Green Chilli Benefits

Green chillies are also known as chilli peppers. Rich in minerals and vitamins, green chilli is packed with vitamin B9, vitamin B6, iron and sodium. Vitamin C in green chilli boosts your immune system, while vitamin B6 keeps your nervous system healthy and vitamin B9 is pivotal in cell and tissue growth. Iron present in green chillies facilitates the production of haemoglobin and sodium ensures that the balance of minerals and water in your body is just right.

Green Chilli - Nutritional Facts

The ultimate benefit associated with green chillies is that they have a modest amount of carbohydrates. Instead, they actively help improve your metabolism by as much as 50% for close to three hours following their consumption. They may be light green in colour, or they could have a dark olive hue.


The nutritional profile of green chillies has been examined in the table featured below. It makes clear the nutrients found in a single cup (or 118 grams) of raw green chillies.

Green Chilli Nutrients

Green Chilli Nutritional Value – 1 cup




9 grams


6 grams


2 grams


O grams


2 grams

Vitamin C

52.78 %


36.80 %


23.13 %

Vitamin B9

18.75 %

Vitamin B6

12.85 %


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The Important Macronutrients and Micronutrients in Green Chilli

Such that you can adequately comprehend each of the advantages eating green chilli provides, it is ideal to first be well versed with the macronutrients and micronutrients available in this spice. Green chillies contain several minerals and vitamins which ought to be consumed as they are good for you.


The more prominent macronutrients and micronutrients present in green chilli have been examined below.

1. Vitamin C

This vitamin helps protect your cells and enhances mental health tips. It also happens to support your immune system and helps enhance your skin. Blood vessels, organs and bones each benefit from vitamin C which helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.Even 1 green chilli is packed with vitamin C.

2. Vitamin B6

The presence of vitamin B6 in green chillies helps boost immunity. It also supports the growth of healthy hair.

3. Vitamin K

This vitamin is essential for blood clotting and plays a major role in promoting bone health.

4. Copper

Green chillies have a small amount of copper which helps protect your cells from free radicals which can damage them and lead to cancer. Copper helps your immune system along with your nervous system.

5. Iron

The presence of iron in green chillies help with cell division and the formation of red blood cells. It also leaves you feeling less tired and you are able to process information faster.

6. Manganese

A small amount of manganese is found in green chillies, and it helps protect cells against damage. Manganese is important as it contributes to bone health.

7. Myricetin

This phytochemical which is found in green chillies may provide protection against cell damage and may protect the body against cancer and diabetes.

Green Chilli - Health Benefits

The health benefits associated with the consumption of green chilli are vast. If you weren’t convinced of the same thus far, the benefits featured below should help convince you of just how good a vegetable it is.

Green Chilli for Weight Loss

The consumption of green chillies can help boost metabolism levels by up to 50 per cent making it ideal for weight loss programmes. This is because green chillies are made up of an antioxidant called capsaicin which helps increase the metabolic rate as it heightens the warmth in the body.

Reduces Inflammation

Green chillies are capable of providing relief against pain and swelling that may arise due to bone ailments that range from rheumatoid to arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Improves Respiratory System

Green chillies have phytonutrients that help relax the respiratory passage thereby reducing the likelihood of developing lung cancer and lung-related issues such as asthma, cold and cough.

Green Chilli Benefits for Skin - Keeps Infections at Bay

Green chillies possess antibacterial properties that prevent infections from arising. In particular, herpes zoster, athlete’s foot and colon infections are avoided.

Superior Immunity

As green chillies possess vitamin C and B6, they help enhance immunity levels and help fight against diseases.

Green Chilli is Beneficial for Your Eyes

Owing to the fact that green chillies have vitamin A, they help improve vision and reduce the likelihood of developing cataracts and macular degeneration that arises as people grow older.

Green Chilli is Good for You

Green chillies are available throughout the year and are incredibly inexpensive. Though green chilli’s benefits are ample, they should be consumed in moderation. So learning about the foods you consume and taking care of your health is important. Similarly consider purchasing a good health insurance plan to take care of your financial health. Health insurance plans add a cushion to one’s finances in the event of unforeseen medical emergencies. Head over to Bajaj Markets to learn more.



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