Foremost in everyone’s mind today (and for many years since), is the question: How can I be happy? In some cases, it may be, “How can I be happier?” Psychologists and other experts, like teachers, doctors and mentors, are asked this question frequently. Truth be told, you’ve often asked yourself, “How can I be happy?”. There are many things that can make you happy, and the things that can, depend on you. As each individual differs, definitions of what makes one happy, or what happiness is, in and of itself, vary to a great extent.


Psychologists think that the key to true happiness lies in having a positive attitude. This is, of course, easier said than done for some people, but trying to put on a ‘happy face’ can sometimes do more help than harm. If you have decided to be happy, where do you start? After all, happiness is a serious matter, otherwise so many folks wouldn’t be wanting to find it.

Why Happiness is a Serious Matter

The No.1 query on Google’s search engine is this: How can I become happy? With over six billion searches to its name, this question doesn’t have a definite answer. One thing is clear, if you want to know how to be happy, you’re not the only one. Behavioural scientists have consumed time (and patience) discovering ways to be happy and trying to discover how to stay happy after that. Something that all scientists agree on is that happiness can promote good health and a long life, by curbing stress and hence, any ailments. This is a primary reason that happiness is no laughing matter. Nonetheless, happiness isn’t a thing that just happens.


Every individual has the ability to change behaviour, the surrounding environment and relationships. When you have made a decision to do these things, you have, in fact, made a decision to be more of a positiv, and this positivity comes right back at you. That is how to be happy alone, without any external dependence. This is why most people believe that happiness has to come from within. It's in the mind and you can turn negativity into positivity by the sheer exertion of your own will.

Ways to be Happy: Which are They?

There are distinct ways to be happy, and sometimes, something as simple as talking to a neighbour or reading a good book, can make you happy. All you have to remember is that happiness is not the same for everyone. If you’re at peace with who you are, you can be happy. Whatever your version of happiness is, living a satisfied life is a validation of how happy you are. You may just have to tweak your regular habits to make them more fulfilling for you. Habits form the basis of our lives, and they establish our routines. The key to happiness, then, may be in breaking a bad habit, or adopting a good one. How to be happy in life is not as challenging as you think, and the following ways can make you happy.

Daily Habits

If you adopt some habits daily, you may find ways of how to be happy always. Doing something that brings you (and your world) happiness is vital for maintaining a happy existence.

Here are things to do daily:

  • Keep smiling

Smiling on and off in the course of your day can make you happy and make someone else smile back. You won’t believe it, but smiling causes the brain to release a neurotransmitter, dopamine. This makes you happier still.

  • Exercise regularly

Not just to keep you fit in body, exercise keeps you fit in mind too, relieving stress, anxiety and depression. It enhances self-worth and promotes happiness.

  • Get good sleep

Adequate amounts of sleep are vital to good brain functioning and emotional well-being.

  • Eat according to your mood

Some foods affect your state of mind. For instance, serotonin is a “feel good” hormone released by carbohydrates. Eat what you’re in the mood for.

  • Gratefulness

It's great to be grateful, and thank the Divine and others for the small (and big) things in your life. Research has found that gratitude lifts mood and derives hope.

Weekly Habits

Things you do on a weekly basis can go a long way in leading to happiness. Here are weekly habits to know how to be happy with yourself:

  • Tidy up

Decluttering is not so much of a chore. Set aside 30 minutes weekly to tidy up. Give away what you don’t use anymore.

  • Meet people

Make it a point to meet people, even if you’re bogged down with work. You can get involved with a local volunteer group and connect.

  • Plan the week

Although you make a plan for the week and don’t stick to it, you’ll be happy you did it. Just planning alleviates stress.

  • Unplug for a bit

Forcefully ditch your device for a while each week.

Monthly Habits

  • Give back

It's a good idea to give back to society, like aiding your help with groceries once a month.

  • An outing

Give yourself an outing. Even if you’re all alone, this is a good way to know how to make yourself happy. You can visit anywhere by yourself, a mall, a movie, or a coffee.

Yearly Habits

In the course of a year, you can do a lot. You can plan to take a short trip, even if it's by yourself. You can also take periods to reflect on how your changed habits have worked. All the daily, weekly and monthly habits will make up your yearly activities.

Mind, Home and Work

How to live a happy life is not hard. There’s a significant amount of work to be done, for sure, but that has to come from a sense of commitment from within you. It's important to keep a single thought foremost in mind: happiness leads to good health and that’s the main reason for it. There has to be balance between home and work to keep your mind happy. If illness brings you down, you can fight this by discovering health insurance at Bajaj Markets.



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