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A Coke is called diet Coke because you can consume it safely when you're on a diet, right? Well, yes a diet Coke has zero calories, but it does have a serving of sodium, so do keep that in mind. Moreover, there are a lot of conspiracy theories around diet drinks and how the artificial sweeteners in them actually cause diabetes, weight gain and mental health issues in the long term. Did your jaw just drop? Well, that’s because cola and soda companies do not want you having this kind of information for obvious reasons and therefore it isn’t going to find its way to you very easily unless you are actively searching for it, as you are now. 


In this post, we are talking about the calories in diet Coke, diet Pepsi and a whole lot of similar drinks, with a focus of course on diet Coke. 


This is the tricky part. The nutritional information (that brands are not allowed to lie in, legally) says very clearly that the calories in diet Coke are zero. A lot of websites will concur even when they say that diet soda calories are not all the same. Some websites list the diet drink calories and even on those lists diet cola calories emerge as zero. 


And yet, there is a lot of long-term research that has found that calories or no calories, artificially sweetened drinks have the following negative outcomes: 

  • Bigger bellies in the long run as compared to non-consumers

  • Increased hunger and disturbed weight regulation mechanisms 

  • Cravings for calorie-rich foods

  • Metabolic syndrome 

  • Altered blood sugar levels and high blood sugar

  • Mental health issues

  • Lower water consumption and fruit consumption

How Many Calories Does Diet Coke Have?

According to the nutritional information on diet Coke cans, a 12 oz serving of diet Coke has 0 calories. 


However, remember that this does not communicate the whole picture as displayed above. One might instead want to experiment with long periods with and without a steady supply of diet Coke. Develop a journal and note down your cravings, moods, desire to eat fruits and drink sufficient water when you are drinking diet Coke and when you are not. Your experiment should last at least two months, one month for each scenario. 


A can of diet coke (12 oz/ 355 ml) contains: 


0 grams 


0 grams


40 mg


0 grams


0 grams 


0 grams 


46 mg

Calories in F&B Items with Diet Coke

You probably drink a diet Coke when you - 

Visit McDonald’s and similar fast food joints that throw in a Coke with your meal. However, in such a situation, there are so many calories in the overall meal that it does not make sense to break down individual components. But yes, the diet Coke is probably going to make you want even more fast food meals because it promotes cravings for high-calorie food items. It's like a gateway bad habit. 


Throwback a couple of drinks with Coke as the ‘ mixer’. Diet Coke might be a common mixer with rum, vodka and even whisky for some people. You’re already consuming a ton of calories with the alcoholic beverages so why not do yourself a favour and drink them on the rocks, or with water? Fruit juices are also packed with calories, so avoid those. Drinking your alcoholic drinks with water is not just wise because you’ll cut down on your calorie intake, but also because you will keep dehydration at bay and probably lessen your chances of a hangover. 

How Many Diet Cokes Should You Consume Every Day?

There are absolutely no health benefits to drinking Coke and there is absolutely no excuse for drinking diet Coke on a daily basis. Make it a once a week, or less, thing.


Did you read this article because you want to be healthier and cut out all the high-calorie items from your life? Was this mindfulness prompted by a sudden scare or simply because you want to live a healthier lifestyle before you get a sudden scare and end up in the hospital? Either way, hats off on making the first move to safeguarding your health. Step 2 is putting what you learnt into practice. Step 3 is to opt for an additional safeguard by way of getting health insurance - that way, any health issues can be taken care of immediately, without any financial stress. Step 4 is keeping up your resolve to keep steps 1 to 3 going. You can find the best health insurance plans at Bajaj Markets, where you can also compare rates offered by different insurers. 

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FAQs on Diet Coke

Is diet Coke better than normal Coke?

The jury is still out on this but a regular Coke mentions 140 calories on the can. That would mean that a diet Coke - with zero calories - is preferable but there are questions about its impact on your overall health.

Is it okay for children to have diet Coke every day?

It is not okay for anyone to drink a regular Coke or a diet Coke on a daily basis.

Is it ideal to drink my vodka with fruit juice instead of diet Coke?

Fruit juice is very high in sugar because all the fibre from the fruit is missing from the equation. In this case, a diet Coke might actually be better, but the information is still lacking. Consider water as an ideal ‘mixer’

Since diet Coke has 0 calories, is it okay for diabetics?

Zero calories do not mean zero sugar; diabetics are probably best off avoiding colas. 


Which is better; diet Coke or diet Pepsi?

It is less about brands and more about the harmful nature of carbonated drinks. 


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