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Calories in Strawberries

Long touted to be a nutritious food with several pop culture influences, the strawberry can be a more beneficial food than you first thought. Let’s take a look at the calories in strawberries, strawberry calories per cup and half cup strawberries calories, in addition to exploring the various health benefits.

How Many Calories Do Strawberries Have?

The number of calories in strawberries or in a cup of strawberries has a direct correlation to the health benefits or lack thereof you gain from consuming the fruit. Lucky for us, fruits tend to be high in calories, without offering the various downsides in the form of fats and carbs that other food forms come with, such as meat. By accounting for the calories in strawberries, you can plan for yourself a hearty and healthy meal, with the benefits being amplified if you are following a strict diet plan.  

In 100 grams, the calories in strawberries are as follows. 




0.67 g


7.68 g


0.3 grams (0g saturated fats, 0g trans fat, 0g monounsaturated fats, 0.1g polyunsaturated fat)


4.66 g

Calories in Common Food Items with Strawberries

While knowing statistics such as 2 cups strawberries calories or calories in 1 cup sliced strawberries is beneficial information to have, the more realistic likelihood is that most times you will, instead of buying plain strawberries, consume foods and dishes with strawberries in them, the calories for which you might want to keep track of as well. Therefore, here is a list of calories in the most common strawberry based foods and dishes. 


Calorie Count per serving

Chicken Salad with strawberry vinaigrette


Strawberry Pistachio Pavlova


Dairy-Free Strawberry-Banana Smoothie


Strawberry Basil Sparkler


Strawberry and Turkey Balsamic Salad


Health Benefits of Eating Strawberries

As is the case with most fruits, including strawberries in your diet can not only help you attain your short term weight goals but can also have long term, real-life medical benefits for you, your body and your health in the long run. High in nutrition, even two cups of strawberries calories can go a long way in improving your overall health. Here are three ways in which strawberries can benefit your health.         

        1.Regulate Blood Sugars 

When you consume a meal, your body's breaking down the carbohydrates present in your food into simple sugars, which are in turn regulated when our bodies produce a hormone known as insulin which helps regulate these sugar levels, sending the message to our cells to collect these sugars from our bloodstreams, storing them away in order to be used for energy production. 

Strawberries can aid in slowing down the digestion of glucose which, as a result, can help decline the number of spikes in your glucose and insulin levels, keeping things running smoothly. If you are eating a meal that is high in carbs, including strawberries could be beneficial. 

        2.Fighting Cancer 

Much like the effect of other kinds of berries, strawberries are believed to have the ability to battle inflammation and oxidative stress and have in some cases even been shown to be able to prevent the formation of tumours in animals, and these effects are credited mostly to ellagic acid and ellagitannins which are responsible for allegedly being able to prevent the development of cancerous cells. 

        3.Benefits for the heart 

A low number of calories in strawberries and the benefits they offer for our heart health make them an even more appealing addition to our diet, with the strawberry calories per cup being very few. According to conducted studies, the consumption of berries has been linked to an improvement in one’s heart health, as they are said to be able to aid in the improvement or prevention of heart disease, cholesterol and blood pressure related issues. 

How Many Strawberries Should You Consume Every Day?

Since strawberries are a fruit, the calories in strawberries, the calories in 1 cup sliced strawberries or even the calories in a cup of strawberries is nothing to concern yourself with, as they are an abundantly healthy snack, as most fruits are. While consuming anything in excess can be bad for one’s health, you can feel free to dive into that box of strawberries and have it empty by the day if you please. 

Some studies show that eating up to 8 strawberries a day is a good amount, and has been linked to a multitude of health and heart-related benefits. 


Much like the rest of the berry family, the limited amount of calories in strawberries make them an excellent and delicious addition to your diet plan, and aside from short term weight goals, they have proven themselves to have long term health benefits as well. If you’re looking to further secure your health, check out the health insurance plans available at Bajaj Markets. Make sure to eat healthily, exercise regularly and keep an eye on how your BMI and BMR are looking in order to get the most affordable rates on your policy. 



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FAQs on Calories in Strawberries

Are strawberry seeds bad for me?

Strawberry seeds have been shown to have a number of antioxidant qualities, making it beneficial for your health.

What is the maximum amount of strawberries I can eat?

You can probably get away with eating more than your fair share of strawberries, but if you find your body telling you that you’re full, that might be a good time to stop. 


Why do some strawberries taste better than others?

The flavour of a strawberry is often affected by ripeness, the time of harvest, variety and the weather.

Can strawberries help with weight loss?

While they might not cause you to lose weight, they won’t cause you to put any on either.

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