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About Calories in Broccoli

Broccoli has quickly become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle, with professional athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts alike standing by the nutritional benefits they gain from the vegetable. With the calories in broccoli being low, based on your method of preparation, lets take a look at the various health benefits of broccoli, and why it could do wonders for your health. 

How Many Calories Does Broccoli Have?

In order to keep things standardized, the calories in broccoli will be counted based on the weight of one serving, broccoli calories 100 g. This way you can account correctly not only for how much broccoli to put in your meals, but also calculate things like broccoli calories per 100g for your next meal. 

Below is a snapshot of the nutritional content of 10 grams of broccoli

Calories in Broccoli (100 grams)




2.82 g


6.64 g

Dietary Fibre

3.3 g


0.37 g



Calories in Common Food Items with Broccoli

Given not just health benefits of broccoli but its mild yet noticeable taste profile, it is used in a number of different dishes and cuisines.

Popular Dish

Calorie Count in Dish 

Lemony Roasted Low-Carb Broccoli


Asian Broccoli and Tofu Stir-Fry Recipe


Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Casserole


Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Baked Potatoes


Creamy Broccoli Ginger Soup


Chicken, Cheddar, and Broccoli Homemade Hot Pockets


Health Benefits of Eating Broccoli

   1. Diabetes Management 

Since broccoli is high in fiber, it is likely to be beneficial in the prevention of type two diabetes, as most fibre-rich foods are. In multiple studies, an increase in the consumption of fibre rich foods has shown a correlation to a reduction in the risk of developing diabetes in the future. Furthermore, the sprouts of broccoli have also been shown to have health benefits, as they aid in increasing insulin resistance. 

        2. Benefits for the heart 

With the broccoli calories per 100g being low, combined with it being high in fiber, the vegetable is an excellent super food for your heart health. Studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables offer a plethora of benefits such as a reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular diseases, strokes, and an improvement of overall heart health, all of which can be attained by simply adding broccoli calories 100g to your meal. 

        3. Weight loss 

With 1 broccoli calories and 1 cup broccoli calories being extremely low, it is no wonder the vegetable is a good weapon to have in the fight against an ever-increasing waistline. This is due to the fact that the vegetable is high in fiber and can give you a significant amount of fiber you require daily through just one vegetable. Fibre-rich foods also make you feel fuller after a meal, causing a reduction in your overall food intake. 

        4. Prevention and cell damage 

Because calories in broccoli are so low and the food is high in antioxidant phytonutrients, it can aid in the fight against actors that can cause damage to your cells, which could lead to the development of further disease or more cell damage.

How much Broccoli Should You Consume Every Day?

It is generally accepted that adults can gain significant nutritional benefits from eating 2.5 cups of vegetables each day. Based on this then, you could eat about 2.5 cups accounting for the calories in broccoli to get not only nutritional benefits but the aforementioned benefits of fibre rich foods for your heart as well.


Some recommend that eating broccoli about 2-4 times a week can be beneficial as well. Eating too much broccoli, however, can be bad for your body even if you account for 1 cup broccoli calories or even boil broccoli calories. This is because the vegetable which is high in fibre also has an impact on the functioning of your thyroid gland, hindering its efficient functioning.  Therefore, while there are benefits to eating 1 cup broccoli calories, eating too much could be counterproductive. An approach in moderation is the best way forward. 


The calories in broccoli are minimal, making it a powerful vegetable to add to your plate in order to add an extra level of padding to your health. If you are looking to further secure your health, the Bajaj Markets website has a number of health insurance offerings to suit all kinds of requirements and budgets. In order to make sure you stay healthy and are also able to reap rewards in the form of insurance policies at affordable rates, make sure to not just eat healthily, but also exercise regularly and monitor key indicators like BMR and BMI.

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FAQs on Calories in Broccoli

With low calories in broccoli, the fiber rich vegetable is a good meal choice and can be consumed raw as well as cooked.

The recommended optimum storage time for broccoli is between 21 to 28 days. 


Broccoli seeds take about 80 to 100 days to be prepared for harvest, and are a cool season plant. 


Broccoli can be grown at home in pots and containers, with the ability to fit two plants in a 50 litre container.


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