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Keeping track of your credit card balance is crucial for responsible spending. HDFC Bank offers a number of methods to access this information easily.  For ultimate convenience, you can utilise online methods like netbanking or the mobile banking app. Alternatively, check your balance through SMS banking by sending a specific code. If you prefer the traditional approach, contact the customer care or visit an HDFC Bank ATM near you. Your monthly credit card statement will also reflect your current balance. 

How to Check Your Credit Card Balance

You can opt for any of the following methods to know your balance:

Online Methods

  • Net Banking

  1. Log into your net banking account 

  2. Navigate to the "Cards" section


You'll find your current balance and recent transactions readily available.

  • Mobile Banking App

  1. Download and log in to the HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App

  2. Locate the "Cards" section

  3. Select your credit card to view the current balance and recent activity

Offline Methods

  • SMS Banking: For those without online banking, SMS offers a quick solution. Text "CCBAL XXXX" (replace XXXX with the last four digits of your card) to 5676712. You'll receive a reply with your current balance.

  • Customer Care: Call 6160-6161 which is the number for HDFC Bank Credit Card balance check. You will be asked to verify your identity with relevant information.

  • ATM: Visit any HDFC Bank ATM and insert your credit card. After entering your PIN, navigate to "Credit Card Balance" under account inquiries to view your outstanding balance.

  • Monthly Statement: Your monthly credit card statement (received by email or post) will show your current balance, recent transactions, minimum payment due, and other important details.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check the balance on my HDFC Bank credit card without the internet?

You can definitely check your balance on your HDFC Bank credit card without the internet. You can either use the phone banking service and speak to a customer service executive or even send an SMS to the bank number to enquire about your credit card statement balance.

Is there a cost associated with using the service?

There is absolutely no fee associated with using this service, as HDFC bank does not charge any fees for using services like net banking, SMS service, and more to their cardholders. However, there may be a fee charged by the network service provider for sending an SMS.

Can someone use an unregistered cell phone number to check their credit card balance by SMS?

No, the phone number being used must be officially registered with the bank to check the credit card balance via SMS.

Is a PIN required to use an ATM to check a credit card's balance?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to enter the PIN to use the ATM to check a credit card’s balance.

What are the different ways to check my HDFC Bank credit card balance?

You can check your balance online through Net Banking or the Mobile Banking App, or offline through SMS Banking, Customer Care, ATMs, or your monthly statement.

Which method is the quickest and most convenient?

Net Banking and the Mobile Banking App offer the fastest and most convenient ways to check your balance, accessible 24/7.

Can I use the Mobile Banking App to see recent transactions?

Yes, the Mobile Banking App allows you to view both your current balance and recent credit card transactions.

How often does my monthly statement show my balance?

Your monthly credit card statement typically reflects your balance as of the statement's closing date. The statement might arrive by email or post depending on your preference.

Is there a fee for checking my credit card balance?

Generally, there are no charges for checking your balance through online or SMS banking methods. However, charges might apply for phone banking inquiries depending on your plan.

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