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BOB Kisan Credit Card

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Many farmers across the country face difficulties in finances on a regular basis. Due to this reason, several farmers opt for unsecured loans that come along with high risks. To help with financial difficulties, Bank of Baroda’s Kisan Credit Card can be extremely helpful. In addition, the KCC loan from Bank of Baroda can also be helpful.

Features and Benefits of a Bank of Baroda Kisan Credit Card

Availing Kisan Credit Card from Bank of Baroda comes along with several benefits and features.

1. Flexible Line of Credit

The amount of credit that is provided by Bank of Baroda is set based on the financial requirements of the farmers or applicants. This allowed line of credit will be set for a period of five years. With every year, the required amount of finance can be procured without submitting any new documents. This makes the process of acquiring credit easy. However, the amount of credit that can be availed has to be within the limit of the predetermined value.

2. Rewards

Several rewards will be offered depending on the following criteria. You can experience great benefits in the form of rewards if:

  • You are consistent and do not run late with your repayments

  • You use the BKCC scheme effectively

  • Improve the farm’s production as well as increase the income

3. Minimal Margin

For all short-term loans that have a credit limit of Rs. 1 Lakh, there is no margin considered as part of the requirements. However, for a credit line above Rs. 10 Lakh, a loan margin of 15% is required. The margin typically varies between 10% and 25% dispensing on the scheme.

4. Flexible Repayment Tenure

Depending on the income that is generated, the tenure can vary. For instance, some farmers may be offered a quarterly-based repayment tenure. Whereas, others may be offered a half-yearly or an annual tenure.

5. Card Issue

The BOB Kisan Credit Card will be provided to you once your credit card limit is approved by the bank. In the case of a Baroda Kisan RuPay Card, you can use the card at any ATM and withdraw cash from any ATM.

Bank of Baroda Kisan Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

To avail of the Baroda Kisan Credit Card, certain eligibility criteria have to be met. These eligibility criteria vary when it comes to availing of a KCC loan Bank of Baroda. Let us have a look at the eligibility criteria to be met for both.

1. Kisan Credit Card BOB

To avail of the BOB Kisan Credit Card, farmers should have good repayment patterns. Such farmers who repay their dues on time will be eligible for a credit limit of Rs. 1,000 and above. Both non-banking customers, as well as new applicants, are eligible for this credit limit.

  • Land Ownership

Farmers who are permanent tenants, leaseholders, sharecroppers, landowners, and cultivators can apply for BOB KCC.

  • Years of Cultivation Experience

Farmers need to have cultivation experience for a minimum of 5 years.

  • Literacy

Farms who are illiterate or literate are eligible to apply for the KCC BOB.

2. Baroda Kisan Loan Scheme

Farmers and existing BOB KCC holders can apply for the BOB KCC loan as either a joint applicant or a single applicant. It is necessary for the applicant to have a good repayment history over the past 3 years. Bank of Baroda KCC interest rate depends on factors like payment history, credit score, and more.

Bank of Baroda Kisan Credit Card Fees and Charges

Depending on the investment credit or production credit, the fees and charges that are charged by the Bank of Baroda vary. Let us have a look at Bank of Baroda KCC list to understand the BOB KCC interest rate.

Investment Credit

Interest Rate

Amount lesser than Rs. 3 Lakhs

9.65% corresponding to the base rate or a 7% fixed interest rate

Amount between Rs. 3 Lakhs and Rs. 25 Lakhs


Amount of Rs. 25 Lakhs and above


For SHGs/ and JLGs

Loan up to Rs. 3 Lakhs

Loans to construct godowns to store produce

9.65% + 0.50% = 10.15%

Loans for warehouse receipts up to Rs. 50 Lakhs

9.65% + 1.00% = 10.65%

Loans for warehouse receipts to non-farmers

9.65% + 2.00% = 11.65%

Loans for poultry

9.65% + 1.00% = 10.65%

Loans to construct cold storages to store agricultural produce

9.65% + 2.00% = 11.65%

Loans to buy 4-wheelers

Car loan with 0.25% discount

Farmhouse construction and dwelling units for farmers

Fixed Baroda home loan interest rates

How to Apply for Bank of Baroda Kisan Credit Card?

You can apply for BOB Kisan Credit Card through the website of BOB or by visiting the branch as the application is not available on the Bajaj Markets website.

1. Online

Step 1: Visit the Kisan Credit Card apply online BOB website.

Step 2: Enter your details such as your name, email ID, phone number, state, city, branch, and verification code.

Step 3: Finally, accept the terms and conditions and submit your form.

2. Offline

If you are not comfortable with Bank of Baroda Kisan Credit Card online apply, you can visit a Bank of Baroda branch nearby and begin your process of application to get a Kisan Credit card. You will have to submit the necessary documents requested to complete your application process.d


  • ✔️Who can apply for the Bank of Baroda Kisan Credit Card?

    Farmers, irrespective of when they are literate or illiterate, can apply for a Bank of Baroda Kisan Credit Card. However, the applicant should have agricultural cultivation experience of a minimum of 5 years. You can contact the BOB KCC helpline in case of any queries. 

  • ✔️What is the Bank of Baroda BKCC scheme?

    Bank of Baroda BKCC scheme helps provide financial support for farmers by offering them credit. The bank provides credit through a simple documentation process and flexible repayment tenure.

  • ✔️What is the eligibility for Bank of Baroda Kisan Credit Card?

    To apply for a Bank of Baroda Kisan Credit Card, you should have at least 5 years of cultivation experience. You should also be a permanent tenant, leaseholder, sharecropper, landowner, or cultivator.