About Calories in Wheat   

Wheat is recognised as one of the most popular cereal grains as it is incorporated into several different cuisines. The Indian diet is rich in foods made of wheat with rotis being the most popular form of bread made from wheat. Many baked goods use wheat flour as a key ingredient. Other popular foods that are wheat-based include semolina, pasta, couscous and noodles. 100 grams of all-purpose wheat flour contain 364 calories. 

Nutrition Facts About Wheat

While wheat has a ton of carbohydrates within it, it also has several other nutrients that make it a healthy cereal to consume. Among the proteins found within wheat, gluten accounts for 80% of it. Gluten is responsible for making wheat dough elastic and has a sticky texture. Wheat also happens to possess certain minerals and vitamins that include selenium, manganese and phosphorus. Take a look at the table provided below to know the basic breakdown of the nutrients and wheat calories per 100 grams.

Nutrients in 100 grams of Wheat 


100 gm Wheat Calories 





68 grams


15 grams

Total Fat

1.9 grams


0 milligrams


2 grams


340 milligrams


0.4 grams

How Many Calories Does Wheat Have? 

In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, you should take into account the calories of the food you consume on a regular basis as they impact the way your body functions. Consider the table mentioned below in order to understand the calories found in varied servings of wheat.

Wheat Portion Size


Wheat calories (1 cup)


Cooked wheat calories per 100grams


Calories in 1 oz of wheat flour (28.35 grams)


Calories in 1 lb of wheat (453.59 grams)


Calories in Common Food Items with Wheat 

Owing to the fact that wheat can be used to cook a variety of dishes, it is a popular ingredient. It can be used to make several different kinds of breads, pastries and noodles. The food made with wheat can be sweet as well as savoury. Wheat-based dishes are often paired with other dishes in order to bring out varied flavours. Take a look at the table mentioned below in order to understand the calories in dishes that contain wheat.

Dish Containing Wheat and Serving Size


Pasta, whole wheat (1 cup)


Pasta, refined wheat (1 cup)


Whole wheat roti (1 piece)


Whole wheat bread (1 slice)


Whole wheat cake with fruit and nuts (1 slice)


Whole wheat pizza base (1 base)


Whole wheat cookies (1 cookie)


Whole wheat pastry flour (1/4 cup)


Wheat pancake (1 medium sized pancake)


Wheat waffle (1 waffle weighing 34 grams)


Whole wheat cereal (1 bowl)


Health Benefits of Eating Wheat

Those that choose to consume wheat on a regular basis, benefit from the varied health benefits it provides. Some of the most beneficial aspects of a wheat-based diet have been touched upon in the points below. 

  • Helps Provide Energy

Wheat has plenty of carbohydrates that ought to be consumed as they help your body function properly. Once wheat is consumed, its starches and sugars are broken down by your body and made into glucose (or blood sugar). This glucose is important as it enhances your body’s energy.

  • Helps with Weight Control

The carbohydrates found in wheat contain a certain amount of fibre that helps you feel full. These feelings remove hunger pangs and can help with weight control. This benefit is more active in women rather than men. 

  • Improves Metabolism

In the event that your body’s metabolism is not operating at an optimal level, you can experience several metabolic syndromes which include high triglycerides, high blood pressure and visceral obesity. These can increase your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. A whole wheat diet is encouraged as it improves overall digestion which in turn leads to superior metabolism and prevents the aforementioned issues from arising. 

  • Reduces Chronic Inflammation 

Chronic inflammation refers to inflammation that has lasted for a few months on end. It may arise as a reaction to a harmful stimulus or can indicate a problem with your body’s immune system. This inflammation can be controlled with wheat as it contains betaine which helps reduce inflammation. 

  • Prevents Gallstones

The excessive secretion of bile acids leads to the creation of gallstones.  By consuming whole wheat on a regular basis, women can prevent gallstones from forming in their bodies. This is because wheat contains insoluble fibre which allows for smoother digestion.

How Much Wheat Should You Consume Every Day?               

As per health authorities in the United States, women are advised to eat 5 to 6 servings of grains such as wheat each day while men are advised to eat 6 to 8 servings each day. 

People who are gluten intolerant should avoid consuming wheat as their bodies are incapable of breaking down the gluten found within it. Reactions to this gluten could range from mild sensitivity to celiac disease. 


By incorporating wheat into your diet, you can create a balanced diet for yourself such that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is often desired as it helps maintain one’s BMI and BMR. By keeping close tabs on your BMI and BMR on a regular basis, you can manage your weight efficiently. This information can be particularly useful in the event that you find yourself needing to invest in a health insurance policy. Individuals who are obese tend to be charged higher premiums and provided with less coverage by health insurance providers. This is owed to the fact that such individuals are more likely to experience health complications. Therefore, by maintaining your BMI and BMR you can be eligible for a good health insurance policy that provides you with ample coverage while charging you a reasonable premium. 



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FAQs on Calories in Wheat

How many calories are present in 1 cup of whole wheat pasta?

1 cup of whole wheat pasta contains 174 calories.

Briefly touch upon the health benefits of consuming wheat.

The health benefits associated with the consumption of wheat include the following.

  • Helps Provide Energy 

  • Helps with Weight Control

  • Improves Metabolism

  • Reduces Chronic Inflammation 

  • Prevents Gallstones

How many calories are present in a single whole wheat pancake?

A single medium-sized whole wheat pancake contains 92 calories.

What are the names of some whole wheat foods?

Food made with whole wheat includes bread, pasta, tortillas, rotis, cake, pancakes, and waffles.

Should I have wheat if I suffer from gluten intolerance?

Since wheat contains gluten, those who have a gluten intolerance should not attempt to consume it as it can cause an adverse reaction. 



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