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Credit Card Insurance Policy

Credit Card Insurance

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Insurance Credit Cards

An alternative to investing in separate insurance policies and paying hefty premiums is applying for an insurance credit card. These cards cover a range of insurance benefits such as travel insurance, medical insurance, insurance against credit card fraud, and more, apart from providing the obvious perks that come with a credit card. You will be informed about the respective type of credit card protection insurance available at the time of applying for a credit card or with the welcome kit. Continue reading to know more.

Types of Credit Card Insurance Benefits

  • Credit Card Life Insurance/Personal Accident Insurance

Some credit cards offer a life insurance benefit. In case the primary credit cardholder meets with an accidental death, their nominee can claim accidental cover ranging up to a few lakhs as per the credit card type. Usually, a nominee can claim ₹2-₹4 lakh in the case of road accidents as part of the credit card accidental death insurance. Not only accidents, but depending on the bank’s policies and the credit card offers, you can avail different credit cards with life insurance benefits as a form of security.

  • Air Accident Cover

Some credit cards come with an air accident cover when you book your flight tickets with them. In case the primary cardholder meets an unfortunate death in an air accident, his/her nominee can claim coverage up to ₹1 crore as part of the card flight insurance.

  • General Air Travel Insurance/Lost Baggage Insurance/Trip Cancellation Insurance

At the time of opting for air travel, you can avail a general travel insurance that covers lost baggage, misplaced passports, hotel room cancellations, and any other reason that disrupts your travel plan. This travel insurance can be availed at the time of flight/hotel bookings via your credit card.

  • Medical/Health Insurance Credit Card

A lot of credit card issuing banks have partnered with health/wellness companies to come up with co-branded credit cards offering health benefits such as annual check-ups, unlimited consultations, and more. Apart from these perks, you can also avail an overseas emergency medical insurance on some credit cards with an upper limit of ₹25 lakh.

  • Credit Card Insurance on Purchases

Certain credit cards offer purchase protection coverage. It is a type of insurance that you can avail on all the items you purchase with a credit card. In the case of any damage or loss to the purchased item, you can claim this insurance. Generally, a claim window of 180 days from the date of purchase is allowed.

  • Credit Card Car Rental Insurance

In case you rent a car for travel purposes and it incurs damage due to an unfortunate accident, you can pay for the damages if you have rented it out with a credit card offering rental insurance.

  • Credit Card Theft Insurance

In the case of credit card loss/theft/misplacement, you can claim for any losses incurred due to fraudulent activities or transactions made via your card if you have availed credit card theft insurance.

  • Credit Insurance

In the case of the untimely death of the primary credit cardholder, certain credit card issuing banks/companies offer a waiver on his/her outstanding credit card bill amounting up to ₹50,000. In order to make the claim, a nominee needs to submit the death certificate of the primary cardholder along with other necessary documents.

Insurance Credit Cards from Top Banks

Insurance Credit Cards

Benefits of Insurance Credit Cards

Axis Privilege Credit Card

  • Air accident cover upto ₹2.5 crore

  • Get credit shield of ₹1 lakh

  • Get purchase protection plan upto ₹1 lakh

  • Loss travel document cover and delay in check in baggage cover upto US$300

  • Loss check-in baggage cover upto US$500

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

  • Get accidental air death cover worth ₹1 crore

  • Get emergency overseas hospitalisation: up to ₹15 lakh

  • Get lost card liability cover of upto ₹9 lakh

Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card

  • Get insurance on any misuse of your card for up to ₹3 lakh

IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Card

  • Insurance cover on loss of passport upto ₹50,000

  • Insurance cover on loss of ticket upto ₹25,000

  • Insurance cover on missed connection upto ₹ 25,000

SBI Signature Corporate Card


  • Complimentary travel insurance cover for the respective company’s employees upto ₹1 crore

  • Complimentary insurance cover against fraud by employees, exclusively for SBI Corporate Card clients

Benefits of Credit Card Insurance

  • As part of insurance, credit card coverage can include accidents, travel, roadside assistance, and much more

  • Such credit cards provides financial security to the cardholder against any unforeseen circumstances

  • Some insurance credit cards provide protection and insurance cover against online scams and credit card frauds

  • Employers can also extend insurance benefits to their employees with some corporate credit cards that offer the insurance feature

Claiming Credit Card Insurance: Points to Remember

While there are several wonderful insurance benefits you can avail on your credit card, it is important to know how to claim such credit card coverage in case the need arises. Below listed are some key points to remember while claiming a credit card protection plan:

  • One of the most important points to be noted for credit card protection plans is that you need not pay a regular premium on your insurance credit cards as opposed to traditional insurance plans. The insurance comes as part of your credit card features when you avail it from the issuer.

  • The credit card insurance policy majorly benefits the primary cardholder

  • In the event of a nominee filing a claim after the death of the primary cardholder, he/she needs to ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted. These include a death certificate, accident FIR, police reports, hospital reports, post-mortem reports, etc., as requested by the credit card issuer.

  • In case the credit card protection plan does not cover credit insurance in the event of the death of the primary cardholder, the outstanding bill amount will be deducted from the final settlement received by the nominee.

FAQs on Insurance Credit Cards

  • ✔️Is there any insurance on credit cards?

    Yes, depending on the type of issuing bank/NBFC and the type of credit card you avail, you can enjoy insurance benefits like accident cover, insurance on purchase, medical insurance, lost baggage insurance, car rental insurance, and more on your credit card.

  • ✔️What is an insurance credit card?

    Some credit cards offer an insurance feature as part of its several benefits. This insurance may cover categories such as travel, lost baggage, missed flights, life coverage, road-side vehicle assistance, protection against fraud, etc. 

  • ✔️Is credit card insured in India?

    In case your credit card is stolen/lost/ misplaced, you can claim the insurance on any fraudulent activities done via your credit card if your credit card issuer provides the facility. Moreover, certain credit cards come with their own insurance benefits such as car rental insurance, travel insurance, accidental cover insurance, and more as parts of its features. You need to ask the issuing bank/financial institutes about availing credit card insurance coverage on your card at the time of applying.

  • ✔️Does using credit card insurance affect credit score?

    Certain credit cards offer insurances such as travel insurance, accident cover insurance, medical insurances, etc., as part of their features and benefits. Thus, availing these credit card protection plans do not affect the credit score.

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