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Calories in Walnut

Walnuts, popularly known as akhrot in India, are highly nutritious food items. The major component, that is 65%, of walnuts, is unsaturated fat which is considered a good type of fat. Out of the balance, 15% is protein. This makes walnuts fall into a category of very healthy edible nuts. It is low in carbs and high in fibre. That was the internal part. However, even the skin of walnuts is useful. The skin is used for scrubbing the skin. Other than being used for cosmetic purposes, walnut shells can also be used to clean the undersides of ships. It is also used as a flooring material.

How Many Calories Does Walnut Have?

The following table will give you a glance at calories in one walnut.

Nutritional Value

Walnut Calories (1 Piece)

Walnut Calories (100g)





1.3 g

65 g


9 mg

450 mg


0.14 g

7 g


0.05 g

2.5 g


0.45 g

15.5 g

There are many food items prepared in the kitchen which contain walnuts. Mostly, they get along well with chocolate in various delicacies. Let us look at how many calories they contain in the table drawn below.

Food Item Containing Walnuts

Calorie Count

Walnut Spinach Salad (per serving)

233 cal

Walnut Barfi (1 piece)

108 cal

Chocolate Walnut Fudge (per serving)

180 cal

Walnut Cake (1 slice)

328 cal

Honey Walnut Shrimp (per serving)

400 cal

Walnut Pie (per serving)

348 cal

Chocolate Walnut Truffle (1 piece)

130 cal

You can take note of the fact that food items containing walnuts have additional calories from other ingredients and not just walnuts. So you can calculate your calories and plan food intake accordingly.

Health Benefits of Eating Walnuts

From healthy fats to vitamins and minerals, walnuts provide you with optimal nutrition and hold numerous health benefits. Let us look at some of the proven health benefits of walnuts.

  • Removes Toxins from the Body

Walnuts have a high antioxidant value in comparison with other nuts. This activity is produced by the various compounds found in walnut skin. They include melatonin, vitamin E, and polyphenols.

  • Reduces Risk of Heart Diseases

Omega-3 fat is found in the form of alpha-linolenic acid, which is produced by plants. It’s an essential fat that you need to get from your diet for maintaining the health of your heart. Walnuts contain Omega-3 fats higher than other nuts. Very limited sources of Omega-3 are available for vegetarians and walnuts are one of the food items that provide it.

  • Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a common component of many diseases, such as heart disease and cancer. It can be triggered by stress and can lead to the development of new drugs. The polyphenols in walnut can help fight against the harmful effects of oxidation. They can also help prevent inflammation.

  • Helps in Maintaining Healthy Stomach

Your gut must be full of healthy bacteria and other organisms that promote good health. Unhealthy activity can increase your risk of cancer and heart disease. What you eat can affect the composition of your gut and your microbiota. One way to support the health of your gut is by eating walnuts.

  • Helps in Weight Balance

Walnuts are high in nutrients, but their energy absorption is lower than expected based on their calorie content. Therefore, when you eat walnuts, it keeps you full for a long time. The study says that regular consumption of walnuts also helps in the reduction of cravings for fast food like fries and desserts like pastries.

  • Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Since walnuts help in controlling weight, they also indirectly help in reducing the chances of causing diabetes. This is because the levels of sugar in your blood stay under control with regular consumption of walnuts.


That is not it! Walnuts have many other health benefits such as it promotes healthy ageing, lowering blood pressure, aiding healthy brain function, and improving the quality of fats in the body. Since it is widely available, many people can easily make the most out of calories in walnuts.

How Many Walnuts Should You Consume Every Day?

A quick answer to this would be - a handful of walnuts. But if it has to be quantified, the number comes to five. Calories in 5 walnuts are sufficient for a person to derive all the health benefits from its consumption. Excess consumption will not add any advantage to health. It must be included in your daily diet. Walnuts also help you with your keto diet as well which includes consumption of only fats.


Walnuts are highly nutritious in value and when consumed in the right proportion, they can have immense health benefits that we discussed earlier. Walnuts are a great source of Omega-3 fats and antioxidant activity. They are also very high in protein and low in sugar. If you are looking forward to maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), then including a handful of walnuts in your diet will add immense health benefits.


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FAQs on Calories in Walnut

Will the calories in 2 walnuts affect my diet?

1 walnut calories count is 13. Consumption of two walnuts will add about 26 calories. Consuming up to 5 pieces of walnuts is rather beneficial for your health. Therefore, adding two walnuts to your diet will not affect your diet negatively.

Are walnuts safe for babies to consume?

Yes, walnuts can be included in the diet of babies over 6 months of age. To avoid the risk of choking, you must make such to crush the walnuts or make a paste out of it for easier swallowing.

My grandmother is 95 years old. Can I include walnuts in her diet?

Walnuts are safe for consumption for all adults. However, very few people are allergic to walnuts. It is always safe to ensure that she is not allergic before including it in her diet.

Are walnuts safe to be consumed by diabetic people?

Walnuts are not only safe for consumption by diabetic patients, but it is in fact more beneficial. This is because the regular consumption of walnuts reduces blood sugar levels, which is beneficial for diabetes.

What is more beneficial for weight loss, eating raw walnuts or adding it to a food item?

Eating raw walnuts is more beneficial, indeed. However, you can still benefit from adding it to a food item as long as the food item does not contain a lot of sugar. This is because consumption of sugar will add extra carbohydrates and defeat the purpose of weight loss.

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