute to Regular Rice

If you are following a weight loss diet and are looking for a low-carb replacement for white rice, black rice is what you need. Black rice works well in a weight-loss diet as a home remedy to obesity as it has a high fibre and protein content along with very low carbs and calories. You can also add black rice to your salads.

  • Black Rice Water for Skin

    Black rice is rich in Vitamin E and natural antioxidants that are responsible for enhancing and tightening the skin to keep it healthy and glossy. Having a cup of black rice or black rice water helps you maintain good skin.

  • Fermented Black Rice Water for Hair

    A common Chinese practice is to wash the hair with fermented black rice water. They follow this to keep the scalp and hair nourished with all the essential nutrients present in black rice. Another common hack for hair damage protection is applying a mix of black rice water and aloe vera gel.


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FAQs on Health Benefits of Black Rice

Where does black rice get its colour?

 Black rice gets its colour from the antioxidant anthocyanins present in it. Other foods that are rich in anthocyanins are blood orange and blueberries.

Can I consume black rice in a weight loss diet?

 Yes, black rice can be consumed in a weight loss diet as it has a low-calorie content.

Does black rice have a low glycemic index?

 Yes, black rice has a low glycemic index. It has a glycemic index of 42.3.

How much time does it take to cook black rice?

 It takes up to 30 minutes to cook black rice if it is pre-soaked.

How much black rice can be consumed in a day?

 Presently, there is no concrete scientific information about the appropriate dosage for black rice. However, the right dosage of black rice may differ from person to person and depends on factors like your health, age, etc.

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