Health Benefits of Chikoo

Sapodilla, commonly known as Chikoo in India, is people’s favourite due to its sweet taste and iron-rich content. Along with the numerous health benefits of Chikoo, this high-calorie tropical fruit offers a high amount of nutrients. Chikoo is rich in antioxidants which in turn help lower the risk of different types of cancers. It contains a good amount of vitamins A and B that maintains the development of mucus linings in the body and helps reduce the risk of oral and lung cancers. 

Nutritional Facts of Chikoo

You shall find that there are numerous chikoo fruit benefits that you can get from adding them to your balanced diet. Let’s find out the chikoo nutrition facts with the below table:


1 Whole Chikoo Fruit (170 g)




33.93 g


0.75 g


1.87 g


9 g

Vitamin A

5 mcg

Vitamin C

25 mg


328 mg


36 mg


1.36 mg

With the above chikoo nutrition table, you can understand that 1 whole chikoo weighing 170 grams has 141 calories. The fruit also has 87% of carbs, 11% of fats and 2% of proteins. The vitamin and mineral content of one sapodilla is quite high while being rich in dietary fibres. Now, let’s move to the sapodilla fruit benefits.

Health Benefits of Chikoo

There are several benefits of eating chikoo that can improve your health and provide the required nutrition. Here are some chikoo fruit benefits:

  • Improves Immunity

As you already know, chikoo or sapodilla is rich in vitamin C and also contains antioxidants like polyphenol. Both these elements play a crucial role in improving and boosting immunity. Thus, your body shall get the much-needed nutrients to combat any ailment and lower the risk of falling ill.

  • Boosts Colon Health

A good quantity of fibre in your diet makes it easier to pass stools. By consuming just chikoo fruit, you can get 9 grams of fibre and doctors recommend 21 - 38 grams of fibre per day. So, you can get your daily source of fibres from sapodilla along with other foods to keep your colon healthy and your body fit!

  • Prevents Anaemia

Due to the iron content of chikoo, the tropical fruit can be a good source of the mineral. So, if your anaemia is caused due to an iron deficiency, you can add chikoo to your everyday diet. Sapodilla makes an amazing ingredient for smoothies and milkshakes as well!

  • Good for the Skin

One of the most important sapodilla fruit benefits is the high vitamin content present in the fruit. Nutrients such as vitamin A, C, E and K present in chikoo help improve and hydrate your skin. The vitamins in the tropical fruit also rejuvenate the cells of the skin and prove beneficial in slowing the ageing of the skin.

Wrapping it Up!

Now that you know the chikoo nutrition and benefits of eating it, you can choose to add it to your diet. But a word of caution regarding the high-calorie content of chikoo is that you must account for the carbs and sugars present in the fruit. In case you are working towards a health goal or aiming for weight loss, you need to consider the calorie content in sapodilla. Hence, you can consume chikoo in small portion sizes to get the needed nutrients and get your daily source of fibres and iron.


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FAQs on Chikoo Benefits

What happens if I eat a chikoo daily?

By eating the chikoo fruit every day, you can get the required nutrients like vitamins and minerals. However, it is recommended to consider the calories present in chikoo to follow a balanced diet.

How many chikoos should I eat in a day?

You can choose to have a medium-sized or a small chikoo every day. Consuming too many chikoos may not be good as it’s a high-calorie fruit.

How can I add chikoos to my diet?

You can add chikoos to your diet by having it as part of a fruit bowl or by making a smoothie or a milkshake. You shall also find chikoo ice cream in the market in case you need a change. 

How many calories does a chikoo have?

Chikoos weighing 100 grams have 83 calories with a good amount of vitamins and minerals.

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