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How to Pay Torrent Power Electricity Bill Online Using UPI

As an individual customer, you can avail an online and hassle-free process for Torrent Power bill payment. You can easily opt for Torrent Power online bill payment using UPI. And if you want to zero in on the easiest and most advantageous method to pay your Torrent bill, use the Bajaj Markets platform.

To help you know everything about Torrent Power online payment, via this platform, here’s a step-by-step process:

  • The first step for paying your Torrent electricity bill is to download the Bajaj Markets App from the Google Play or the iOS store.

  • You are now required to complete the registration process by providing details such as name, date of birth, PIN number of your city etc. The App will then verify your phone number via an OTP. Post-verification, you are all set to pay Torrent bills online.

  • The next step involves selecting the option for bill payment.

UPI Payments Exclusive Offers

UPI Payments Exclusive Offers

  • You are now required to search for Torrent Power.

Torrent Power Electricity Bill Payment

  • After selecting your service provider as Torrent electricity, you are now required to provide your unique customer number/service number along with your city. Here, you also have the option to view a sample of the Torrent Power online bill.

Torrent Power Electricity Bill Payment

  • After providing the details, the Bajaj Markets app will show the payable amount of your Torrent Power light bill along with the due date. You will also receive an option for Torrent Power bill payment via UPI methods.

UPI Payments Exclusive Offers

  • Once you select your preferred method and complete the transaction, your Torrent bill payment process is finished.

About Torrent Power Electricity

Power is critical in today’s digital day and age. Torrent Power, one of the top private companies in the country’s power sector, is engaged in multiple aspects of this industry, right from generation and transmission of electricity to production and supply of power cables. Torrent Electricity serves the needs of millions of customers across a few cities in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Why Make Torrent Power Electricity Bill Payments using the Bajaj Markets App?

Torrent Power bill payment on Bajaj Markets offers you a wide range of benefits and attractive features. Foremost, this App is hassle-free, convenient and easy to use. A Torrent Power bill payment offer along with other discounts and value-added services make the Bajaj Markets App among one of the best, per industry standards. And yes, there are some unbeatable offers too.

Did you know that using this App can provide you access to the Torrent power bill payment cashback offer? Yes, with such offers and services, you don’t need to look elsewhere. Read on to know more:

  • Safe and secure transactions: If you choose to pay Torrent Power bills on Bajaj Markets, you can rest assured about privacy and security. This app uses the security system powered by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). This fool-proof system ensures that your private and confidential financial data remains safe.

  • Access to exclusive offers: Torrent Power bill payment on Bajaj Markets can provide you with some exclusive offers. For example, you can save more or get rewarded in the form of a Torrent Power bill cashback offer. To know more about an exclusive Torrent bill payment offer, use the Bajaj Markets App to pay your electricity bill today!

  • Flexibility to select from an exhaustive list: Another advantage of opting to pay Torrent Power bills on Bajaj Markets is the flexibility to select from a wide range of UPI Apps. Also, there is a comprehensive list of trusted billers, vendors and merchants. No matter with which bank you have an existing account, you can easily settle your Torrent online bill.

  • Convenience and comfort: Torrent Power bill payment on Bajaj Markets is remarkable for its simplicity, comfort and efficiency. While the clutter-free interface provides a smooth user experience, the option to link multiple bank accounts with the App saves both time and effort. And you can easily complete your transaction from the comfort of your home or office or even while on the go.

Know More About Torrent Power Electricity Bill Payments Online

To pay your Torrent Power bill online, you can select from a wide array of options. These include making a payment on the Torrent Power website or by using the App. Once you visit the Torrent Power consumer portal or download the App, you use different modes of digital payment, like Torrent power online payment by debit card, credit card and Net Banking.

Payment Method


Mobile Apps

You can easily use the Bajaj Markets App to pay your Torrent bill online. Alternatively, you can download the Torrent Power mobile App. Here, you can use digital payment methods such as UPI payments to pay your power bills.

Torrent Power website

To pay your Torrent Electricity bill, you can visit the Torrent Power consumer portal and make the payment via your desired digital payment mode.

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

An initiative of the NPCI, this RBI-approved centralised bill payment system can allow you to pay all your bills, including the Torrent Power bill, in a single place. All you need to do is to visit the BBPS portal and provide the postal PIN code of your residential locality. This central bill payment platform allows digital payments via multiple modes.

Standing Bank instructions

You can get access to simplified bill payment solutions by providing standing instructions to your bank. Once you instruct your bank for deducting the payable amount for your Torrent Power light bill, the process is henceforth automated.

Net banking

Once you login into your bank account using the Net banking ID and password, you can complete your Torrent Power bill payment through Net Banking.

Payments Banks

For Torrent Power bill payment online, you can select from six payment banks in India.

Mobile Wallet

You can use digital mobile wallets to pay your Torrent bill.

Debit card

Torrent Power online payment by debit card is the easiest way to settle your electricity bill. Just provide the details of your debit card at the website or app of your choice and complete the transaction.

Credit card

Did you know that you can also pay Torrent Power bills through a credit card? Yes, use your card to initiate and complete an online transaction and enjoy uninterrupted power.

How to Check Torrent Power Electric Bill Status

For checking the status of your power bill, including Torrent Power view bill and Torrent Power online bill check, you can either use the Bajaj Markets App or visit the power company’s customer portal.

Advantages of online Torrent Power bill view

  • Immediately know your dues: By visiting the Torrent Power customer portal, you can instantly know the status of your existing power bill along with the past payments and dues, if any. For enjoying an uninterrupted electricity connection, you can choose to make timely payments.

  • Torrent Power bill download facility: Besides viewing your Torrent bill online, the portal also supports the facility of easily downloading your bills.

Wondering about the customer portal’s address for a quick Torrent Power bill check? Here’s a detailed look:


How can I find the Torrent Power electricity bill consumer number?

Your unique consumer number is mentioned in the copy of the electricity bill. If you are unable to locate your previous bills or have forgotten your consumer number, you can reach out to the Torrent Power customer care number:079-22551912

How can I check Torrent Power electricity bills online in India?

To check electricity bills online, visit the Torrent Power customer portal

How can I calculate the Torrent Power electricity bill?

The electricity bill is calculated on the basis of your specific tariff band. For general residential purposes, here is a look at the tariff chart:

Torrent Power Charges

Torrent Power Monthly Slab

Torrent Power Rate

Energy charges

First 50 units

320 Paisa per unit

Next 150 units

395 Paisa per unit

Remaining units

500 Paisa per unit

Fixed charges


Rs. 25 /month/installation


Rs. 65/month/installation

In case of any query or grievance regarding your power bill calculation, you can reach out to the Torrent Power complaint number:079-22551912, o79-66551912. You can also send an email for the Torrent Power bill enquiry

How can I get a receipt for the Torrent Power electricity bill payment online?

If you have made an online payment of your electricity bill, you will immediately receive a digital receipt from Torrent Power. To see the status of your bill, log in to the Torrent Power customer portal.

How can I check my Torrent Power electricity bill status online?

You can check the status of your electricity bill online at the Torrent Power customer portal: Alternatively, you can also use the Finserv MARKETS App.

How can I contact Torrent Power Electricity Bill customer care?

For any Torrent Power bill enquiry, complaints, or queries, you can contact Torrent Power customer care by either making a phone call at 079-22551912/66551912 or sending an email at

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