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Silver is a precious metal with a high demand in India and across the globe. It is a great investment option because of its intrinsic value. You can purchase silver in various forms, like jewellery, coins and bullion, among others. In Jharkhand, silver holds cultural importance and is used in weddings, festivals and religious occasions.

The aesthetic appeal it holds also adds to the demand for this precious metal. If you wish to purchase silver, knowing the silver rate in Jharkhand is vital.

Silver Price in Jharkhand

Here is a quick overview of the silver rate in Jharkhand:


Silver Rate Today 

Silver Rate Yesterday

Price Difference

1 g




10 g




100 g




1 kg




*Disclaimer: The rates mentioned above are subject to change as per market conditions.

Silver Rate in Jharkhand in the Last 10 Days

Check out this table to know the silver rate in Jharkhand in the last 10 days:


1 g

10 g

100 g

1 kg

Mar 6, 2024

₹ 78.00

₹ 780.00

₹ 7,800.00

₹ 78,000.00

Mar 5, 2024

₹ 78.20

₹ 782.00

₹ 7,820.00

₹ 78,200.00

Mar 4, 2024

₹ 77.00

₹ 770.00

₹ 7,770.00

₹ 77,000.00

Mar 3, 2024

₹ 77.00

₹ 770.00

₹ 7,770.00

₹ 77,000.00

Mar 2, 2024

₹ 77.00

₹ 770.00

₹ 7,770.00

₹ 77,000.00

Mar 1, 2024

₹ 76.20

₹ 762.00

₹ 7,620.00

₹ 76,200.00

Feb 29, 2024

₹ 75.70

₹ 757.00

₹ 7,570.00

₹ 75,700.00

Feb 28, 2024

₹ 75.50

₹ 755.00

₹ 7,550.00

₹ 75,500.00

Feb 27, 2024

₹ 75.50

₹ 755.00

₹ 7,550.00

₹ 75,500.00

Feb 26, 2024

₹ 76.00

₹ 760.00

₹ 7,600.00

₹ 76,000.00

Disclaimer: The aforementioned rates are subject to change as per market conditions.

Factors that Affect Silver Rates in Jharkhand

Here are some key factors that influence the silver price in Jharkhand:

  • High demand for silver increases the prices, while a lower demand decreases the silver price

  • The current gold rate also influences the silver rate since they have similar uses and properties

  • Fluctuations in the USD affect the silver prices; an increase in the dollar value appreciates the silver rate and vice versa

  • Changes in the prices of crude oil also affect silver prices, as these changes affect the silver mining costs directly

  • During inflation, the purchasing power of silver remains the same, making it an attractive investment as compared to currency

  • A fall in the number of silver deposits also influences the silver rate, and recycling can help cover the demand

  • Government policies, monetary policies and taxation rules also directly influence the silver rates

  • Political disturbances or events, such as wars or elections, also influence the silver price

FAQs on Silver Rates in Jharkhand

Is silver a good investment option?

Yes, silver is a good option for investment since its value does not get affected during inflationary conditions. Silver is a durable metal and requires low maintenance. Also, you can invest in silver in various forms, like silver coins, bullions, etc.

How to check the purity of silver when purchasing it?

When buying silver items, coins or bullion, you must go to a trustworthy jeweller and ask for certificates of authenticity and bills. You must also check stamps or hallmarks that indicate the purity of the silver, such as ‘925.’ 


Another way is going with a magnet test, as pure silver does not get attracted to a magnet. You can also do a nitric acid test by putting a drop of nitric acid on silver and checking the reaction. Pure silver will show no reaction to this acid.

How often does the silver price in Jharkhand fluctuate?

Silver prices fluctuate on a regular basis all around the world, including Jharkhand. Various factors, such as supply and demand, fluctuations in the US Dollar, changes in the gold price, and fluctuations in crude oil price, among others, cause these fluctuations.

Does silver jewellery include making charges?

Yes, silver ornaments include some making charges. The jeweller levies these making charges to compensate for their time and labour.

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