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Precious metals have been a preferred investment choice for a long time due to their intrinsic value and potential for long-term growth. Among these is silver, which is considered a liquid investment, and it comes in handy in many cases. 


Silver bars, coins, jewellery, and silverware are some of the forms through which you can invest in the metal. 


Moreover, the increase in 10-gram silver coin price and silver price in general, make it an attractive avenue. Given the options, choosing the best one can be daunting. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages, the price of a 1-gram silver coin, the silver bar price and various other factors can help you make the best choice. 


For more information regarding the difference, advantages, and disadvantages of silver bars as well as silver coins, read on.

The Difference Between Silver Bars & Coins

Here are some crucial points of differences between silver bars and silver coins.

  • Silver coins get recognised as legal tender, whereas bars only classify as silver bullion

  • Silver bars come in various sizes, whereas silver coins come in some standard sizes

  • Silver coins have a higher collectable significance than silver bars

  • Silver bars generally have a higher level of purity as compared to silver coins

Advantages of Investing in Silver Bars 

Investing in silver bars can be a beneficial decision due to several advantages you get. For starters, it is a tangible asset recognised worldwide. It also has a higher degree of liquidity as compared to silver coins because the buyer effort is minimal. 


Silver bars are also more cost-effective than coins. For instance, a 1-kilo silver bar may be cheaper than buying the same quantity in coins. This is because bars are easier to produce than coins. Although the difference may be marginal, its cost increases as the value increases.


Moreover, you can also purchase silver bars online from your preferred dealer. Here is an overview of the benefits of investing in silver bars.

  • Silver bars are tangible assets

  • Serves as a hedge against inflation

  • Efficient in storing and transportation

  • Possesses a high degree of liquidity

  • Diversification of investment portfolio

  • Recognised as a store of value

  • Cost-effective

Disadvantages of Investing in Silver Bars

While there are several benefits of silver bars, there are some disadvantages. Here is an overview of these drawbacks:

  • A lower resale value

  • Difficult to sell smaller quantities

  • Risk of counterfeit items

  • Possesses a high degree of volatility

  • Storage and transportation can be expensive

Advantages of Investing in Silver Coins 

Silver coins are also a great option for financial growth and security. This form of silver is commonly used and therefore holds a higher resale value. This means that the 50-gram silver coin price may be more if compared to a bar of the same quantity.


Therefore, investing in silver coins is a great financial decision, and you can easily purchase silver coins online, just like you can buy silver bars online. 


Here are some more advantages of investing in silver coins:


  • Possess a high resale value

  • Easier to sell smaller quantities

  • Lower chances of counterfeit items

  • Rare coins have additional value

Disadvantages of Investing in Silver Coins

Here are some disadvantages that you should know:

  • More expensive as compared to silver bars

  • Storage and transportation difficulties for large quantities

  • Possesses a lower liquidity value

Tax Implications for Both Investment Options

Every investment comes with tax implications. As such, investing in silver items also comes with a tax obligation that you have to pay. One of these is the capital gains tax that you pay when you sell your investments.


Capital gains tax (CGT) is applicable when you sell your silver items and earn a profit on them. For instance, if the 1 kg silver bar price when you purchased it was ₹75,000 and the reselling price is ₹77,000, you are required to pay the CGT since there is a profit of ₹2,000. 


There are two types of capital gains tax – short and long-term. The type depends on when you sell the investment. If it is less than three years, it is short term capital gain (STCG) tax, and if it is more than that, it is long term capital gains (LTCG) tax. The amount depends on your tax slab. 


For STCG, the taxation is the rate applicable as per your income. However, for LTCG, it is 20.8% with indexation. 


The choice between these silver investment avenues depends on your goals, requirements, preferences, as well as risk appetite. It is essential to remember that silver prices and other factors are subject to regular movements. 


For example, the price of a 20g silver coin might change in the next few days since the rates keep on fluctuating. Therefore, researching and comparing the benefits that you get from various forms of silver can help you make the right choice.


Additionally, before deciding between these, you need to compare the 100-gram silver coin price and the 100-gm silver bar price. This will help you understand where you can maximise your gains. 


Adequate knowledge regarding these factors can help you make informed decisions in the ever-evolving silver market.

FAQs on Silver Bar Vs Silver Coins

What is easier to sell, silver bars or silver coins?

When it’s in small quantities, silver coins are easier to sell as compared to silver bars. Additionally, the recognition of silver coins as legal tender money adds to their liquidity.

Which silver coins to invest in?

While looking to invest in silver coins, you should visit the top dealers in your vicinity. Since there are numerous options available, be sure to check the purity and certification to assess the authenticity.

Which is the best form of silver bars to buy?

You should invest in fine silver bars with a purity of 99.9% or at least 99.5%. This purity gives you a higher liquidity and resale value.

What is the best way to buy silver bars or coins?

You should purchase silver bars and coins from trusted sources. Purchasing silver from such sources can help you avoid counterfeit items and protects you against fraudulent activities. You can purchase certified coins from banks for maximum protection.

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