SBI BPCL Octane Credit Card

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BPCL SBI Card Octane

The BPCL SBI Octane Credit Card is a premium fuel credit card by SBI which is launched in collaboration with the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. The card comes with an exclusive range of features and benefits across different categories which include fuel, shopping, travel, reward points, and milestone benefits.


With this SBI octane credit card, you can get a value back of 7.25% on fuel transactions made at select Bharat Petroleum Gas stations. Apart from this, the card gives 10x accelerated rewards on multiple categories such as groceries, dining, movies, and a lot more.

Key Highlights of BPCL SBI Octane Credit Card

Here are the key highlights of the Octane Credit Card by SBI:

Annual Fee


Best Suited For

Fuel Purchases and Rewards

Key Feature

7.25% value-back of fuel purchases

Welcome Benefits

6,000 bonus reward points worth ₹1,500

Additional Reward Benefits

25X reward points on fuel purchases at BPCL petrol pumps

1 reward point on every ₹100 spent on non-fuel purchases

Features & Benefits of BPCL SBI  Octane Credit Card

  • Welcome Bonus 

You get 6000 reward points against the card’s nominal annual/renewal fee of ₹1,499. This welcome bonus is credited to your account within thirty days of completing the payment. You can then redeem your welcome bonus worth ₹1,500 by instantly purchasing fuel at BPCL gas stations. 

  • Fuel Savings and Rewards

Get 7.25% value back on fuel purchases across BPCL gas stations. This translates to 25x reward points for every ₹100 spent on BPCL fuel purchases with a maximum cap of 2,500 points per month.

  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver Benefits

Avail of a 1% fuel surcharge exemption on fuel purchases of up to ₹4,000 made at BPCL gas stations in India. You can claim a fuel surcharge waiver of up to ₹100 every billing cycle, amounting to a total of ₹1,200 in annual fuel surcharge savings.

  • Milestone Rewards

Your annual fee will be reversed if you cross the ₹2 Lakhs expense mark in the preceding year. Similarly, annual spends over ₹3 Lakhs will fetch you e-gift vouchers worth ₹2,000 from top retail brands like Aditya Birla, Hush Puppies, and Yatra.

  • Dining and Movie Benefits

Earn up to 10x reward points (maximum of 7,500 points/month) for every ₹100 spent at select restaurants, grocery shops, and department stores. This reward rate also extends to movie ticket bookings made using the BPCL SBI  Octane credit card. 

  • Airport Lounge Access Benefits

The BPCL SBI Octane credit card brings you four complimentary domestic VISA lounge visits per year with a cap of one visit per quarter. 

  • EMI Benefits 

With SBI’s Flexipay option, you can convert purchase expenses over ₹2,500 into pocket-friendly EMIs. Continue earning regular reward points on your EMI payments. 

  • Balance Transfer Benefits 

You can reap the benefits of affordable interest rates by transferring your outstanding credit card balance to the SBI BPCL Octane card. This benefit is available against a minimum transfer amount of ₹5,000, while the maximum transfer limit is 75% of your credit limit. 

  • Add-On Benefits

The card’s fraud liability insurance cover of ₹1 Lakh protects you against expenses incurred due to theft and fraudulent transactions. Additionally, family members above 18 years of age can apply for an add-on card completely free-of-charge. 

BPCL SBI Octane Credit Card - Eligibility Criteria & Documentation

1. Eligibility:

  • If you are a salaried individual, you should be between the age of 21-55 years 

  • If you are self employed, you should be between the age of 21-70 years

  • You should be a Resident of India

2. Documents:

  • Identity Proof - Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card/ Driving Licence/ Voter ID/ Passport

  • Income Proof - Latest salary slips for salaried employees, Income Tax Return (ITR) of 2-3 years for self-employed

  • Residence Proof - Aadhaar Card/ Utility Bills/ Driving Licence/ Voter ID/ Passport

How to Apply for the BPCL SBI Octane Credit Card Online

Simply follow these 5 quick steps and you’re done!


  • Step 1: Visit Bajaj Markets: Visit our platform online

  • Step 2: Fill in your details: Help us with a few of your details

  • Step 3: Multiple Credit Cards: Compare the multiple options available in SBI credit cards

  • Step 4: Make a choice: Select the Credit Card you find right for yourself

  • Step 5: Submit your form: and you're done!

Reward Points on the BPCL SBI  Octane Credit Card

Sr no

Reward Points



Welcome Gift

Upon payment of the annual fees, you can receive 6000 bonus reward points, which are equivalent to ₹1,500.


Reward Benefits

You can earn 25 reward points for every ₹100 spent at BPCL Fuel, Lubricants & Bharat Gas.


Milestone Benefits

On an annual spending of ₹3 Lakhs, you can receive e-gift vouchers worth up to ₹2,000 from Aditya Birla Fashion, Yatra, Urban Ladder, Hush Puppies, or Bata.


Spending Benefits

Enjoy 10 Reward Points on every ₹100 spent at Dining, Departmental Stores, Grocery & Movies.


Other Benefits

Receive a complimentary Fraud Liability cover of ₹1 Lakh

How to Redeem BPCL SBI Octane Credit Card Rewards 

Wondering how you can redeem your BPCL SBI Octane credit card points? Here’s a list of ways you can go about it:


  • Redeem directly for fuel purchases at select BPCL stations.

  • Call SBI’s customer service number or email the bank with a cash redemption request

  • Visit the official SBI website or log into the SBI mobile app to redeem your points against gift vouchers. 

Note: Four SBI BPCL reward points are equivalent to one Rupee. Each reward point is valid for 2 years from its date of issuance.  

How to Pay Bills Using the BPCL SBI Octane Credit Card 

You can make your credit card bill payments using multiple channels like the mobile app, UPI, etc. Here’s how to pay the bills using the SBI card mobile app:


  • Step 1: Download the SBI card mobile app from Apple iOS, Android or Windows app store and login using your SBI card online user ID and password.

  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Pay now’ button at the bottom of the Account Summary page.

  • Step 3: Enter your registered Mobile No & Email ID if not updated already

  • Step 4: Select the amount you wish to pay

  1. Total Outstanding Amount

  2. Minimum Amount Due

  3. Any Other Amount

  • Step 5: Select the payment option and the bank name from the drop-down menu. Confirm the details and be securely redirected to your bank’s payment interface to authorise the payment.

Your account will get debited online and you will receive an online transaction confirmation with a Transaction Reference Number which will also be sent on your registered mobile no. and e-mail id. Your payment will instantly reflect on your SBI Octane Credit Card account.

Track BPCL SBI  Octane Credit Card Status

While generally SBI sends you regular text notifications on your registered phone number about the status of your application, there are other ways of tracking it. When you apply for the BPCL SBI  Octane credit card, you receive an application number. You can use this number to track your application on the SBI website. Alternatively, you can also reach out to SBI’s customer care unit and inquire about the status of your application. 

Similar Credit Cards Offered by SBI

1. BPCL SBI Credit Card

The BPCL SBI Credit Card is an entry-level co-branded fuel card available against a nominal joining fee of ₹499. Fuel benefits of the card include a 4.35% value-back on all fuel expenses made at BPCL gas stations. This value-back rate includes the 3.25% rewards rate and the 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all BPCL fuel spends. 


The welcome package also includes 2000 reward points instantly redeemable against fuel purchases at BPCL stations. Offering rewards across categories, the BPCL SBI Credit Card brings you 5x rewards on every ₹100 spent on dining, movies, and groceries. Additionally, you can also avail of a renewal charge waiver on annual spends of over ₹50,000.

BPCL SBI Octane Credit Card Customer Care Number

You can reach out to the BPCL SBI Octane Credit Card Customer Care team at their helpline numbers:


  • 1860 180 1290

  • 1860 500 1290, 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code)

  • 1800 180 1290 (toll free) for any BPCL SBI Card Octane queries

SBI credit card customer care is available from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday. You can also visit the SBI Card website to drop them an email.

FAQs on BPCL SBI Octane Credit Card

  • ✔️What are the benefits of the BPCL SBI Octane credit card?

    The card aims to offer value-back fuel purchase benefits with BPCL pumps. Additionally, it offers rewards and benefits on groceries, dining, entertainment, etc. It’s ideal for credit card users who prefer Bharat Petroleum as fuel providers because they can enjoy fuel surcharge waivers.


  • ✔️What is the BPCL SBI Octane credit card?

    The BPCL SBI Octane credit card is a premium fuel credit card. It is a co-brand card launched with the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, and offers users huge benefits on fuel, shopping, and other expenses.

  • ✔️What is the BPCL SBI Octane credit card customer care number?

    The BPCL SBI Octane credit card customer care number is 1860 180 1290

  • ✔️What are the documents acceptable for the BPCL SBI Octane credit card?

    The documents acceptable for the BPCL SBI Octane credit card are proof of income documents (salary slips, Income Tax Returns, etc.), and identity and residence proof documents (PAN and Aadhaar Cards, voter ID, driving licence, passport, etc.).


  • ✔️What is the BPCL SBI Octane card’s credit limit?

    There is no fixed credit limit on the BPCL Octane SBI card, as card issuers determine this for individual card users based on the user’s credit profile/credit score.

  • ✔️Is the BPCL SBI Octane credit card good?

    The BPCL SBI Octane credit card is one of the premium cards offered by the State Bank of India. The card is good as it offers several rewards and benefits  such as reward points across dining, groceries, shopping, complimentary lounge visits, 25X reward points on BPCL fuel purchases, and more.


  • ✔️What is the maximum fuel surcharge waiver offered by the BPCL SBI Octane credit card?

    The maximum fuel surcharge waiver given with the BPCL SBI Octane credit card is ₹100 per statement cycle. This waiver is quite a beneficial addition to the host of benefits provided by this card.


  • ✔️Can we withdraw cash from my BPCL SBI credit card?

    Yes, you can withdraw cash from your BPCL SBI Octane credit card. As a holder of the BPCL SBI Octane credit card, you can withdraw cash from millions of VISA/RuPay ATMs across the world, including thousands of Indian ATMs. Along with this, you get access to over 10,000 ATMs over 100-plus cities in India.


  • ✔️What are the fees and charges for the BPCL SBI Octane credit card?

    The BPCL SBI Octane credit card comes with a joining and annual fee of ₹1,499+GST. The finance charges for the card stand at 3.50% per month (or 42% annually), while the penalty for missed payments varies from ₹0-₹1,300. 


    Going over the sanctioned credit limit is penalised at a rate of 2.5% against the overlimit amount (with a minimum limit of ₹550). Clearing your dues in cash will attract a cash payment charge of ₹199 per transaction. Additionally, for foreign transactions using the card, you have to pay a currency mark-up fee of 3.50% on the transacted amount. 


  • ✔️What are the pros and cons of the BPCL SBI Octane credit card?

    Before choosing a fuel credit card, you should weigh its pros and cons. Pros of the card include hefty fuel savings with 25 reward points issued against every ₹100 spent on BPCL gas stations. Another pro is the 10x reward points earned on grocery shopping, dining, and entertainment spends. Lastly, the BPCL SBI Octane credit card brings you travel benefits of four complimentary yearly visits to domestic VISA lounges. 


    However, the card also has some cons. For instance, the BPCL SBI Octane credit card’s benefits are limited to only Bharat petrol pumps. Moreover, while the value back deal on fuel expenses is a bonus, the surcharge waiver limit of ₹100/month is a definite con. Similarly, the reward conversion rate for non-fuel retail expenses is also quite low. 


  • ✔️Why should you get the BPCL SBI Octane credit card?

    The BPCL SBI Octane credit card is a great fuel card that offers up to 25x rewards and 7.5% value back on fuel expenses at BPCL. With the rising cost of fuel, these savings can help you foot the bill with ease. This is also one of the highest fuel rewards conversion rates available in the Indian market. Moreover, the card also brings you reward points across spending categories like dining, and entertainment and perks like complimentary lounge access.

  • ✔️Does the BPCL SBI Octane card offer an annual fee waiver?

    Yes. You can claim the annual fee waiver benefit if your spends cross ₹2 Lakhs in the preceding year. In other words, if you meet this milestone spending requirement, you won’t have to pay the ₹1,499 renewal fee of the card.


  • ✔️How to redeem my BPCL SBI Octane credit card points at a petrol pump?

    You can redeem your credit card points at select BPCL gas retail outlets across the country. You can also redeem them through BPCL fuel vouchers that are valid for 6 months from the issuance date. SBI has comprehensive lists of the BPCL retail outlets that offer POS and e-voucher redemptions. You can check out these lists to seamlessly redeem your credit card points for fuel.