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Investing secures your future, ensuring that your money works for you. However, for high ROI, you should diversify your portfolio to protect it against volatile market situations. One way to achieve this is by investing in precious metals. 


While you may have immediately thought of gold, its prices are skyrocketing in an already inflated economy. But, if you check the silver price today in Punjab, you will see that it is a good investment alternative to gold.


Read on to know the rate of silver in Punjab and the factors affecting it to make an informed decision.

Silver Price Per Gram in Punjab

Below is an overview of the silver rate today in Punjab for different quantities.

Quantity of silver (in grams)

Silver Price in Punjab


₹ 91.00


₹ 910


₹ 9,100

1000 (1 kg)

₹ 91,000

Disclaimer: The above rate of silver in Punjab is as of June 19, 2024, and is subject to change.

Silver Rate in Punjab for the Last 10 Days

Given below is an overview of the silver price in Punjab for the last ten days.


1 Gram Silver Price in Punjab

10 Grams Silver Price Punjab

100 Grams Silver Price in Punjab

1 KG Silver Price in Punjab

June 19, 2024


₹ 910.00

₹ 9,100.00

₹ 91,000.00

June 18, 2024


₹ 910.00

₹ 9,100.00

₹ 91,000.00

June 17, 2024


₹ 910.00

₹ 9,100.00

₹ 91,000.00

June 16, 2024


₹ 913.00

₹ 9,130.00

₹ 91,300.00

June 15, 2024


₹ 913.00

₹ 9,130.00

₹ 91,300.00

June 14, 2024


₹ 913.00

₹ 9,130.00

₹ 91,300.00

June 13, 2024


₹ 960.00

₹ 9,600.00

₹ 96,000.00

June 12, 2024


₹ 913.00

₹ 9,130.00

₹ 91,300.00

June 11, 2024


₹ 917.00

₹ 9,170.00

₹ 91,700.00

Disclaimer: The above prices are as of June 19, 2024 and are subject to change. 

Factors Impacting Silver Rates in Punjab

Before you invest in silver, you should track the silver price in Punjab to understand how it has performed. The 10-gram silver price in Punjab today is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Why is this? Several factors affect the price of silver, increasing or decreasing it.

To time your silver investment and take the right call, keep an eye on these factors that affect the rate of silver in Punjab.

  • Availability of Silver Scraps

Silver is a non-renewable resource, with its deposits running dry across the globe. However, similar to gold, silver scrapes from its various applications can be melted to form a silver coin or bar.


For instance, earlier cameras used a camera roll to record and capture pictures. These rolls used an emulsion of silver, gelatin and nitric acid, resulting in a high consumption of silver. However, with digital cameras, these have become obsolete, leading to a large stockpile of photographic films that can be recycled for silver content.


This way of retaining silver from films, jewellery or coins can boost silver supply and increase production costs. Depending on market conditions, they can increase or decrease the silver price in Punjab.

  • Macroeconomic Trends

Like its yellow cousin, silver is a safe investment bet, acting as a hedge against inflation and other economic crises. During economic volatility, silver holds its value, helping you retain your purchasing power. 


So, the silver price in Punjab will see an increase even if the market majorly underperforms, slashing interest and currency rates. 


However, in a booming economy where interest-linked investments are giving high returns, the demand for silver drops as an investment avenue. Instead, there’s an increase in its industrial and jewellery applications.


So, the high 10-gram silver price in Punjab will drop if India’s economy is progressing.

  • Microeconomic Trends

People prefer buying materials and jewellery made of precious metals like gold and silver during times of strong economic performance. Why? They do so since these metals have a higher purchasing power coupled with lower inflation. 


However, during tough economic times, people usually cut back on such expenses. However, prices of luxury items like gold, watches, and sports cars more or less remain the same.


These microeconomic trends, influenced by purchasing power and consumer behaviour, affect the rate of silver in Punjab and other states as well.

  • Technological Advancements

Technology is geared toward replacing non-renewable materials with lasting, environment-friendly, and renewable materials. Therefore, you see silver applications across various industries dropping. For instance, as mentioned above, digital cameras have replaced film roll cameras.


However, certain new technologies use silver as the primary component, making it a more precious metal and increasing its demand. For instance, solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells that use silver for their sensitivity to light. 


Such trends in technology affect the supply and demand of silver in the market, eventually affecting the silver price in Punjab and other states.

  • State Tax

Silver is imported to India and is subject to a number of taxes, like import duty, excise and other central taxes. While the central tax is uniform, every state has its own tax policies.


State tax varies as per a number of factors like demand, distance, transportation and distribution costs and procurement. Thus, the silver rate today in Punjab is not the same as the silver rate in other states.

  • Strength of the US Dollar

Most international trade happens in dollars across the globe. The performance of the dollar affects the prices of precious metals, including silver. 


During times when the dollar is performing well, there will be an increase in the rate of silver in Punjab, just like across the globe. During such times, investors sell their silver holdings to average out their investments and get a good return. Very few investors try investing in silver at this time. 


But, when the dollar drops in value, the price of precious metals decreases. This is the prime time to invest in silver and get as much as you can, ensuring you get higher returns once the dollar is strong again.

  • Changes in Government Policies

Governments across the world have gold reserves due to its high value. However, silver is used as a medium of exchange. Central banks globally buy and sell silver bullion. So, any change in government policies across the globe can affect the silver rate today in Punjab. 

  • Shooting Inflation

Rising inflation is a tell-tale sign of upcoming economic turmoil. Prices rise, the value of paper currency drops, and so does the purchasing power of consumers.


Inflation also affects interest rates and returns due to market underperformance, slashing returns on investment portfolios. However, inflation and market performance have zero effect on the value of precious metals like gold and silver.


Investing in silver will diversify your portfolio and ensure that you retain your purchasing power even when the value of paper currency drops. 

  • Changing Price of Gold

All precious metal prices are affected by changes in the price of gold. Gold is a high-value metal because it is rarer than other precious metals. This makes gold a popular and good investment, as its value rarely drops.


However, this also means it is expensive, making investments in gold during a financial crisis difficult. This makes silver the perfect alternative, as it is cheaper and offers the same diversity and safety to your portfolio. 


Remember that silver prices are influenced by gold prices. Any change in the gold price will affect the silver price in Punjab as well. 

  • International and Political War and Turmoil

International wars will have a direct effect on the rate of silver in Punjab. Wars, political unrest, and international sanctions affect silver pricing trends. 


During wars, countries redirect all resources and finances to winning the war, which wrecks the domestic economy. This naturally causes inflation, poverty and scarcity within the country. 


During such times, investors want to hoard all the silver in the market for asset preservation. This causes a supply and demand problem and pushes up the price of silver.

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FAQs about the Silver Rate in Punjab

Can we consider silver as an investment option in Punjab?

Yes. The silver rate today in Punjab is much lower than the gold rate, making it a prudent investment decision. 


Investing in silver will help you hedge against inflation while ensuring your returns don’t drop. Also, it will help you retain your purchasing power as the dollar continues to underperform.

What type of silver is considered to be the best for investing in Punjab?

Fine silver is the best to invest in. This is the purest form of silver, containing 99.99% of silver. However, it is too soft to be used for making jewellery, making it perfect for investments. 


You can recognise this silver via its quality stamp, which reads .999 FS or .999. It is also called 999 silver.

What is the best way to invest in silver in Punjab?

You can invest in silver by purchasing silver jewellery, coins, antiques, or silverware from the top and most trusted jewellers and retailers across Punjab.

Will the price of silver in Punjab remain the same?

No. The price of silver in Punjab can fluctuate either way. As mentioned above, silver prices are affected by a number of factors. So, there is no guarantee that the silver price in Punjab for 10 gm will remain the same tomorrow.

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