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Investing in precious metals like silver is a traditional and deep-rooted strategy to combat inflation and safeguard wealth. Along with that, the historical and cultural significance makes precious metals a popular choice in Indian households. 


Moreover, the rise in silver prices indicates the potential to generate higher profits. But before you begin investing in silver, knowing the silver price today in Telangana and other areas is crucial. You also need to know what causes a change in the silver rate in Telangana and other areas.


Read on to know the current silver price in Telangana and the factors that affect silver prices.

Silver Price Per Gram in Telangana

For the silver rate in Telangana today, look at the table.

Quantity of silver (in grams)

Telangana Silver Rate

1 gram

₹ 95.80

10 gram

₹ 958

100 gram

₹ 9,580

1 Kg

₹ 95,800

Disclaimer: TheTelangana silver rates are as of June 12, 2024, and are subject to change.

Silver Rate in Telangana for the Last 10 Days

Here is the silver rate in Telangana for the last ten days.


10 Gram 

100 Gram 

1000 Grams (1kg)


₹ 958

₹ 9,580

₹ 95,800


₹ 962

₹ 9,620

₹ 96,200


₹ 962

₹ 9,620

₹ 96,200


₹ 960

₹ 9,600

₹ 96,000


₹ 960

₹ 9,600

₹ 96,000


₹ 960

₹ 9,600

₹ 96,000


₹ 980

₹ 9,800

₹ 98,000


₹ 985

₹ 9,850

₹ 98,500


₹ 985

₹ 9,850

₹ 98,500


₹ 973

₹ 9,730

₹ 97,300

Disclaimer: The above details mentioned are as of June 12, 2024, and are subject to change.

Factors Impacting Silver Rates in Telangana

Today’s silver price in Telangana depends on numerous volatile factors. Knowing the current price and understanding the factors that affect it is vital to make the most out of your investment. In addition, this information helps you gauge the right time to enter and exit the market to maximise your returns. 

Do note that the silver price today in Telangana may be different from other cities or states. Therefore, knowing the current rate provides insight into where to get the best price and invest accordingly.


Here are some top factors influencing the silver rate in Telangana and other areas.

1. Supply and Demand

When there is an imbalance between supply and demand, the price of that commodity fluctuates. If demand is more than supply, the price will increase and vice-versa. Since silver is a commodity, the same effect on price is visible when the supply-demand balance is skewed. 


Moreover, silver has a limited supply, and its demand has increased continually. This results in an imbalance that has only increased. As such, today’s silver price in Telangana is comparatively higher than that of a few decades ago. 


The rise in demand results from numerous factors, such as rising inflation, increased seasonal demand, and changes in economic conditions. 

2. Rate of Interest

The returns for market-linked investments are typically based on the interest rates offered. A low interest rate would result in lower returns and vice-versa. Numerous factors affect these interest rates, including the country’s monetary policies.


Silver has an inverse relation with market-linked instruments because it is a long-term appreciating asset. As such, investors lean towards silver when the rates go down to get better returns and vice-versa.


Ultimately, this impacts the demand and, thereby, the silver price in Telangana and other Indian states. 

3. Inflation

Inflation is another crucial factor that affects today’s silver rate of Telangana and the rest of India. Inflation, if explained in simplest terms, means that you do not get the same value for ₹500 today as you did a few years ago. 


However, precious metals do not have this effect because they are currency-denominated and, therefore, retain their purchasing power. This means that you are likely to get the same value from 10 grams worth of silver today as you did a few decades ago. 


As a result, precious metals like silver prove to be a great way to hedge inflation. Therefore, when people suspect rising inflation, they invest more in precious metals, affecting their demand and price. 

4. Taxation and Other Costs

Like every other commodity available across the country, silver is subject to taxes and other necessary charges, including transportation charges, warehouse charges, etc. These costs and taxes get added to the final silver rate, therefore, affecting the silver rate.


Another critical point to note is that every state imposes different local taxes on commodities. Also, the transportation costs differ from one area to another. As such, the silver rate today in Telangana will not be the same as that of other Indian cities. 

5. US Dollar Fluctuations

Silver rate shares an inverse relationship with that of the US dollar. Therefore, a weaker USD can result in a higher silver rate in Telangana and the rest of the country and vice-versa. 


This is because USD is the base currency for silver, and when it is strong, purchasing silver would be expensive, resulting in a decline in investing. Ultimately reducing the silver demand and lowering this white metal’s prices.


On the other hand, if the Dollar is weak, purchasing silver would not be as expensive and attract more investments, increasing the demand and the rates. The position of the USD in the global economy depends on numerous factors, such as foreign exchange reserves, currency demand, and more.

6. Gold Prices

Gold is another precious metal that is comparatively more popular. This is because it has more value as compared to silver due to it being scarcer than white metal. However, both possess the same properties and provide the same purpose.


This results in similar influencing factors. But due to the fact that gold is more valuable and popular, the reliance on it is more compared to silver. As such, its price fluctuates more quickly than that of other metals.


Since silver is a close second, it follows the trend of gold prices. Given this, many investors track the gold prices to estimate the change in the price of silver.


However, relying only on the gold price to know the movement of the silver rate in Telangana or other areas is not ideal. This is because there may be some instances where the gold and silver prices would not follow the same price fluctuations.

7. Country’s Politics and Economy

The economic and political situation of the country is a significant factor affecting the prices of goods, including silver. This happens because the economic and political situation, at last, affects a country's currency, i.e., making it stronger or weaker.


Given that precious metals hold strong against currency devaluation, people are more inclined toward investing in them if they suspect a weaker currency. This then increases the demand, affecting the silver price in Telangana and other areas.

8. Prices of Crude Oil

Precious metals are mined, which is an extensive process requiring different materials. The cost of these metals gets added to the silver cost and thereby affects the silver price. Among these is crude oil. 


Given that the cost gets added, crude oil prices have a direct impact on silver prices. This means that when the oil prices go up, the silver rate in Telangana and other areas goes up and vice-versa. 


While it helps to understand these factors, note that you cannot totally rely on them as unpredictable factors affect this volatile market. The best way to make smart decisions is to look at the impacts of all of these factors. You should also invest in other avenues like FD, mutual funds, stocks, and more to diversify your portfolio and mitigate the risks.

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FAQs on Silver Rate in Telangana

Where can I get the best quality silver in Telangana?

You can purchase good quality silver with high purity from the top jewellery shops and stores that are available in Telangana. Check the silver rate today in Telangana for these sellers to get the best deal.

What international factors affect the silver rate in Telangana?

The value of the US Dollar, the price of crude oil, and the global political climate are some of the global factors affecting the silver rate in Telangana.

What is the highest purity of silver in Telangana?

The highest purity of silver that you get in Telangana is 99.99%. However, since this purity is very malleable, ornaments, jewellery, and other forms of silver generally have a purity of 92.5%. Remember that the silver price in Telangana will change depending on the purity you choose.

Are there any government policies or taxes specific to Telangana that affect the silver rate?

Apart from the GST and other silver costs, there are no additional government policies affecting the Telangana silver rate.

Are there any restrictions on selling silver in Tamil Nadu?

No, currently, there are no restrictions on the trading of silver. Check the silver rate in Telangana or the area you intend to sell in before finalising to get the best deal.

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