Staying positive plays a major role in how you go about your day, and the decisions you make. However, many times we find ourselves pondering the question ‘How to say positive’. It is true that sometimes, our minds have the tendency to cause us to drift into a spiral of negative thoughts, which could taint our approach and interactions. The question is how to stay positive and happy? Find out more through this article.


One key point to keep in mind is that most situations we find ourselves in are temporary. Therefore, no matter how it progresses, it is likely to commence at one stage. Another two key points to keep in mind are that you are the decider of how you act, and the response you get is dependent on it. Therefore, if you partake in acts of positivity and kindness, the chances of you receiving it in return amplifies.

Tips to Stay Positive

  • Ask the right questions

Putting your situation at hand into context through objective questions can hold the answer to questions about how to stay positive in a negative situation. Questions like “ what is the reason for me being in this situation” and “what can I learn from this situation” can help you click out of the negative mind space you are in.

  • Create a positive environment for yourself

Your world tends to be the way you would like it to be. If you are someone who is social, outgoing and enjoys the company of other people, then it is likely that you will build a lifestyle around this preference. Conversely, if you are someone who prefers their own company over that of others, or is social but likes to have time to themselves, then that is the world you will create for yourself, for the most part.

  • Pick a daily ritual

A daily ritual helps you to find out how to keep a positive mindset. A ritual such as a daily run, walk or jog can work as a grounding exercise, and provide you with a sense of accomplishment as well.

How Does Staying Positive Benefit You?

How to stay positive and happy? Put in its simplest terms, what we put out into the world is more or less what we get in return, save for some exceptions. If you exude positivity, you are likely to attain some level of satisfaction and happiness, which in turn will fuel you to ensure that you maintain and keep what you have, creating a self-sufficient and fulfilling cycle. It also helps that being positive is great for your overall health. You stay motivated to eat right, and live a more active life. It is common knowledge that those with a negative outlook tend to be unhealthier than those with a positive one.

How to Stay Positive at Work

  • Morning routine

In your quest for the answers to “how to stay positive and happy”, a morning routine is your first step. This allows you to get your day off to a good start and sets you in motion for the rest of the day. Pick something you like such as a morning walk, or a particular breakfast you like, or a spot of writing or even meditating. Anything that helps you feel centred and ready at the start of your day.

  • Work-life balance

While work can be enjoyable, it is, after all, a place where we expend effort. This cannot be sustained for eternity, since our minds and bodies require rest. A good work-life balance is essential to how to stay positive and happy at work.

How to Stay Positive During Job Search

  • Prepare yourself.

Accustom yourself to the idea that it is likely that you might not get the first job you apply for, and that this is not necessarily a bad thing. The key is perseverance. By doing this you are no longer setting yourself up for disappointment.

  • Quality over quantity.

How to stay positive during a job search? Search for jobs that make you happy. Rather than applying to 8 places in hopes of getting at least one if you get rejected from your first preference, pick 4 that you would like to work at, and focus all your energy on those.

  • Don't fixate.

The key to how to stay positive is hidden in the understanding that rejection to some extent, is inevitable. Once you accept this, you will be able to move on from rejection quickly, towards better opportunities.

Side Effects of Negative Thinking

  • Self-blame

If we indulge in negative self-talk, it is counterproductive to understanding how to stay positive and happy, and can result in us engaging in self-blame. This serves no productive purpose, and only holds us back.

  • Changes in relationships

A negative mindset eliminates objectivity. If we perceive that people are out to get us, we will react in a defensive manner which might push them away. Objectivity is key to understanding how to be positive and doing your part in a relationship, and negative thinking compromises this.

  • Stress, anxiety and depression

While a clinical diagnosis is essential, in a broader sense, negative thinking is counterproductive to understanding how to stay positive, and this imbalance could manifest itself in a number of psychological illnesses.

A Friendly Reminder To Not Give Up!

Our lives are oftentimes a graph of ups and downs, with the possibility of having extended periods of up, or down. However, no matter how pressing and detrimental the problem at hand might seem, in order to truly understand how to stay positive, we must realise that every situation is temporary. In addition to this, we are also afforded the luxury of friends and family that can keep us afloat in these times.


The answer to how to stay positive and happy lies in believing in yourself and your ability to successfully manoeuvre all situations you come across, positive or negative. Once you have this instilled in yourself, you will begin seeing your approach changed for the better as well. Instead of pondering the situation and its negatives, an approach that asks questions about how to keep a positive mindset and how to stay positive in a negative situation is much more beneficial and is something you can do by yourself, for yourself. Any and every progress is progress, no matter how many steps you’re taking, even if it's just one at a time. However, staying positive does not mean blind optimism. It’s about keeping your head up high while being prepared for unforeseen events that are always about the corner. Getting insurance is one of the best ways to do so. Insurance for your health, your life or your assets help you stay positive knowing that in case of an emergency, you’ve protected yourself from the financial instability that can follow, giving you the chance to deal more comfortably with the emotional ramifications of such events.



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