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SBI Credit Card Bill into EMI

If you have added certain big-ticket items to your shopping cart and are looking for the right time to purchase it, you can now happily stop waiting further! When you shop with your SBI credit card, you get the chance to convert the SBI credit card bill into EMI via its Flexipay facility. The SBI credit card EMI facility, i.e. Flexipay, rightly works with the tagline of “Payback your big purchases in flexible instalments” and allows you to apply for it easily.

What is SBI Flexipay

SBI offers you the opportunity to take advantage of Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) on large purchases. In other words, you can convert SBI credit card bills to EMIs that can be paid at regular intervals. This facility is called the “Flexipay” and enables customers to break down large purchases into smaller repayment amounts over the course of 3 to 24 months. To be precise, SBI Flexipay eliminates the need of repaying immediately after purchasing a product on SBI Credit Card.

The key features of SBI Flexipay are listed below:


  • You can convert your SBI credit card bill into smaller EMIs within 30 days of the purchases

  • You can avail this facility with a minimum transaction of ₹500 or above

  • The minimum booking amount must be ₹2,500

How to Convert SBI Credit Card Bill to EMI

To avail the EMI option on SBI credit card, you can follow any of the two simple ways mentioned below:

Net Banking

  • Step 1: Log in to your SBI Card online account.

  • Step 2: On the homepage, click on ‘Benefits’ and then select the ‘Flexipay’ option.

  • Step 3: Then, select the eligible purchase that you wish to convert into EMIs.

  • Step 4: choose the repayment period and the corresponding interest rate.

  • Step 5: Once you select all the details confirm the booking.

Customer Care

Another way is to directly call the SBI credit card customer care number and request the representative to convert your SBI credit card bill into EMIs via Flexipay. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your registered number.

Apart from these, you can log in to chatbot ‘ILA’, resolve your queries regarding SBI Credit Card EMI conversion, and follow the instructions.

Eligibility for Converting SBI Credit Card Bill to EMI

To utilise the benefits offered under the SBI Flexipay facility, you must fulfil the following transaction eligibility parameters:


  • You must make retail purchases by using your SBI Credit Card

  • Your transactions must be done in less than 30 days

  • Your transaction value must be greater than ₹500. This may vary in case of certain offers

  • You can convert multiple retail transactions (greater than ₹500) into a single Flexipay plan. This may vary in case of specific offers

  • You must have a minimum booking amount of ₹2,500

Remember, you cannot convert the following transactions via Flexipay:


  • Cash and fuel transactions

  • Interest, fees, fuel, or any other charges levied on your SBI credit card

  • Individual transactions whose value is less than ₹500

SBI Card Bill EMI Conversion Charges

Following is a comprehensive breakdown of the fees and charges that you have to bear while availing the SBI Flexipay facility:


Monthly Instalment * per ₹1,000

6 months



12 months




24 months




You will be able to join the SBI Flexipay facility by paying an interest rate of 20% p.a. Additionally, you will have to pay a one-time processing fee of 2% (up to min. ₹249 and max. ₹1,500) and other fees such as foreclosure fee of 3%, and cancellation fee of 3% (post 45 days of placing booking request) on any outstanding principal amount.

FAQs on SBI Credit Card Bill into EMI

Can I convert my SBI Credit Card bill into EMI?

If the purchase amount is ₹500 and above, you can easily convert your SBI credit card bill into EMI via the SBI Flexipay facility.

What is the minimum booking amount for Flexipay?

The minimum booking amount for Flexipay is ₹2,500.

What is the SBI credit card EMI interest rate applicable for Flexipay?

The EMI interest rate on the SBI card bill varies as per the applicable offer. You can contact the customer care or visit the official website to get the required information.

How can I activate my SBI EMI card?

To activate your SBI EMI card, you must shop with your SBI Credit Card and then log in to your online SBI credit card account. Next, you have to select Flexipay and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can call the SBI Card helpline to place a request for Flexipay booking.

What are the tenure options for SBI Credit Card EMI conversions?

There are various tenure options such as 3 months and 6 months for no-cost EMI options and 6,9,12,24, and 36 months for normal EMI tenures.

How does EMI on SBI credit cards work?

At the time of any purchase, you as an SBI cardholder can select the EMI option, which will result in the credit card bills being converted into EMIs. It is to be noted that the bank charges interest for every conversion of bills to EMI which is normally higher than the usual interest rates. Additionally, you can make use of the SBI credit card EMI calculator to understand the interest rates and charges better 

Is it possible to convert your credit card bills to EMI?

With the Flexipay option, you can convert your big-ticket purchases into easy EMIs. During the purchase transaction, you have the option to apply for this option.

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