Walnuts are among the nuts from a tree that belongs to the Juglandaceae family. Originating in the region of Central Asia and the Mediterranean, they have been part and parcel of the diet of humans for several years. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, with a high amount of antioxidants, walnuts’ nutritional value is unmatched. In fact, many studies have shown that including walnuts in your diet improves the health of your brain and keeps heart diseases at bay. Furthermore, walnuts are easy to eat, and you can have them as a whole, or as part of a salad, pasta, cereal, baked dish or soup. In addition, oil is also made from walnuts. Moreover, its use as a culinary additive in sweet baked items is vast too.

Walnuts - Nutritional Facts

Walnuts contain 15% protein and 65% fat. In carbohydrates, they tend to be low. They have a good deal of fibre. Furthermore, in a 3 gm serving of walnuts, that amounts to around 7 whole walnuts, you get the following macronutrients:


Walnuts’ Nutritional Value




2 mg


3.9 gm


1.9 gm


18.5 gm


0.7 gm


4.3 gm

Walnuts, as you can tell, have a high-energy content and make a great snack for those aiming for weight loss. They are a filling food, and can beat hunger pangs you get between meals, in a healthy manner.

About Important Macronutrients and Micronutrients in Walnuts

Walnuts are mainly made up of polyunsaturated fat and protein. The best part of walnuts is that they have a high degree of omega-3 fat, and this is directly related to a myriad of health-related walnuts benefits. Here are the nutritional facts of walnuts explained in terms of components, on a macro and micro level:

  • Fats

Walnuts contain 65% of fat in terms of weight. Most of the calories in walnuts are sourced from fat content. Hence, these nuts are energy-dense. Nonetheless, even though high in calories, weight loss programmes suggest the consumption of walnuts. Advantages of walnuts include, a high percent of the healthy omega-3 alpha-linolenic fatty acid, up to 14% of the fat content. Considered important to heart health, this also brings down inflammation and causes blood fats to be improved.

  • Minerals and Vitamins

Various vitamins and minerals are sourced from walnuts, and the most important of these is copper, promoting better heart function, bone and nerve improvement and ensuring that your immune system works optimally. Another important vitamin is folic acid, with many benefits for overall health, especially in the case of pregnancy in the prevention of birth defects. Vitamin E is another vitamin present in walnuts. Walnuts are beneficial to your skin and hair due to the presence of vitamins. Other vital vitamins present in walnuts include phosphorus, manganese, and Vitamin B6. All these are good for your overall health, general functioning of bones and the nervous system.

  • Plant Compounds

Having a complex blend of plant compounds that are bioactive in nature, walnuts are effectively rich in antioxidants. These have a concentration on the brown skin of walnuts. Benefits of antioxidants in walnuts have been proved in several studies. Notable plant compounds in walnuts include ellagic acid, catechin, melatonin and phytic acid. All these significantly play a role in the enhancement of heart health.

Health Benefits of Almonds

There are many health benefits of eating walnuts. Overall advantages of walnuts for maintaining good health are as below:

  • Loaded with Antioxidants

Walnuts are a rich source of antioxidants, via Vitamin E, melatonin and other compounds of plants. These prevent oxidative bodily damage, especially that produced by bad LDL cholesterol (responsible for atherosclerosis).

  • High Vitamin E Content

High Vitamin E content is also responsible for great hair and skin.

  • Omega 3 Source

The high level of this in walnuts promotes good heart functioning in men and women.

  • Control of Inflammation

Many diseases have roots in inflammation, including diabetes type 2, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. All these are caused due to oxidative stress. A sub-group of polyphenols in walnuts protects against this inflammation.

  • Promotes Male Reproduction

In men, eating walnuts has advantages for reproductive health. Walnuts are beneficial for men who eat significantly large amounts of walnuts, benefits for sperm-count increases show. Again, walnuts prevent oxidative damage to sperm and help maintain a high count.

In a Wal ‘Nutshell’

Walnuts are a superfood that are easily accessible across the world. Eating just five walnuts a day can benefit your health for life. While you take good care of your physical health, it may not always be enough. One important addition to your plan must be to have health insurance in place. This acts as a cushion in case of any unforeseen healthcare expenditure. You can avail of the same by exploring health insurance plans on Bajaj Markets.



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