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How to pay TPDDL Electricity Bill Online Using UPI

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd(TPDDL) is a joint venture between the Delhi government and Tata Power. Covering a total distribution area of around 510 sq km, Tata Power DDL has 1.76 million registered customers. Primarily, Tata Power Delhi supplies power in the areas of North and North West Delhi. To provide a reliable power supply and ensure customer-friendly services, TPDDL Delhi has implemented several measures. Along with a cutting-edge power distribution system, it has provided round-the-clock access to its customer care services. You can also pay a TPDDL bill online, using a range of digital payment methods.

To make a TPDDL bill payment online, you can select the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) services. This digital money payment option can help you pay a TPDDL bill quickly and conveniently. 

TPDDL bill payment is now a hassle-free process, thanks to the advent of mobile-based apps. You can select the Bajaj Markets App for the best-in-class bill features and benefits. Here’s a look at the steps required to pay the TPDDL bill online using this app.


1. To start TPDDL payment, you are required to download the Bajaj Markets App from the Google Play or the iOS store.


2. To settle your TPDDL electricity bill, you need to log into the app after providing details such as your name, phone number and OTP.


3. To proceed with TPDDL online payment, select the option of ‘Bill Pay’ on the app’s home page.

UPI Payments Exclusive Offers

4. To make a payment for your Tata Power Delhi bill select the option of ‘Electricity.’

UPI Payments Exclusive Offers

5. To settle your TPDDL bill online search the name of your service provider. Here, you need to select Tata Power- Delhi.

TPDDL Electricity Bill Payments

6. To proceed with TPDDL electricity bill online payment, you need to provide your unique consumer number and then select the option to ‘View Bill.’ At this stage, you can also view a sample of the Tata Power DDL online bill. If you have any confusion regarding your electricity bill TPDDL, click on the FAQs section. 

TPDDL Electricity Bill Payments

7. You can now see the amount payable and the due date of your TPDDL online bill. To proceed with making a payment, you can either create a handle or choose to use other UPI handles. 

UPI Payments Exclusive Offers

8. Once your payment is successful, you will receive an instant online confirmation. You have now paid the dues of your Tata Power Delhi online bill. If you want to continue having access to an uninterrupted power supply, do remember to regularly settle your electricity bill Tata Power DDL.

Why Make TPDDL Electricity Bill Payments Using the Bajaj Markets App

TPDDL bill payment on Bajaj Markets can be a rewarding and convenient process. Apart from receiving access to the multiple customer-friendly features of the Bajaj Markets app, you can also collect TPDDL bill payment offers. 

If you choose to pay the TPDDL bill on Bajaj Markets, you can receive several benefits. Here’s a look at some of them:  

  1. Accessibility: TPDDL bill payment on Bajaj Markets can be made easily, using the app from the comfort of your office or home. You can easily find time to make a quick online payment even in the face of pressing personal or professional commitments.

  2. Receive an exclusive TPDDL offer: Once you pay the TPDDL bill on Bajaj Markets, you can get access to several exclusive benefits. The TPDDL bill payment offers can provide rewards in the form of cashback or discounts.

  3. Protects your confidential financial data: All transactions made on the Bajaj Markets App are strongly encrypted and doubly secure. TPDDL bill payment on Bajaj Markets is powered by the security system of the NPCI.

  4. Customer-friendly features: The user interface is simple and convenient. You have the option to view your repayment history. Besides, you can receive timely reminders about paying your TPDDL power bills. 

Know More About TPDDL Electricity Bill Payments Online

Did you know that along with UPI payments, you can also use other online payment methods? Yes, you can easily use digital payment methods such as net banking, digital wallet etc., at the Tata Power DDL website. You can even avail of the option of  TPDDL payment by debit card and credit card. For a simplified bill payment solution, you can use the TPDDL App.

To know more about making Tata Power electricity bill payments online, you can refer to the table given below: 

Online Payment Method


Mobile Apps

You can use mobile-based apps such as the Bajaj Markets App or the TPDDL App to pay your TPDDL bill.

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

Powered by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), this RBI-approved unified platform can allow you to pay your TPDDL bill easily. You just need to enter the PIN code of your location and find the bill payment outlets nearby. 

Standing Bank instructions

You can issue standing instructions to your bank for automated electricity bill TPDDL payments. 

Net Banking

Net banking can allow you to pay your TPDDL online bill via IMPS and NEFT transfers.

Payments Banks

Presently, the six payment banks can help you to pay the electricity bill TPDDL easily.

Mobile Wallet

You can use mobile wallets to pay your electricity bill TPDDL at the Tata Power DDL website. You can even use this method of digital payment while using the TPDDL App.

TPDDL payment by debit card

While making payments at the TPDDL website or via the TPDDL App, you can make payments by your credit card.

TPDDL payment by debit card

You can also use your credit card to settle your Tata Power DDL electricity bill. 

How to Check TPDDL Electric Bill Status

Checking the status of your electricity bill TPDDL is now a simple online process. You can choose either to directly visit the TPDDL official web portal or use the Bajaj Markets App. Here’s a look at both methods:

  • View TPDDL bill at the power company’s web portal: To receive an option of TPDDL view bill along with making payments, visit the links given below: 

  • TPDDL view bill using Bajaj Markets App: Tata Power DDL view bill option is available by simply navigating to the appropriate section. You can also know your payment history.


How do I find the TPDDL electricity bill consumer number?

You can find your consumer number in the physical copy of the electricity bill TPDDL. If you are unable to locate a copy of your bill, you can contact TPDDL customer care on 1800-208-9124 or 19124.

How do I check the TPDDL electricity bills online in India?

You can visit the TPDDL web portal or use the Bajaj Markets App.

How do I calculate the TPDDL electricity bill?

You have to multiply the per unit power charge with the units of power consumed by your household. You also have to add the fixed electricity charges.

How do I get a receipt of the TPDDL electricity bill payment online?

To get a receipt, just visit this link: If you have made a payment via the  Bajaj Markets App, you will receive an immediate digital confirmation.

How do I check the TPDDL electricity bill status online?


You can visit the TPDDL official web portal or use the  Bajaj Markets App.


How do I contact TPDDL electricity bill customer care?

You can contact TPDDL customer care on 1800-208-9124 or 19124. Alternatively, you can send an email at:

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