Credit Card Payment

Credit Card Payment

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Credit Card Payment

A credit card comes in handy to pay for your monthly expenses. You can easily apply for a credit card online with minimal documentation. The most crucial part about having a credit card is the credit card’s payment. You have to make your credit card’s bill payment regularly to keep enjoying services.

Credit Card Bill Payment Options Available for Account Holders

There are various options available for CC payment (credit card payment) online and offline, such as credit card payment NEFT, credit card payment through debit card, and credit card billdesk. Let us look at these options for credit card online payment in more detail.

Credit Card Online Bill Payment Options

Here’s a list of options for making your credit card payment online.

  • IMPS (Immediate Payment Service)

IMPS is a quick way to make your credit card bill payment online. You can use this service through the bank’s mobile app. It is faster than credit card payment NEFT. It is available 24x7, reliable, and inexpensive.

  • Credit Card Payment NEFT

One of the ways in which you can make your credit card online bill payment is credit card payment NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) bill payment method that can be used through your internet banking. All you have to do is make a list of credit card billers, choose the bank and branch details, and enter the credit card number. Credit card payment NEFT is usually processed in a day.

  • Netbanking

It is the easiest way to make your CC bill payment online. All you have to do is login to your online savings account, if you have one with the same bank. If you don’t, you can create a netbanking account for your CC payment online.

  • Credit Card Billdesk

Credit card billdesk is a means to make your CC online payment without an online account. Through credit card billdesk, one can make credit card payment via debit card or netbanking for any partner bank.

  • Mobile Wallets/ Payment Systems

To make credit card payment online through mobile wallets such as Paytm, BHIM/UPI, PhonePe, etc., you need to recharge your wallet and make payments through the app.

  • Visa Transfer

Visa transfer is a facility offered by some bank websites. For this, you can do your credit card payments online from your bank account.

  • Auto Debit

You can instruct your bank to auto-deduct your credit card bill payment online on each due date from your savings or current account. You can register for this credit card online bill payment method through netbanking.

Credit Card Offline Payment Methods

  • Cash

You can simply go to the issuing bank’s branch, fill a deposit slip, and make your credit card payment offline via cash. It takes one working day to process.

  • Calling Customer Care

If you own a savings account or a current account in the issuing bank, you may call customer care and make credit card payment via debit card details. It’s an instant process.

  • ATM

If you own a debit card of the issuing bank, you can go to any ATM of the bank and make your credit card payment via debit card. Since the amount would instantly get transferred from one account to another, this method of credit card payment through a debit card is quick and easy.

  • Cheque/DD

You can even write a Demand Draft or a cheque to the issuing bank and deposit it at the bank’s ATM or branch. This credit card offline payment method can take at least 3 days.

Benefits of Credit Card Online Payment

A lot of customers don’t prefer to make their credit card payment offline, because of the following benefits of credit card online payment.

  1. As compared to credit card offline payment, credit card bill payment online is faster and more convenient.

  2. It’s safer because of IPINs and other authentication methods.

  3. It’s easier in terms of keeping records for taxation and budgeting purposes.

  4. It’s eco-friendly.

  5. You can opt to pay your minimum due amount or full amount and switch with each payment.

Important Tips for Making Credit Card Online Payment

  1. Make sure you check the credit card statement for transactions, charges, and total amount first.

  2. Take the processing time into account.

  3. Double check all details entered for accuracy before making the credit card payment online.


  • ✔️How can I make my Credit Card Bill Payment Online?

    You can make your CC payment online via credit card payment NEFT, IMPS, netbanking, billdesk, mobile wallets, Visa transfer, or auto debit. Credit card billdesk would be the easiest way for a first-time payment.

  • ✔️How can I make a Credit Card Payment Offline via SMS?

    Some banks have a credit card payment via SMS feature for customers who hold savings or current accounts with them. You just have to send your savings/current account details, and the money will be transferred.

  • ✔️How can I know the Credit Card Bill?

    You can check it in the credit card statement you receive every month via email.

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