Wondering about how many calories you are consuming with each biscuit? These snacks offer much more than simply taste in our lives and can have certain implications for our overall health. For instance, 1 biscuit weighing from 25 to 100 grams can contain around 90 to 360 calories or so. 


Moreover, the packaging of each biscuit features information about its calorie contents, which can be useful for you before you make a decision.Learn more about the calories in different types of biscuits in this article.  

Biscuit & its Calories

Biscuits are a commonly accepted mid-day and tea time snack.. Most households have a tin of biscuits to match everyone’s tastes, the saltier the better for some and the sweeter the better for others. Nowadays, the whole grain variety is becoming popular along with many other options.They are majorly popular because of the sheer variety they come in and their availability at various price points. But what are the calories in biscuits? 


It can be challenging to zero in on the exact amount of calories in biscuits because each manufacturer uses a different recipe. However, this article will provide you with an idea of what you can expect. 

Calories in Common Types of Biscuits





Cream Cracker 


Cream filling 


Digestive biscuits 


Light crackers 


Tips to Benefit from Biscuits

  • Moderation in Consumption

There are various types of biscuits available in the market today - glucose biscuits, high fibre biscuits, and so on. Although these biscuits are good for your health, consuming too many of them can do more harm.

  • Choose Wisely

If you frequently munch on biscuits but are looking to improve your health and reduce your consumption of maida and sugar, you can consider whole grains variants or nuts and seeds as an alternative to eating biscuits. 

  • Avoid Gimmicks

Store-bought protein bars and granola are no different from biscuits in terms of their sugar content. You can try to make cookies at home with nuts, seeds and whole grains.

  • Good Source of Fibre, Vitamins and Minerals

Certain biscuits can be a good source of fibres, vitamins and minerals such as digestives. These can help avoid constipation, help in weight management and reduce cholesterol. 

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How Many Biscuits Should You Consume Every Day?

When it comes to biscuits, the calories per piece are enough for most people to say goodbye to them altogether. It is ideal to keep cheat days to the minimum, however, and if you must have a biscuit with your chai, try and choose one that is minimal in its contribution to calories. You can visit a nearby supermarket that sells a whole variety of biscuits, read the reverse of packaging and make the right choice. 


Say no to biscuits and other high sugar, high refined flour items to keep your health at optimal levels.You must also keep up with your annual checkups and more importantly, get health insurance. 


This can be an effective way of securing your health and eliminating financial stress in the event of a hospitalisation crisis. Choose from among the best health insurance plans at Bajaj Markets, today!

FAQs on Biscuits Calories

What are diet biscuits?

Diet biscuits are those which contain lower quantities of sugar and calories. Examples of these include oats, ragi, and digestive biscuits, among others. These can effectively help in weight management while serving as a light snack for you.

What makes biscuits unhealthy?

Biscuits are made from refined flour and butter. These can sometimes be in excess and be harmful for you in the long run. It is recommended to check the reverse label to see the ingredients used, as well as the calories you may be consuming in a pack of biscuits. 

Is it okay to give children biscuits?

As long as children are not overeating them and are not replacing meals with biscuits, they are likely to burn all the calories they get from biscuits. This makes it alright for children to have biscuits.

Are whole grain biscuits any better?

While whole grain biscuits may be slightly better than regular ones, they still may contain sugar and high calories. So it is better to check the ingredients used as well as the nutritional facts on the labels to make a better decision. 

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