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Whether you are applying for a credit card for the first time or are a premium customer, SBI offers a range of credit cards for all. You can enjoy SBI credit card benefits across categories such as shopping, travel, dining, and more. However, the SBI credit card limit will differ from person to person and the type of SBI card opted for. This limit is decided by the bank at the time of credit card issuance after assessing the applicant’s eligibility, spending habits, credit score, and other parameters. Let us understand in detail about SBI card limit types, factors affecting them, and different ways via which you can increase SBI credit card limit.

How to Check Your Current SBI Credit Card Limit?

You can check your current SBI credit card limit via the following channels:

  • Netbanking: You can log in to your net banking account using your credentials and head to the ‘Account Summary’ section. Here, you will find the available credit and cash limits.

  • SBI Card Mobile App: You can download and install the SBI Card app on your smartphone. You can then login and visit the ‘Summary’ tab to find the details of your credit and cash limits.

  • SMS: You can know your available credit card limit by sending an SMS in the prescribed format to 5676791 from your registered mobile number. You have to text: ‘AVAIL XXXX’, where XXXX are the last four digits of your credit card.

  • SBI Credit Card Statement: You will receive the SBI credit card statement at the end of every billing cycle. This statement is sent to your registered email address. You can find your credit card limit, along with the outstanding balance and Minimum Amount Due, in the statement.

Factors Determining SBI Credit Card Limit

  • Specific Credit Card Eligibility: Different SBI credit cards have varying eligibility criteria. You must meet specific eligibility criteria for the credit card you want before you can apply for the credit card online. The eligibility criteria include your age, gross annual income, credit score, and employment status. The bank will decide the SBI credit card limit based on these factors.

  • Credit Score: Your credit score is one of the most important parameters the bank considers while approving your application and, subsequently, deciding your credit limit. You will enjoy a high SBI credit card limit and favourable interest rates if your credit score is above 750.

  • Debt-Income Ratio: Your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio highlights the portion of your monthly income that goes into repaying existing debt. Essentially, it is the ratio of your existing debts and payments to your gross monthly income. The higher your DTI ratio, the lower your chances of getting a high SBI credit card limit.

  • Other Credit Cards: The number of active credit cards against your name also affects your credit card limit.

  • Other Factors: A few other factors that play a prominent role in determining your credit card limit include your employment duration, nature of work, existing debts and loans, etc. SBI will take all such factors into consideration while assigning your credit card limit.

How to Increase Your SBI Credit Card Limit

You can get your credit limit revised in two methods.

  • Pre-Approved Credit Limit Offer (Zero Document Approval): Select cardholders become eligible for a pre-approved credit limit increase offer on the basis of the bank’s internal risk policy. Such cardholders will receive an enhanced limit offer via SMS, email, monthly statement, and in the Post Login section. You can also inquire about your eligibility through net banking, SMS, Chatbot ILA, and dialling the SBI credit card helpline number.

  • Credit Limit Increase with Income Documentation: If you’ve received a promotion or a salary hike, you can furnish your income documentation and request for a credit card limit increase. You must first call the SBI Card helpline number at 1860-180-1290 or 39 02 02 02 (prefix with STD code) and check your eligibility. Afterwards, you can submit your salary slips for the previous 3 months, bank statements for the last 3 months, and the latest ITR via email.


After the bank receives your documents, a decision will be made per the internal risk policy. If you’ve received a salary hike and are deemed eligible for a credit card limit increase, your request for the credit limit increase will be fulfilled.

FAQs on SBI Card Limit

What is the limit of an SBI credit card?

Different types of SBI credit cards have different credit limits. For instance, the Club Vistara SBI Card Prime has a higher credit limit as compared to the SBI SimplySAVE credit card. Generally, credit cards with higher credit limits are issued to high-income/low-risk individuals. 

How can I know my SBI credit limit?

You can know your credit limit through netbanking, mobile banking, SMS, or through your SBI credit card statement.

How can I increase my SBI credit card limit?

You can check for pre-approved offers. Conversely, you can email or call the card-issuing bank and submit the required income documents for SBI card limit increase eligibility.

What are the benefits of increasing the SBI credit card limit?

With an enhanced SBI credit card limit, you can reduce your credit utilisation ratio, easily avail of loans and additional credit, earn more rewards, and purchase high-end items. You also get easy access to liquidity during emergencies.

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