Calories in Pomegranate

One pomegranate contains 234 calories. Or, in other words, there are around 68 calories in a pomegranate weighing 100 grams. In addition to this, the nutrient profile of this fruit includes different minerals like potassium, magnesium and sodium. These fruits also contain unique plant compounds like punicalagins and punicic acid. Due to the rich mineral content, pomegranates offer various health benefits. They minimise inflammation in the body and can help fight prostate cancer. Read this article to find out more about the calorie content in pomegranates, their nutrient profile and how they can benefit you. 


Pomegranate is a bright red fruit, categorised as a berry, with numerous edible seeds inside. The seeds of pomegranate are surrounded by a red, sweet and juicy covering known as an aril. You can directly consume the aril as well as the seeds of pomegranate or put it in a blender to lessen the trouble! If eating the fresh fruit seems time-consuming, you can also find pomegranate juice in the market. It’s a good addition to your morning oats, giving a subtle but a flavourful taste. So, here are some nutrition facts regarding calories in one pomegranate fruit.

Calories in 1 Pomegranate

234 Calories


53 grams


4.7 grams


3.3 grams


Potassium - 666 mg

Magnesium - 33.8 mg

Sodium - 8.4 mg

How Many Calories Does One Pomegranate Have?

Pomegranate is a refreshing and sweet fruit which can be a little tedious to eat. However, it has an endless number of health benefits which makes the effort worth it! You can easily slice the fruit into four halves and remove the seeds to be eaten with a dash of salt. So, let’s look at the number of calories in pomegranate based on different servings and portion sizes of the fruit:

Portion Size


Calories in 1 pomegranate fruit (282 g)


Calories in two pomegranates (564 g)


Pomegranate calories in 100 g


Calories in pomegranate (28 g)


Pomegranate calories in 1 cup (174 g)


1/2 cup pomegranate calories


Calories in Common Food Items With Pomegranate

If you prefer having pomegranate with other food items, there are many lucrative options available. You can have pomegranate as a juice or smoothie and add it to salads or oats. A lot of people also add pomegranate arils to proteins such as seafood or chicken. To make your pomegranate juice more fun and yummy, you can throw in some other fruits as well! Let’s learn the number of calories in a few pomegranate items:

Type of Servings & Portion Size


Pomegranate juice calories in 1 cup


Calories in cranberry & pomegranate juice


Blueberry pomegranate smoothie calories (1 large cup)


Calories in one pomegranate oatmeal (1 pouch)


1 pomegranate chocolate oatmeal calories


Calories in one pomegranate fruit salad


Health Benefits of Pomegranate

As you know that pomegranate is packed with fibres and other nutrients, let’s look at the health benefits offered by this fruit:

  • Provides Essential Nutrients

The bright red fruit is full of important nutrients that you may not want to miss out on! These include folate, vitamin C & Vitamin K, fibre, potassium, protein, etc. Thus, you can get your daily dose of essential nutrients by opting for a fresh pomegranate.

  • Contains Plant Compounds

Pomegranate has two unique plant compounds namely, punicalagins and punicic acid. These two compounds contribute highly to pomegranate’s health benefits. Punicalagins is an antioxidant found in pomegranate juice and the peel which is used to make the pomegranate extract and powder. Whereas, punicic acid is found in the pomegranate seed oil and is known to have biological benefits.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The anti-inflammatory properties are highly attributed to punicalagins found in the fruit. Research has shown that inflammation results in numerous serious ailments. Certain studies have reported a reduction in inflammatory activity in colon cancer and breast cancer cells as well as the digestive tracts.

  • Helps Fight Prostate Cancer

Studies have reported that pomegranate extract might help with slowing cancer cell reproduction and induce cell death in cancer cells. Another research showed how drinking pomegranate juice increased the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) doubling time.

How Many Pomegranates Should You Consume Every Day?

Pomegranates make a good addition to mixed fruit juices and oatmeals for a flavourful yet healthy snack. To benefit from its fibre content and its nutrition profile, you can have one and a half or two cups of pomegranate arils every day. This will make sure you get sufficient amounts of minerals and essential vitamins. But don’t forget about the unique plant compounds that offer endless benefits as well!

To Conclude

Pomegranate might be a fruit which is tough to eat due to the many seeds but allow us to remind you about its nutrient profile! With high fibre and vitamin contents with some unique antioxidants, the red fruit is a must-have. So, you can easily add it to your balanced diet to get a good amount of nutrients and a little variety in your fruit intake.


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FAQs on Calories in Pomegranate

How many calories are in one pomegranate?

One pomegranate fruit weighing 282 grams has 243 calories, 3.3 grams of fats, 4.7 grams of protein and 53 grams of carbs.

Is pomegranate high in sugar?

A pomegranate fruit weighing 282 grams has 39 grams of sugar but it also has fibres, vitamins and proteins to make up for the nutrients. 

Is pomegranate good for weight loss?

Pomegranate may promote weight loss due to its high fibre content along with the vitamins and folate content.

What are the health benefits of eating pomegranate?

The health benefits of eating pomegranate are:

  • High vitamin content

  • Promotes heart health

  • Lowers the risk of cancer

  • Helps control blood sugar levels.

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