A staple vegetable in most parts of India, okra or ladies finger offers many health benefits like reduced inflammation in the body and lower risk of cancer. Okra may also help lower blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease. This green vegetable can be easily integrated into both north and south Indian cuisine. It boasts a rich nutritional profile that makes it an abundant source of various essential minerals and vitamins. The vegetable contains vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and folic acid, and is also a good source of antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Lady’s Finger

There are various Okra benefits that you must note and it is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Some of the healthy benefits of okra are as follows:

  • Good Source of Antioxidants

Lady’s finger packs a good amount of antioxidants which are known to eliminate the damage done by free radicals. These antioxidants in okra include polyphenols, isoquercetin, flavonoids, etc. Apart from helping with the harmful molecules, polyphenols also improve heart health and protect the brain from inflammation.

  May Lower Blood Sugar 

Research in animals has shown that bhindi or bhindi extracts might help lower blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the study suggested that the vegetable lowered the absorption of sugar in the digestive tract, assisting with maintaining a stable sugar level. But a word of caution for individuals on diabetes medication would be to consult their medical practitioner before increasing their intake of okra.

  • Helps Lower Risk of Heart Disease

One of the crucial advantages of lady finger is offered by the gel-like substance present in the vegetable known as mucilage. This substance binds to the cholesterol molecules during the process of digestion and is excreted out with stools instead of getting absorbed in the body. Moreover, the benefits of polyphenol in bhindi also assist with keeping your heart healthy.

  • The Abundance of Crucial Vitamins

Another on the list of healthy benefits of okra is that it contains a huge amount of vitamin content. The vegetable is also rich in vitamin B9 or folate which is good for pregnant women. Research has shown that folate reduces the risk of defects in the neural tube of the foetus. Thus, folate is a must for pregnant women and bhindi is a good source of such a nutrient available at affordable costs.

Adverse Effects of Lady’s Finger

According to different reports, consuming large quantities of lady’s fingers may worsen the kidney and lead to gallbladder stone formation in some cases. This is mainly because there are too many oxalate crystals in a lady’s finger which causes an increase in the number of stones. Having an excess amount of anything can be harmful anyway. So make sure you do not consume too much of this vegetable if you have kidney stones. There are no other major side effects or adverse effects of consuming lady’s finger and you can consume it in moderate quantity.

Uses of Lady’s Finger in Home Remedies

Lady’s finger can also be used in various home remedies. Some of the important ones are:

Lady’s Finger Water for Diabetes

Studies have found that a lady’s finger water decreases the blood sugar level. 1-2 fresh and matured lady’s fingers are taken and cut into pieces. Note that they should not be tender. They are then added to 2 cups of water and macerated well. It is advised that this should be taken early in the morning and preferably on an empty stomach.

For Treating Burns

A recipe of fresh lady’s finger juice and lime water dissolved in water is used for treating burns. Only the liquid part is collected and applied on the affected area. This juice when applied over burns may calm the burning sensation. Studies have also found that if the burn is extreme, the affected area can also be dipped into this solution but a large amount of liquid is needed.

Lice and Dandruff

30-40 dried seeds of a lady’s finger are powdered well and soaked in sesame oil or coconut oil for a day. Heat this the next day for around 5-10 mins and store it after self-cooling. As per reports, this oil is used to keep lice and dandruff away from your hair. Usually, red coloured lady’s fingers are preferred for preparing this oil.


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FAQs on Lady’s Finger Benefits

What happens if you eat okra or bhindi every day?

Every vegetable should be eaten in moderation and the same goes for bhindi or lady’s finger. Consuming higher quantities of bhindi adversely impacts various people who suffer from gastrointestinal issues. As lady’s finger has fructans known to cause gas, bloating or cramping, you must keep a tab on the quantity of okra you eat every day. 

What are the benefits of consuming okra?

Bhindi is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while being a low-calorie vegetable. Thus, okra is a good source to get your daily intake of such nutrients and maintain a healthy diet. 

How can I add bhindi or okra to my diet?

You can easily eat it by cooking it with some spices or adding it with other vegetables. Okra is a good combination to be eaten with roti or as a side dish with dal and rice. 

How many calories does okra have?

Two cups of raw bhindi weighing 200 grams have 66 calories, 15 grams of carbs, 3.8 grams of proteins and 6.4 grams of fibre.

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