Calories In Pani Puri

There are approximately 180 to 215 calories in a serving of six pani puris. Pani puri is a dish that is widely popular as a snack all across India, and is made using mint leaves, tamarind, semolina, all-purpose flour, and potatoes. However, while pani puri may be delicious, it is a highly unhealthy snack, given that it is high in fats and calories, leading to elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Additionally, if the water used is not filtered, it can cause a host of gastric problems. For more information, read the article listed below.


We all love pani puri beyond this universe, don’t we? It sizzles our taste buds like no other! However, pani puri and health in the same sentence might sound paradoxical to many. Before we begin counting calories in puris, let us take a closer look at some of the healthy and not-so-healthy ingredients used in the dish.

1. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves or pudina are anti-inflammatory; they are rich in phosphorus and vitamin C, D, E, and A. It is also widely used in home remedies for the common cold, acne, and allergies.

2. Tamarind

The tropical fruit is known to be beneficial in keeping your heart and liver healthy. It is rich in fibre with low-fat content and helps boost your metabolism. However, a high intake of tamarind might prove to be bad for your health.

3. Semolina or Rava

Rava is known to be high in protein and fibre, and can leave you feeling satiated. It contributes to calories in puri.

4. All-Purpose Flour or Maida

Maida can have detrimental side effects on your health. It is stripped of all its nutrients while being processed and has been linked to obesity and diabetes.

5. Potato

Potatoes are gluten-free. It is packed with nutrients and is high in fibre. However, it is very filling and adds a significant amount of calories in pani puri.

Now, let’s discover the amount of calories and nutrition offered by pani puris.

Calories in Pani Puri

The calories in pani puri are based on the proportions and the type of ingredients used per plate. The calories in this snack come from the deep-fried dough, oil, and potatoes. The calorie count per serving (6 puris) ranges from 180 to 215 calories. This makes up about 8-10% of your daily calorie intake; an adult's daily calorie intake should be around 1200-2000.


1 Pani Puri Calories

Pani Puri Calories (6 puris)

Total Calories

36 Cal

216 Cal










Adverse Effects of Eating Pani Puri

It’s no news that pani puri is an unhealthy snack! Deep-fried puris can be harmful to diabetics and heart patients. Moreover, they are high in fats and calories, and they have a negative impact on your health. The oil used to make these puris breaks down each time it is reused. This alters the fat composition and causes ingredients to absorb higher levels of oil, leading to cholesterol and high blood pressure. The water used by the vendors is unfiltered, and thus is a big no-no to anyone and everyone. Unfiltered water could carry serious health risks like diarrhoea and typhoid.


 Did You Know?

You could turn the unhealthy pani puri into a healthy treat for your tastebuds. Yes! Pani puri lovers have reconstructed this delectable snack. They have adapted to the various cultures and lifestyles. Let's take a look at some of the healthier ingredients that can be used in homemade pani puris.

  • Jaljeera Water

Not only is it a refreshing drink, but it also helps in digestion, prevents anaemia, provides vitamin C, and helps burn calories.

  • Chana or Moong-Based Stuffing

Moong beans are known for their health benefits. They help with weight loss, blood pressure control, and are high in fibre and protein.





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FAQs on Calories in Pani Puri

Is pani puri good for health?

No, pani puri is in fact hazardous for people with diabetes or heart conditions.

Is it okay to eat pani puri?

No. Pani puris are high in calories and fat, hence it mustn't be consumed every day.

How many calories are in 1 plate pani puri?

1 plate pani puri calories (6 pieces) would be 216.

Is golgappa a junk food?

Yes, golgappa is tagged as an unhealthy food.

Is pani puri good for weight loss?

No. If your fitness goal is to lose weight, you should avoid eating pani puri.

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