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What is Motor Neuron Disorder Cover?

Motor Neuron Disorders (MND) are a group of neurological disorders that affect the functioning of the brain and spine. It may involve the damage of the lower motor neurons, the upper motor neurons or both. A person suffering from Motor Neuron Disorder may experience symptoms such as speech impairment, loss of mobility, a weak grip, muscle twitches and cramps, etc.


While certain medications can lessen the symptoms of Motor Neuron Disorder, there is no cure for the disease. Apart from medications, patients may also require assistive devices to get better depending on their symptoms. Bajaj Markets presents the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover by Care Health Insurance that offers financial assistance against this rare group of conditions that can throw your life out of gear.

Policy Plan & Details

Let’s understand the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover policy in detail:


Premium (including GST)

Plan Validity

₹1 Lakh


1 Year

₹2 Lakh


₹3 Lakh


Key Features and Benefits of Motor Neuron Disorder Cover

Diagnostic Tests Cover

You can be worry-free about the claim expenses incurred for diagnostic tests before you are hospitalised (up to 30 days) as well as during hospitalisation.

Covers Ambulance Charges

With Motor Neuron Disorder Cover,&nbsp;you can avail an <a href="">ambulance cover</a> to safeguard yourself in the case of medical emergencies.<br>

Provides Doctor’s Fee Coverage

Any doctor’s fee incurred before, during or even after hospitalisation is secured under the Motor Neuron Disorder insurance cover.

What is covered?

  • Hospitalisation Charges

    Once your diagnosis is confirmed by a qualified specialist doctor, you can claim the amount incurred before hospitalisation for up to 30 days and after your discharge for up to 60 days. The expenses are covered up to the sum insured option chosen under the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover.

  • Ambulance Charges

    The Motor Neuron Disorder insurance cover secures the ambulance charges incurred up to ₹2,000 in the event of an emergency.

  • Doctor Fee

    Fees charged by your doctor before, during and post your hospital stay are taken care of under the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover plan.

  • Patient Treatment Expenses

    Medical expenses for treatment include ICU charges, hospital room rent, blood transfusion, doctor consultation, etc.

  • Diagnostic Tests

    Expenses of diagnostics tests conducted before hospitalisation (within the specified pre-hospitalisation period) or during the hospitalisation period are covered!

  • Cost of Medications

    With the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover policy, you can avail coverage for medications related to your treatment.

What is not covered?What is not covered?

  • Pre-Existing Conditions

    The plan does not offer coverage for any underlying pre-existing conditions you might have at the time of purchase.

  • Other Medical Issues

    You will only be provided insurance coverage for Motor Neuron Disorders and hence, no other medical problems shall be included in the policy.

  • Cooling Off Period

    The Motor Neuron Disorder Cover has a 90-day waiting period after you buy it, during which no claim will be accepted.

How to Apply for Motor Neuron Disorder Cover?

Follow these steps to purchase the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover:

1. Click on ‘Buy Now’

Visit the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover product page on Bajaj Markets and click on ‘Buy Now’.

2. Enter Your Details

Provide all your necessary details in the online application form.

3. Pay the Policy Premium

You can pay the premium for your Motor Neuron Disorder Cover using any online mode of payment.

Your Motor Neuron Disorder Cover policy document shall be sent to your registered email ID soon!

How to File a Claim?

Here’s how you can make an insurance claim under the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover:

Customer Care Details

You can connect with Bajaj Markets for any queries at

Motor Neuron Disorder Cover FAQs

How can I file a claim for Motor Neuron Disorders Cover?

You will need confirmation of the medical condition from a certified specialist doctor to process your claim under the Motor Neuron Disorders Cover.

Is there a Motor Neuron Disorder cover available for a sum insured of less than ₹3 Lakh?

Yes, you can opt for a ₹2 Lakh cover or the ₹1 Lakh cover to suit your insurance requirements.

Are other neurological disorders such as ALS, brain stroke, etc. covered under the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover?

No. This insurance plan can only be used to claim any expenses for the treatment of Motor Neuron Disorders.

What if the patient suddenly develops respiratory problems due to MND and needs to be rushed to the hospital?

You can call an ambulance and claim up to a maximum of ₹2,000 towards the expenses incurred in case of an emergency.

What is the premium amount for the highest coverage sum available under the Motor Neuron Disorder insurance cover?

The premium for the highest coverage of ₹3 Lakh is ₹684 under the Motor Neuron Disorder Cover.

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