Calories in Paratha

There are 258 calories in a single paratha. A much-preferred breakfast item by many in India, the flatbread is often filled with a stuffing composed of vegetables and served with a dash of curd. Hence, this dish is highly nutritious and filling, too. Parathas come loaded with carbs, fat, proteins, vitamins, sodium, potassium, and fibre. In addition to being a good source of nutrients, parathas help control blood sugar levels (owing to the resistant starch in potatoes) and are also easy to digest as well. So, the next time you wish to opt for a nutritious yet filling breakfast, look no further and whip up a few parathas. For further information, please refer to read through the article mentioned below. 

Calories in Different Quantities of Paratha

For most Indians, paratha is the go-to breakfast item that keeps you satiated until lunch! Commonly eaten with curd, pickle, or curry, paratha is quite versatile and, to be honest, you can have it with almost anything. Now, let’s find out the calories in different serving sizes of a paratha.

Types of Servings & Portion Size


Calories in 1 paratha (79g)


Calories in one onion paratha (116g)


Calories in one aloo paratha (131g)


1 mooli paratha calories


1 paneer paratha calories (78g)


1 dal paratha calories (64g)


Calories in 2 palak parathas (166g)


Calories in 2 aloo parathas (262g)


Nutritional Facts of Paratha

Paratha is an unleavened flatbread made with whole-wheat flour, providing considerable amounts of dietary fibres and proteins. To get your daily dose of required nutrients, stuffed parathas are the way to go!

One plain paratha

Nutritional Facts

Calories in Paratha



38.94 grams


5.16 grams


8.99 grams


1.3 grams


399 mg


52 mg


0 mg


Vitamin A - 0.1%

Calcium - 1.5%

Iron - 7.1%


To make the most of your meals, you can choose to consume stuffed parathas with veggies, curry or dal. This way, you can increase your intake of protein and other vital minerals and vitamins.

A popular dish in north India, paratha is usually shallow-fried in ghee or oil, or served with a dollop of butter, to increase its deliciousness. It goes hand-in-hand with a serving of sweet lassi, which is a thick yoghurt-based drink.


Health Benefits of Paratha for a Guilt-Free Meal

1. Aids With Digestion

Potatoes in aloo paratha that are cooked and cooled correctly have resistant starch, which is then transformed into short-chain fatty acids, termed butyrate. In short, resistant starch assists with various digestive disorders, helps sustain colon health, and lower inflammation. Moreover, when parathas that are paired with yoghurt, the combination can ensure proper digestion as well!


2. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Resistant starch found in potatoes, which are used to make paratha, are not broken down and absorbed by the body. Instead, they’re beneficial for our health as they lower blood sugar levels. However, it is recommended to avoid overeating parathas, as they are high in calories and carbs.


3. Good Source of Nutrients

By opting for parathas with stuffings of methi, gobi, mooli, etc., you can surely maintain a healthy diet. Such veggies provide various nutrients and vitamins to your body, which is not the case with plain parathas.

Adverse Effects of Consuming Paratha

Though parathas please your palate and your tummy, consuming too many of these flatbreads can be a problem. As one of the ingredients used to make paratha is maida, overeating the same can have adverse effects on your health. Maida, a refined wheat flour, is known to cause constipation, indigestion, obesity, and heart problems.

Furthermore, the chemicals used in maida can be harmful to your pancreas as well. In order to make your parathas more healthy and enjoy them without any guilt, you can replace maida with multi-grain flour and knead the dough with yoghurt or milk. Moreover, by using different vegetables and sprouts to make the stuffing, you can boost your intake of many key nutrients significantly! 



The nutrition in paranthas can be quite helpful if you use the right ingredients to make a yummy yet healthy dish. A tasty, stuffed paratha is ideal for breakfast or a hearty supper to maintain a balanced diet. However, leading a healthy lifestyle is always a work in progress, in order to achieve the right BMI and BMR.


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FAQs on Calories in Paratha

Is plain paratha good for weight loss?

Parathas can be a healthy meal while you are trying to lose weight, however, you must replace certain ingredients, for a healthier version, to make it even healthier. You can add vegetables for more proteins and use multi-grain flour instead of maida.

How many calories are there in 1 paratha?

A single plain paratha has 258 calories, with 36 gms. gm of carbs, 5 gms.  gm of protein, and 10 gms.  gm of fat.

How many calories are there in 2 parathas?

Two plain parathas have 516 calories with 72 gm gm of  carbs, 10g gm of protein, and 20g gm of fat.

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