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YES Credit Card Statement

A YES Bank credit card statement offers a complete summary of credit card utilisation in a particular billing period. It includes information like the total amount due, details of all transactions, total and minimum amount due in credit card, as well as the due date by which the payment must be made. You can choose to receive the credit card statement either via email or post. It is extremely crucial to understand all the fine print, numbers, and percentages on the statement to spot any errors or unofficial charges. This can also help you plan your future financial goals accordingly.

How to Check YES Bank Credit Card Statement

There are various ways to check the credit card statement both online and offline.

1)  Check YES Bank Credit Card Statement Online

Below is the step-by-step method to check the statement online via YES Bank credit card netbanking or the mobile app:


  • Step 1: Log on to your netbanking profile or mobile app using your credentials.

  • Step 2: Click on the credit card tab and select ‘Statement’.

  • Step 3: Choose your credit card number.

  • Step 4: Enter details of the month and period for which you want your statement and submit it.

  • Step 5: The HTML version of the statement will be displayed on your screen.

  • Step 6: Download the e-statement into your system/phone.

You would need the YES bank credit card statement PDF password to access the file.

In the statement, you will be able to view individual transactions as well as category-wise segregation of spends, including domestic and international transactions. You can also check your accumulated credit card reward points and cashback.

 2)  Check YES Bank Credit Card Statement Offline

To receive the Yes Bank credit card statement offline, you can reach out to the YES Bank credit card customer care at 1800 103 1212 (toll-free) or +91 22 4935 0000. You can also visit your nearest YES bank branch and request for your credit card statement.

Understanding the YES Bank Credit Card Statement

A credit card statement includes a lot of technical aspects that may sometimes be difficult to comprehend. Here, we are going to break down the minor details to help you understand and grasp the details of your expenses and plan your monthly budget accordingly.

1)  Due Date

The due date implies the cut-off date by which the credit card bill should be paid. The date is displayed on the statement. In case you miss paying your bill by the due date, late payment fees will be applicable. 

2)  Billing Period

The period of the credit card statement is clearly mentioned under the YES Bank credit card statement date. It is important to note this period as it signifies the interest-free time you can enjoy on your credit card. Whenever you swipe your card, you will not be charged any interest if you make the full payment within the stipulated time frame. The period denotes a significant period that helps you estimate the days when you can spend on your credit card without having to pay any interest.

 3)  Charges

This part of the statement denotes the list of charges, including YES Bank credit card interest rate, that has been imposed on your credit card bill. It is important to carefully scan this section to see if there are any errors in the list of expenses made via your credit card.

 4)  Amount Due

The total amount due and the minimum amount due appear on the top of the account summary section of the YES Bank credit card bill statement. The amount that is payable at the end of the billing cycle is the total amount due. The minimum amount due, on the other hand, is a part of the total due, usually 5% of the total due. In case you fail to pay the minimum amount, you will be required to pay a late payment fee. Moreover, it will also have a negative impact on your credit score.  

5)  Transactions

This is the section in the statement where you will find all your transactions – both debit and credit. This section also includes the transaction date and all the other details. While the debit amounts imply the expenses incurred on the credit card, the credit transactions are the refunds received. 


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FAQs on YES Bank Credit Card Statement

You can get your YES bank credit card statement from the mobile app by logging into your profile and selecting your credit card followed by the option to view your credit card statement. You would need to select a preferred time frame for which you want to access your statement.

If you don’t have access to the netbanking portal of YES Bank, you can use the YES Bank mobile app to log in and view your latest as well as previous credit card statements.

In case of errors in your credit card statement, you would need to contact the YES Bank credit card customer care or visit your nearest bank branch and notify them of the issue. Make sure to have all relevant documents and processes accessible so that the issue can be resolved quickly. In case the issue is not resolved within 7 working days, you can take up the matter with the grievance redressal system.

The detailed YES Bank statement helps you evaluate your spending habits as you can track details of every penny spent during the month. It is free of charge and can be saved in the form of a password-protected document, which you can use in the future as proof in case of discrepancies.

It is possible to check the credit card statement in two ways – online and offline. You can either download the Yes Bank credit card statement via netbanking or the mobile app and follow the instructions. Or, you can contact customer care or visit the branch to access your latest YES Bank credit card statement.

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