Unblock HDFC Credit Card

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HDFC Credit Card Unblock Process

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Credit cards issued by banks help customers to opt for cashless transactions anywhere across the globe. Banks grant credit limits to credit card users which have to be repaid on a monthly basis. The billing cycle of every credit card statement varies from bank to bank. Banks also curate credit cards for different purposes as well like travel, shopping, etc.


HDFC credit cards are also available with various features. The credit card users pay maintenance fees annually to avail of perks and benefits offered by HDFC Bank. One of the benefits is that HDFC credit card users can avail of blocking their HDFC credit card in a crisis or unfavourable scenario where their credit card is lost, stolen, or misplaced to protect their funds. Once the matters are resolved, the customers can also unblock HDFC credit cards and resume their usual transactions.

Reasons for Blocking HDFC Credit Card

As technology is evolving with each passing moment, the amount of credit card frauds is also increasing, especially in the digital modes. Under such situations, it is important to block your credit card and minimize damage. There are various circumstances under which you can/should block your credit card.


  • Theft or Lost - You can report or block credit cards if there's a case of credit card theft or credit card loss.

  • Unavoidable Gitch - If your credit card is stuck in the ATM.

  • Technical Issues - If the cash withdrawal is completed, but the amount is not reflected.

  • Fraudulent Activities - If you get a notification regarding your credit card even when you have not used it.

  • Credit Limit Exhausted - If the cardholder tries to spend above the credit limit of the card, the system will automatically block the card.

  • Non-Repayment of the Bills - If the cardholder fails to pay their credit card dues, the system will directly consider them as a defaulter and block their credit card.

In any of the following situations mentioned above, you should get your credit card blocked as soon as possible.

Ways to Unblock HDFC Credit Card

The quick and easy way to get your HDFC credit card unblocked is:


  • Get in touch with the HDFC Credit Card Customer Care 1860-267-6161 and register a request for unblocking a credit card. The Customer Service Centre numbers for different cities are mentioned on the official website of HDFC.

  • You can get your card unblocked if it was blocked by the bank for over-spending or pending bills.

  • In case your card was stolen or lost, don’t try to unblock your credit card.

FAQs related to Unblock HDFC Credit Card

  • ✔️How can I unblock my HDFC Credit Card?

    You have to get in contact with the Customer Service Centre of HDFC to unblock HDFC’s credit card. You can only request unblock in case your card was blocked by the bank for overspending or due bills. Note that you cannot request the bank to unblock HDFC credit cards in case the card is lost or stolen.

  • ✔️Can I unblock my HDFC Credit Card by visiting the bank?

    No, the only way to unblock HDFC credit cards is to contact the Customer Service Center 1860-267-6161 and place a request. You can only get your card unblocked by visiting the bank, if the bank blocks it for reasons like overspending or due bills.