Calories in Cucumber

A 100g cucumber with peel contains 15 calories while a 100g cucumber without peel contains 12 calories. A cup of cucumber juice contains 48 calories. Cucumbers are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. A cucumber consists of 96 percent water and calories in cucumber are really low.


Cucumbers are mainly included in a salad or a sandwich but can also be eaten as slices. The high water content of cucumbers makes it a great hydrating agent. The presence of Vitamin K in cucumbers is known to help with blood clotting and promote bone health. Cucumbers also help in controlling diabetes and improve skin health. Find out more about the benefits of cucumber below.


Cucumber is actually a fruit having a refreshing but mild taste and a high water content. Consisting of 96% water, cucumbers have a large number of nutrients and minerals. Another lesser-known fact about cucumbers is that it is commonly used as a vegetable in food preparation. In India, it is a must-have component for a sandwich and is also eaten during summers with a dash of spices. Moreover, cucumbers are really low in calories with a good amount of soluble fibres. So, let’s look at some nutrition facts regarding the calories in cucumbers.

1 Cucumber Calories (medium size with peel)

45 Calories


10.93 grams (80 percent)


1.96 grams (14 percent)


0.33 grams (5 percent)

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin A - 15 mcg

Vitamin C - 8.4 mg

Potassium - 442 mg

Calcium - 48 mg

Iron - 0.84 mg

How Many Calories Does Cucumber Have?

Cucumbers have a high amount of minerals and a rich nutrient profile consisting of vitamins and antioxidants. You can enjoy eating cucumbers by peeling the outer skin and cutting it into slices or dicing it. Here are the number of calories in cucumbers based on different servings and portion sizes:

Portion Size


One cucumber calories (medium size)


Cucumber calories in 100g (with peel)


100g cucumber calories (peeled)


Calories in one slice of cucumber (peeled)


Half cucumber calories (half cup slices)


Half cucumber calories (50 g)


2 cucumber calories (medium size)


Calories in one cup cucumber (pared and chopped)


Check our calorie calculator to know what should be your daily calorie intake.

Calories in Common Food Items with Cucumber

You can pair up cucumbers with other vegetables and make a refreshing salad to go with your dinner! In case you aren’t big on salads, you can make cucumber juice at home or add it to a sandwich for a yummy snack. Below are a few cucumber items with the number of calories:

Type of Servings & Portion Size


1 cup cucumber juice calories (253 g)


Calories in one cup cucumber and tomato salad


Calories in cucumber salad


1 cup creamy cucumber salad calories


calories in cucumber and tomato sandwich


Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Due to its high nutrient content and presence of antioxidants, cucumbers have various health benefits such as:

1. Maintains Body Hydration

Cucumbers are composed of 96% water along with some crucial electrolytes. During summers and hot weather, consuming cucumbers helps with hydration as your body requires water.

2. Supports Bone Health

Vitamin K, which is present in cucumbers, is known to help with blood clotting and may promote bone health. Similarly, cucumbers also contain a good amount of calcium which is needed by adults. Both these nutrients together can support bone health as vitamin K improves the absorption of the mineral calcium.

3. Controls Diabetes

Numerous researches have suggested that the antioxidants and fibre content of cucumbers may help control and prevent diabetes. Furthermore, cucumber also has a low glycemic index.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Research has shown that cucumbers have anti-inflammatory benefits as inflammation results in numerous health issues. These include diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, etc.

5. Improves Skin Health

Applying cucumber directly to the skin might help improve skin health and keep it cool. The application of cucumber also alleviates sunburn, reduces swelling, puffiness and irritation.

6. Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Problems

The American Heart Association shared that fibres can help prevent cardiovascular problems and assist with managing cholesterol. By increasing the potassium intake, which is present in cucumbers, and lowering sodium intake might prevent high blood pressure issues.

How Many Cucumbers Should You Consume Every Day?

Cucumbers have plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, offering endless health benefits. So, it is recommended to eat one cucumber per day as it is high in water content. Nutritionists also say that you can have more than one cucumber every day. But a word of caution is that you should not drastically increase your intake as cucumber has a higher content of cucurbitacin and vitamin K. People with sensitive stomachs can experience indigestion problems leading to burping or flatulence. Similarly, individuals who are on blood-thinning drugs should consult medical professionals before changing their intake of cucumbers.

To Conclude

Cucumbers are so refreshing that they can really uplift the flavour of your salad and keep the calories on the low. Due to its high water and fibre content, including cucumbers in your diet can go a long way in maintaining a healthy body! But apart from this, you must also follow a healthy diet plan and keep a tab on your BMR and BMI to meet your health goals!


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FAQs on Calories in Cucumber

What are the benefits of eating cucumbers?

The benefits of eating cucumber include the promotion of hydration, presence of antioxidants, ability to lower blood sugar, regularise bowel movement, etc.

Why is cucumber bad for health?

Cucumber is not bad for health but offers numerous health benefits while being low in calories. However, you must note that cucumbers have an element termed as cucurbitacin which can cause indigestion in people having sensitive digestive systems.

Is cucumber good for the skin?

Cucumber helps in soothing the skin and reduces puffiness and swelling. So, the water-rich cucumbers are good for the skin.

Can I rub a cucumber on my face?

Yes, you can directly rub cucumber slices on your face to reduce irritation and alleviate sunburn.

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