What is Yes Credit Card Statement?

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A credit card statement is a summary of how one has utilized their credit card in a particular billing period. It is generated at the end of every billing cycle that differs from customer to customer. YES Bank customers have a choice to receive the credit card statement either via email or post. It is extremely crucial to understand all the fine print, numbers, and percentages on the statement to spot any errors or unofficial charges. This can also help you plan your future accordingly and maintain your financial goals.


Yes Bank credit card statements include information like total amount due, details of the transactions, minimum amount due, as well as the due date by which the payment must be made. The highlight feature of the Yes Bank credit card is the low-interest rates, exceptional reward program, and contactless payments making it a convenient option for customers. Yes Bank credit card offers a lot more. Read below to know more about Yes Bank credit cards.


Yes Bank Credit Card Statement Features & Benefits

As per the credit card billing cycle date, a statement is generated for every customer to view and pay as per the due date. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

  • The detailed statement helps you evaluate your spending habits as you can track details of every penny spent during the month

  • The statement helps you keep your monthly budget under check as every transaction is tracked

  • Every Yes bank credit card customer can access their statement on various devices as it is possible to save it on your phone or laptop

  • It is possible to get your credit card statement free of charge as it is a free service provided by the bank

  • You can download the Yes bank credit card statement for free via net banking and save it as proof in case of any differences or misunderstandings in the future

There are various way to check the credit card statement – it can be done both online and offline. Let’s check out a convenient step-by-step way to check the statement online via net banking:

How to Check Yes Bank Credit Card Statement Online?

  1. Log on to the Yes Bank net banking platform

  2. Click on the credit card tab and select statement

  3. In the next step, choose your credit card number

  4. Enter details of the month and period for which you want your statement and submit it

  5. The HTML version of the statement will be displayed on your screen

  6. You can then check out your statement details or choose to see individual transactions

  7. There is a provision to select domestic/international as well to check your transactions as per various categories

  8. Lastly, you can also check your credit card reward points or cashback that has accumulated to date

How to Check Yes Bank Credit Card Statement Offline?

To receive the Yes Bank credit card statement offline, the customer can do so by reaching out to the Yes Bank credit card customer care team at 18001031212 (toll-free) or +9122 49350000. The customer can also do so by visiting their nearest Yes bank branch and requesting their credit card statement

Understand Yes Bank Credit Card Statement

A credit card statement includes a lot of technical aspects that may sometimes be difficult to comprehend. Here we are going to break down the minor details to help you understand and grasp the details of your expenses and plan your monthly budget accordingly.

Due Date

  • The due date implies the cut off date by when the credit card bill should be paid

  • The date is displayed on the statement

  • In case you miss put on paying your bill by the due date, late payment fees will be applicable


  • The period of the credit card statement will be clearly displayed on the bill

  • It is important to note this period as it signifies the interest-free time you can enjoy on your credit card

  • Whenever you swipe your card, you will not be charged any interest if you make the full payment within the stipulated time frame

  • The period denotes a significant time frame that helps you estimate the days when you can spend and pay no additional fee or interest


  • This part of the Yes bank credit card statement denotes the list of charges that have been imposed on your credit card bill

  • It is important to carefully scan this section to see if there are any errors in the list of expenses made via your credit card


  • The total amount due and the minimum amount due appear on the top of the account summary section of the credit card statement

  • The amount that is payable at the end of the billing cycle is the total amount due

  • The minimum amount due is the amount that has to be paid else you may end up paying a fine


  • This is the section in the statement where you will find all your transactions – both debit and credit

  • This section also includes the transaction date and all the other details

  • While the debit amounts imply the expenses incurred on the credit card, the credit transactions are the refunds received

FAQs on Yes Bank Credit Card Statement

  • ✔️How can I check my Yes Bank Credit Card statement?

    It is possible to check the credit card statement in two ways – online and offline. You can download the Yes Bank credit card statement via net banking and follow the instructions. Else, you can contact customer care or visit the branch as well.

  • ✔️How can I download my Yes Bank Credit Card statement?

    You can log on to your net banking account and go to the credit card section. After selecting your card, press the download statement.

  • ✔️How to change the password for the Yes Bank Credit Card statement?

    By logging on to the Yes Bank portal, click on ‘forgot password. Next, select your bank account and click on create a new password.