About Calories in Beetroot

Beta vulgaris or beetroot, is a root vegetable. Beetroots along with beetroot juice are frequently incorporated into diets owing to their health benefits. While they can be consumed in their raw form, beetroots are often cooked or pickled. This vegetable is an important part of the Indian diet owing to the fact that it is readily available throughout the year. Since the texture of beetroots is dense and fibrous, it is often grated in its raw form or softened with cooking.  The number of calories in 1 beetroot weighing 550 grams is 22.

Nutrition Facts About Beetroot

Beetroots have a ton of nutrients that extend beyond carbohydrates, fat and fibre. This is evident in the fact that they contain a host of vitamins including A, C and K. Important nutrients and plant compounds like Thiamin, Riboflavin, Choline, Vulgaxanthin and Betaine are also present. The nutrition derived from beetroots allows one to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Examine the table provided below to learn more about the calories in beets and their basic nutrient profile. 

Nutrients in 1 Beetroot (weighing 100 grams)


Beetroot calories (100g)



9.6 grams


1.6 grams


6.8 grams


2.8 grams


0.2 grams

How Many Calories Does Beetroot Have?

An important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle involves keeping tabs on the calories we consume on a daily basis. Keeping this in mind, the table provided below features the calories found in varied servings of beetroots. 

Beetroot Portion Size


1 beetroot calories (100 grams)


1 cup of boiled beetroots calories (136 grams)


Calories in 1 small beetroot (50 grams)


Calories in 1 beetroot (2’’ diameter)


Calories in 1 oz of beetroots (28.35 grams)


Calories in 1 pound of beetroots (453.59 grams)


Calories in Common Food Items with Beetroot

Beetroots are consumed in varied forms. They may be boiled, steamed, baked, or roasted. They are also frequently paired with other vegetables and different kinds of meat in order to enhance their flavour. Examine the table provided below to understand the calories in dishes that contain beetroots.

Dish Containing Beetroot and Serving Size


Beetroot juice (1 cup)


Beetroot juice with carrots and apples (1 cup)


Beetroot salad (carrots, beets, raisins, honey) (1 cup or 137 grams)


Beetroot Hummus Dip (1tbsp)


Beetroot and lentil salad (93 grams)


Beetroot soup (1 cup)


Beetroot bruschetta (2 slices)


Beetroot chips (15 pieces)


Beetroot poriyal (1 small bowl)


Health Benefits of Eating Beetroot

Beetroots provide tons of health benefits to those that choose to consume them on a regular basis. Some of the more apparent health benefits have been mentioned below.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is capable of damaging blood vessels and adversely affecting the heart. It can also increase the chances of heart disease and strokes. By consuming beetroots, however, you are able to benefit from the inorganic nitrates it contains which are capable of reducing your risk of heart disease. This is because they reduce blood pressure and increase nitric oxide formation. Beetroots as well as their juices have been found to reduce blood pressure by 3 to 10 mm Hg within a few hours. 

  • Enhances Exercise Capacity

Nitrates present in beetroots are capable of enhancing a person’s physical performance. This holds particularly true in the case of high-intensity endurance exercises. This is owed to the fact that the dietary nitrates present in beetroots reduce oxygen during physical exercise as they impact the efficiency of the mitochondria which are the cell organs that produce energy. 


By eating beetroots and drinking beetroot juice, athletes can improve their running and cycling capabilities. They can also enhance their stamina and accelerate their oxygen use which in turn leads to superior exercise performance. 

  • Help Fight Inflammation

Beetroots contain betalains which are pigments that possess several anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation – which is linked with conditions ranging from heart disease to cancer – can benefit from the betalains contained within beetroots. 

  • Improves Digestive Health

Owing to the fact that beetroots contain a fair amount of fibre, they can help with digestive health. Fibre often gravitates towards the colon and helps nourish gut bacteria that is good for the body.

How Many Beetroots Should You Consume Every Day?

Since beetroots contain several nutrients and provide a ton of health benefits, you might find yourself wanting to consume them on a regular basis.  

  • Daily Consumption for Adults

An adult can safely consume up to 2 cups of beetroot juice on a daily basis and benefit from the same.  If you choose to eat beetroots instead, you can safely have 2 cups of sliced beets on a daily basis. 

  • Daily Consumption Recommended for Athletes

Athletes can have 70 to 140 ml of beetroot juice on a daily basis a few hours prior to exercising. 200 grams of baked beetroots can also be consumed 75 minutes before exercising. In case athletes suffer from muscle soreness owing to their exercise regimes, they can have 7 to 8 servings of 250ml each over the course of 2 days following their exercise.


Consuming beetroots helps contribute towards a balanced diet and allows one to maintain a healthy lifestyle. People often seek out a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a suitable BMI and BMR. By assessing what your BMI and BMR are on a regular basis, you can better manage your weight.



This information can also be beneficial if you find yourself seeking out a health insurance policy to invest in. Insurers tend to charge higher premiums to obese people and provide them with less medical coverage owing to the fact they are more likely to be prone to health complications. Therefore, by maintaining a good BMR and BMI, you can avail a good health insurance policy that has a low premium tethered to it while providing you with ample coverage.

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FAQs on Calories in Beetroot

1 cup of boiled beetroots contains 58 calories.

You can safely consume up to 2 cups of beetroot juice on a daily basis and benefit from the same provided you are an adult.



Popular dishes that use beetroots include beetroot salad, beetroot hummus dip, beetroot soup, beetroot bruschetta, beetroot chips and beetroot poriyal.

The health benefits associated with the consumption of beetroots include the following-

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

  • Enhances Exercise Capacity

  • Help Fight Inflammation

  • Improves Digestive Health

The fibre contained in 100 grams of beetroot amounts to 2.8 grams.

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