Corporate Credit Card

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What is a Corporate Credit Card?

A corporate credit card, also called an employee credit card, differs from a business credit card. It is a type of credit card that banks or NBFCs issue to established companies. 


These companies, in turn, provide these cards to their employees, who can use them to pay for their business-related expenses, like travel tickets and hotel bookings. Moreover, a corporate credit card also differs from other credit cards with respect to the liability of debt payment. 


While with other credit cards, you are solely responsible for clearing the dues, an employee credit card requires the issuer company to repay them. Read on to know more about these cards and how a company can apply online for a corporate credit card. 

List of Some of the Top Corporate Credit Cards

Corporate Credit Card

Key Features

HDFC Premium Corporate Card

- Supports a round-the-clock management information system

- Easy integration with existing account system

- Comes with complimentary membership of the Priority Pass Program

- Provides a ₹1 Crore air travel accident insurance cover for cardholders 

HDFC Corporate Platinum Card

- Supports a round-the-clock management information system

- Creates category-wise management information system reports for cardholders

- Provides a ₹1 Crore air travel accident insurance cover

YES FIRST Corporate Credit Card

- Supports a round-the-clock management information system

- Cardholders have access to individual account statements 

- Comes with free insurance for any air accidents

IndusInd Bank Corporate Card

- The card is equipped with a robust Expense Management platform

- Provides a smart category-wise spending tracking and analysis

- This card easily integrates with existing ERP system

- You can enjoy the privilege of a dedicated service manager

Kotak Mahindra Corporate Wealth Signature Credit Card

- The card is universally acceptable online and at all stores

- Comes with complimentary airport lounge access

- Has a consolidated payment solution

- Dedicated relationship manager

Kotak Mahindra Corporate Platinum Credit Card

- The card is globally accepted online and at all stores

- Comes with complimentary lounge access at select airports

- Has a comprehensive solution for the payment system

- Dedicated relationship manager

Axis Bank Corporate Credit Card

- Comes with a unique management information system

- Efficient and interactive reporting system

- Comes with complimentary lounge access at select airports

- The card is equipped with a single payment solution

SBI Platinum Corporate Card

- Is equipped with a unique spend management tool  

- Comes with a complimentary membership of Priority Pass

- Air travel accident insurance cover of ₹1 Crore

- This card is universally acceptable

Benefits of a Corporate Credit Card

1. Benefits for Employees

The following are some of the benefits you get to enjoy as an employee for using a corporate credit card:


  • A corporate credit card allows you to pay for business expenses from company accounts

  • With an employee credit card, you do not have to worry about collecting bills and receipts for later reimbursement

  • If your card allows it, you can access airport lounges for free in domestic and international destinations

  • Your finances do not get stalled while you wait for your earlier payments to get reimbursed

  • Depending on your card variant, you can earn exciting rewards for every transaction made

  • You also get to enjoy additional benefits like emergency loans, quick replacement of lost cards, etc.

2. Benefits for Employers

The company can enjoy the following benefits if they choose corporate credit cards for employees: 


  • Companies get the option to limit the overall spending or amount per transaction

  • Companies can also select the destinations where employees are allowed to use the card

How to Apply for Corporate Credit Cards Online

Since banks and NBFCs issue corporate credit cards to companies only, you can not apply for it as an employee. Here is how a company can apply online for a corporate credit card:


  • Make sure that you have a good credit score and an impeccable repayment history

  • Visit the nearest bank branch or its official website

  • Compare different credit cards offered by the issuer bank 

  • Select a corporate credit card that best suits your company’s needs 

  • Fill out the application form with all the required information and documentation 

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FAQs on Corporate Credit Cards

  • ✔️How is a corporate credit card different from a business credit card?

    A business credit card can be availed by anyone who needs a separate banking account for their business. On the other hand, only large companies can avail of company credit cards.

  • ✔️Is it easy to get a corporate credit card?

    Lenders make the decision to issue a corporate credit card after checking the company’s most recent financials and tax filings. If the company has good financials, it is easy to get a company credit card.

  • ✔️How do you qualify for a corporate credit card?

    The eligibility criteria to qualify for a corporate card may vary from one bank to another. At the time of reviewing the application, banks usually do an assessment of the company’s financial health. 


    In addition, they may also ask for necessary documents such as profit/loss statements, annual revenue, tax filed, etc.


  • ✔️What is a corporate credit card?

    A corporate credit card is a type of card that banks issue to large and established companies. These companies provide these cards to their employees to cover business expenses like air travel, hotel bookings, etc. 


  • ✔️Who can get a corporate credit card?

    If you work in an established company, your company can avail of corporate credit cards. You can get it if your company decides to issue it to you.


  • ✔️Is a corporate credit card good?

    Yes, corporate credit cards offer a number of benefits to employees as well as companies. 


    For instance, with these cards, employees do not need to pay for business expenses from their pockets, and employees can limit spending from their own accounts. These cards offer many other benefits depending on the card variant that you choose.