Calories in Momos

There are as many as 35 calories in steamed momos (a single piece). It is a popular dish served steaming hot along with a range of spicy sauces. Over the last few years, this dish has grown in popularity all across the country and is often the go-to snack, eaten throughout the day.


Vegetarian variants of the dish aid in boosting gut health, help improve metabolism and even aid in lowering blood sugar levels. In addition, chicken momos are protein-rich and help boost muscle mass. While momos are easy to digest, given that they are nutritionally deficient, it is better to eat them in moderation. To learn more, do refer to the article listed below.


It doesn't matter if you live in Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere in India; our shared love for momos brings us all together. Nothing beats a steaming dish of momos with your favourite condiment on a freezing winter night. Momos have grown in popularity in recent years and are now widely available as a popular street dish and snack. If you enjoy momos and consider them to be your go-to snack, here's what you need to know about their momos health benefits and typical calorie count.


A single piece of steamed momo has 35 calories on average. Calories in 1 plate momos is about 175 calories to 280 calories.

Serving Measure

Momos Calories

Calories in One Momo

Approx. 35 calories

Momos Calories per 6 pieces

280 calories

Momos Nutrition Facts

The calorie content of momos varies depending on how they are prepared. Momos come in a variety of flavours, including veg momos, chicken momos, steam momos, and fried momos. It is possible that a frying preparation will have an excessive amount of fat in the form of oil.

Momos Calories



4.1 grams


8 grams


7.7g grams


0 grams


17.5 grams


0 grams

Calories in Common Food Items Containing Momos

The mere mention of the word "momo" is enough to make any Indian salivate, such is the flavour of this delicacy, which is essentially India's version of a dumpling. Forget about Dal, Bhat, Tarkari, and Achar; momo, our favourite go-to snack, is steadily becoming a staple meal in Indian cuisine culture, and why not? In India, momos can be found in almost all cafes and eateries, and it is both cheap and delicious! This traditional delicacy was originally created in a spherical shape with meat and vegetable stuffing, but you can today get momo in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fillings.

Beverage/Food Item


Chicken Momos Calories


Calories in Chicken Momos (steamed)


Veg Momos Calories


Momos Nutritional Benefits

The finest aspect about momos is the advantages they provide. Check out the point lists below for more information on it.

Veg/Paneer Momos -

  • Digestive health

Everyone can see that eating more vegetables will provide your body with more fibre. This is how it works to help you improve your digestive system. In the same way that salad has health benefits, momos can help you enhance your intestinal bowel movement. Consuming momos will also assist you in avoiding intestinal issues.

  • Improved Metabolism

The food is not only delicious, but it also helps to boost your body's metabolic rate. The same momos health benefits are also beneficial to the body's metabolic system. As a result, it may provide you with greater energy.

  • Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels

Another advantage of eating momos is that it helps to reduce blood sugar levels. It will lower your blood sugar level because it contains a lot of vegetables.

Chicken Momos-

  • Protein-Dense

If you are a non-vegetarian, chicken momos have high protein content. This protein level will benefit various aspects of the body, allowing it to remain healthy and better. This also aids in muscle development.


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How Much Momos Should You Consume Everyday?

Daily eating is not a good idea because it is nutritionally deficient. If you enjoy eating momos, consider making them at home with a variety of fillings that are both healthful and hygienically safe.

Wrapping Up

Momos are not only delightful to eat, but they also have a number of health benefits for everyone who enjoys this cuisine. This is not surprising, given that dumplings have long been considered a healthy food. This is due to the fact that the food is steaming and the contents can be ordered to our liking. Then, if you want to stay healthy, picking veggies as a source of nutrition is the greatest and most appropriate option. A great way to keep track of your eating habits is by using a calorie calculator.


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