Coconut water calories

A cup of coconut water weighing 240g contains 45 calories while an average sized coconut of 206g contains 39 calories. Coconut water is a healthy drink that has antioxidant properties. The calories in coconut water are lower than those in the packaged fruit juices.  The low calories in


coconut water makes it a perfect beverage and hydrating agent. Coconut water is a good source of nutrition as it contains fibre, protein, and sugar. Coconut water helps reduce blood sugar levels and is also beneficial in preventing formation of kidney stones. Learn more about the benefits of coconut water in the article below.


Coconut water has its fair share of benefits. The drink is a well-known remedy for different kinds of ailments from skin conditions to stomach issues. However, have you ever given a thought to the calories in coconut water? While it may be instantly hydrating, you will be surprised to know that it does contain some calorific value. Still, the drink is a natural source of nutrition too.


The drink is naturally sweet and hydrating. However, as the beverage constitutes 94% of water and a negligible amount of fat, it is not going to make you put on any weight. The following table shows coconut water calories based on serving sizes as per the USDA data:

Serving Measure


1 tablespoon (15 grams)

3 calories

100 grams

19 calories

1 cup (240 grams)

45 calories

1 coconut yield (206 grams)

39 calories

So, now you know that one cup (about 240g) of tender coconut water calories amounts to only 45. That’s not it! Coconut water contains a lot more than just calories. Let’s find out.

Coconut Water Nutritional Facts

It is important to know the nutritional value of coconut water before you consume it. You can get the following out of drinking 1 cup of coconut water:


Coconut Water Nutritional Value




8.9 grams


6.26 grams


2.6 grams


1.73 grams


600 milligram


252 milligram

In addition to the above, each serving of coconut water has 0.4 grams of fat, so it is a non-fatty beverage that can be consumed with abandon.

Did you know?

Coconut water calories account for less in amount than other fresh fruit drinks, so this is the perfect fresh fruit beverage to consume. Read on to know more.

Coconut Water Over Fruit Juice

Coconut water usually has a low-calorie and sugar content as compared to packaged fruit juices. Packaged fruit juices are much sweeter due to their added sugar content. Hence, coconut water is ideal for you if you are looking for a fruit beverage that is not very sweet.

4 Nutritional Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water offers multiple health benefits due to its high nutritional value. Here, we will talk about four such benefits of coconut water:

1. Antioxidant Properties

Coconut water has antioxidant properties that may modify free radicals that harm healthy cells. With coconut water consumption, free radical activity decreases, and cells are rejuvenated.

2. Blood Sugar Reduction

Research suggests that coconut water helps to reduce blood sugar levels and goes a long way in improving your general health. Studies done, as recently as 2021, show that in rats, blood glucose levels were significantly brought down with the consumption of tender coconut water.

3. Good Nutrition Source

When you drink coconut water, you don’t have to bother about coconut water calories. 500 ml of the beverage can be consumed without you having to worry about weight gain. Additionally, it is a great source of nutrition, as you get enough fibre, protein, and sugar in your body, without any additional fat. One glass of tender coconut water, nutrition-rich, should be consumed daily, it is recommended.

4. Prevention of Kidney Stones

To prevent the formation of kidney stones, doctors suggest drinking plenty of water. However, coconut water may be a better idea for this. Studies claim that small crystals formed within the kidney, causing kidney stones if left to grow, can be prevented from attaching themselves. As a result, they get flushed out of the kidney, and consequently, the urinary tract. This is because coconut water increases potassium chloride and citrate which helps flush out crystal formations that cause stones.

Adverse Effects of Drinking Too Much Coconut Water

Overconsumption of coconut water may lead to adverse side effects like:

1. Diuretic

Coconut water has diuretic properties. This means that consuming too much coconut water may lead to an increase in the flow of urine.

2. Can Spike Blood Sugar

Even though coconut water has a low sugar level, overconsumption of coconut water by diabetic patients can spike their blood sugar levels due to the calories and carbohydrates present in the liquid. Hence, they are advised to consume coconut water only in moderation.

Coconut Water in a ‘Nutshell’

Coconut water is considered the optimal health drink from nature. It has hardly any fat, rejuvenates you and can relieve everything from constipation to kidney stones. Drunk on its own, one glass per day is a must for everyone. If you want to shed some excess fat, coconut water can fill you up to keep hunger pangs away. It also contains bio-enzymes that boost your metabolism. This, in turn, maintains your BMR and BMI within a healthy limit. Head over to Bajaj Markets and use tools like the BMR calculator and the calorie calculator to ensure that you are always in control of these important metrics. While you ensure your own health is good by consuming the right foods, you can always turn to Bajaj Markets for your health emergencies, getting the best health insurance plan in the book.

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FAQs on Calories in Coconut Water

What is the calories count of 1 coconut’s water?

1 coconut’s water, which is approximately 206 grams, has 39 calories.

What is the count of coconut water calories per 100ml?

100ml of coconut water contains 19 calories.

What is the count of coconut water calories per 500ml?

500ml of coconut water contains 95 calories.

Is coconut water good for high blood pressure?

Coconut water can be fatal for patients with high blood pressure or hypertension or high blood pressure! Studies suggest that coconut water may also take blood pressure to extremely low levels and hence must be avoided by those on medication.

Is coconut water good for weight loss?

Yes. Coconut water is filled with bio-active enzymes that are good for digestion and metabolism. Hence, coconut water is good for weight loss if consumed in moderation.

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