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Issues with Back Pain

Dealing with back pain can be quite a stressful experience for a majority of people. Frequently, this is a common source of discomfort for many folks, and the medicines that the doctor ordered may not offer you long-term relief. Moreover, they might not be good for your general health in the long run. Nonetheless, there is a solution to your problems if you have any back pain. Why not try yoga for lower back pain, or any other area of the back that hurts you?

Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga is a therapy that addresses the mind and body, and is often suggested for the relief from certain ailments. Yoga for lower back pain is not just recommended for the actual physical discomfort you are going through, but also alleviates the stress that accompanies it. The activity of yoga consists of a number of poses. If these are dedicatedly executed on a daily basis, these poses can relax your muscles and strengthen your body to benefit any ailments you may be afflicted with.

Benefits of Yoga for Back Pain

The area of the lower back is a sensitive spot. There may be a lot of causes for lower back pain, but two of them are the most significant ones. One is a weak core, and the other arises from poor posture. Poor posture causing lower back pain is brought on by sitting throughout the day. Consequently, this leads to a shortening of the muscles of the hip. These then pull at the lower portion of the back. Gentle yoga poses, or asanas for back pain, can bring you a ton of relief. Here are the benefits in a nutshell:


  • Yoga relieves tightness in your body and alleviates pain.

  • Yoga wipes out mental and physical stress associated with pain.

  • Daily yoga takes a brief period of your time, and if done as a daily habit, it can bring long-term relief from lower back pain.

  • With yoga, your body achieves flexibility, core stability, posture correction and breathing. All these are necessary for you to have a back that is healthy.

Yoga Asanas for Back Pain

From relieving tension in your back to gaining more awareness about your body, you gain a certain amount of balance from yoga. Several poses, or yoga asanas for back pain can ease your suffering before your pain warrants more serious medical attention. Here are some tried and tested asanas to relieve you of your bothersome back pain:

  • Cat Cow

This is a gentle pose, and is made up of backbend stretching movements to relieve the pain in your back. It makes your spine mobile and stretches your torso, neck and shoulders. You must get on all fours with your wrists beneath your shoulders. Your knees should be positioned under your hips. See that you balance your weight between all fours evenly. Now, inhale as you raise your head, looking up, and exhale as you look down, tucking your chin towards your chest. When you look downward, see that your spine is arched toward the ceiling.

  • Triangle Extended

A classic among the asanas in yoga for upper back pain and lower back pain, this alleviates sciatica and neck pain too. Stretching your spine, groin and hips, your shoulders gain strength and your anxiety is relieved as well. To do this, stand with your feet apart (about four feet apart). Your right toes must face forward, and your left outward at an angle. Lift your arms up. Bring the arm corresponding to your leg to touch the floor with your palms flat. The other arm should be extended into the air, in a straight position.

  • Pose of the Sphinx

A gentle backbend, you do this on your stomach. Making your spine robust, your chest, abdomen and shoulders are stretched. While you lie on your stomach, bring your elbows under your shoulders. Keep your forearms on the floor. Your palms must face down. In a slow movement, lift your head and your upper body.

  • Pose of the Cobra

This is an easy yoga pose to master, and doesn’t tire you out. Similar to the previous pose, you lie on your stomach. Your hands should be under your shoulders. Your fingers should face forward. See that your arms are tightly near your chest, and don’t let elbows flail out to the sides. Just lift your head, shoulders and chest (not your whole upper body as in the previous asana).

  • The Bridge Pose

An easy pose, and gentle on your back movements, you have to lie on your back for this one. Draw your knees up with your feet flat on the floor. Arms should be placed at your sides with palms down. Then lift your tailbone (lower back) up. Hold this for a minute. Release and slowly bring your back to the floor.

  • The Half Lord of the Fish

This is a twisting pose and very relevant among all the asanas for back pain. Bringing instant energy to your spine, your hips, shoulders and neck stretch and your body is flexed. To do this, you have to sit on the floor. You must draw your right foot up close to your body. Place your left leg over this so that your knee faces the ceiling. You can hold your left knee with your right arm. Your left arm can be placed behind you for support. Now twist your body towards the direction of your left side towards the back. Hold for a minute and release.

Precautions to be taken while doing Yoga for back pain

Among all the precautions you need to take before doing any yoga asanas for back pain, the most vital is to consult your physician. These poses may benefit you greatly and have had a positive effect on millions. Yet, as every individual is unique, you have to get a go-ahead from your doctor before you start. Furthermore, if you are doing any poses that result in discomfort, it's a good idea to stop, even if you are mid-way through them. You should always consult your doctor beforehand.


When yoga is paired with a nutritious diet, it may help you get rid of the pain while also maintaining your mind and body in good shape. Yoga improves your body awareness and how you connect to it. Your body and mind are one of your most important assets. To provide an extra layer of protection to your physical as well as financial health, you should look to invest in a good health insurance plan. Individuals and families can choose from various health insurance plans available at Bajaj Markets. You may choose a plan that meets your requirements and is within your budget. So don't put it off any longer, head to the Bajaj Markets website/app now!



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FAQs On Yoga For Back Pain

Does yoga really work for back pain?

Research has demonstrated that people who indulge in yoga for any kind of pain, benefit from asanas, as it stretches your body gently and works wonders for your breathing too.

How long should I do asanas per day?

You can do asanas for 10 minutes daily. This is more than enough to relieve any discomfort in the form of back pain. Furthermore, if you maintain consistency, you will benefit more. 

When you practice yoga, are there any negative consequences?

Yoga has no negative side effects when done correctly and with the appropriate concepts in mind, just great health advantages.

What do I need to know about yoga before I begin?

You should be aware that yoga is good for your mind and body, and that practising yoga progressively offers benefits.

Is yoga suitable for beginners?

While yoga is for everyone and may be started at any time, you should visit your doctor if you have any health concerns.

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